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  2. Hello again. Thanks to several members I was able to find a nightmare edition teddy from Gencon 2011. I am still looking however for a metal edition teddy (I believe M1) and if anyone happens to have any Puppetwars teddies from the boosters. I may be willing to buy the whole Puppetwars set if someone is looking to sell them as a lot. Thank you. Kind regards. J
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  4. Let's try out the M3E and see how it works in tournaments! The "First Try" tournament will take place on Sun, 05/05 at Podzemel'e and Dragon store. Start at 10 AM. Strats and Schemes from Open Beta rulebook. No painting requirements, proxies for unreleased models are allowed.
  5. The catch is that Laugh Off is chosen by the model, which means its controller. Unyielding is always controlled by the model's owner instead.
  6. I can certainly re-phrase Laugh off to show you what I understand it to mean. I do not know what the intent is, so I just go by what is written. "If it is the activation of an enemy model and this model would be made to move, then it can choose to not move. " Which is very close to how you read it. The issue is when the choice to not move is made, which will have to be during the action that would move it, so the choice will be made by the controller of the model who cast the obey I see the ability as more protection against pushes and lures. (That also makes a little more thematic sense, after all it would be strange to be able to ignore some obeyed commands but not others)
  7. You are right about that part but still, Laugh Off isn't mandatory. It's a choice and the controller of the model makes it.
  8. Dear Adran, would you be so kind to clarify the wording "If this model would be moved during an enemy model's Activation" English is not my native so I read this as "if the model is moving by any reason during enemy model's activation it may decide not to do it"? Actually what mentioned the game designer or how it had to work as intended? I can imagine this upgrade to be a some protection from obeys. (you can still make attack actions if you reach friendly models, shoot or cast but not to move for instance)
  9. Can I ask you (as the main person saying it isn't clear) (but also anyone else that thinks it isn't clear), if this discussion makes it clear? And if not, which bits aren't clear? Obey does not move a model. What it does is it allows the model to take an action, which may happen to be an action that move the model. (Its like Charge is a tactical action that just happens to allow the model taking the action to then take a action). This means that it would get around the staggered rules of "Other Friendly models may not move this model" because the model that is creating the move action (most likely a Walk or a Charge action) is the model that is moving. This wouldn't get it around the moving in an enemy activation clause, but because its a choice to use laugh off, at the time the choice happens, its the owner of the model with Obey that is making the choices (and so can choose to not use Laugh off). Edit - this works in the Obeying models favour on things like charge, because it is the Obeyed model that makes the action, you can obey multiple models to charge during your activation because once per activation is once per model per activation.
  10. Hey Wyrdos! All the beginner players are welcome to 50SS tournament at "Igrostok". Duration of tournament - 3 rounds, 1,5 hours each. Only Malifaux official decks are allowed. Proxy miniatures are prohibited. Admittance fee: 300 RUB. Date tournament 30th April tuesday.
  11. bedjy

    Crossroad 7

    Being a Ten Thunder player makes it quite a sad thing to be forced to have Lust as a master while playing CR7. She is "ok" at most, and very situationnaly good. Getting 3ap on her is quite Meh. But you got the shadow effigy/emissary so that it's pretty interesting defensively, against ranged crews.
  12. "Enemy models within range must each pass a TN 13 Wp duel or suffer 2/3/4 damage, which suffers a." Damage flip gets -flip.
  13. All there in the rulebook. Pages 21: and 29: In 2e getting Fast in the middle of your activation did nothing since you generated AP start of activation and got rid of Fast at the end of it.
  14. I’ve used her shockwave once or twice—definitely not to great effect, but I feel there are definitely applications for it. does fast trigger right away now mid-activation? In 2e you got your AP allocation when you activated—I actually had this talk during a game and we weren’t sure.
  15. Yeah that's a big reason I haven't been in a hurry to paint mineSimple models to learn the game with, that's how I like to roll. I'm still learning to use her shockwave. I dislike the high TN (for a master, feels wrong that it's not lower than Shang's, but maybe it's good for balance...). It's great on Shang. With Misaki though... between interacts, charge-obey's and swinging her Bisento, there's a lot competing for her precious AP. I suppose against crews that don't heal much, or those that rely on hard to wound (which Misaki really hates anyway) it might be better. It feels like it could be good, I'm just not very good with it. Yet. I try to always remember what stats are. The lesser part of my duel total
  16. I've found Ototo to be an absolute monster due to his Grit ability. Assassin also frequently gets him bonus action. Misaki I find a lot more hit and miss - I'm probably still traumatized from last game when I missed 5 out of 6 bisento attacks in 2 straight turns... stat7 is good but my cards were still able to defeat it lol! But seriously i find her lightening strike to be great value. Especially if you can troll ranged troops by dropping a concealing shadow marker in front of them with the trigger. Crime bosses I also love - especially the charge defense. They are such a toolbox although I always end up forgetting something as they have a lot going on!
  17. eddy

    Crossroad 7

    I agree that pride is better then wrath on his own but i ranked wrath 1st because i think his aura is most important for survival of this band. I also have problem with all "consumed by" auras as they work mostly as deny because enemy simply wont use "sinned resource" if they can choose. P.S. As i am not native speaker i have question about Violent ghosts (-) is for dmg flip or wp duel?
  18. Not sure I'd this is where I ask (if it's the wrong place, could the mods move it to the proper place?)... but for anyone who's in the know: Will Wyrd be making an appearance at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH this year? Curently I see no events but figured I'd ask. Plus I need to know for work scheduling purposes. As a follow-up, if Wyrd is present, will there be a M3E tournament?
  19. On a side note, I think I may try the Mech Rider with CR7. For one she's a phenomenal scheme runner (something this crew needs). But also, she could discard a crow to build in Sin Spiral for everyone (or maybe crows for Sin Spiral one turn, and tomes for The Beat Goes On the next, for very serious damage), which could be a very fun time. Also, her reactivate is non-master, so 6 AP per turn Envy is a very real thing that could be decent
  20. I think you're pretty spot on with a couple exceptions. Keep in mind I only have one game in with them, so salt is needed. My ranking 1) Pride - His anti cheating, and cheating last, is just so damn good. Don't get me wrong, Wrath is great, but I think Pride should pretty much always be the first hire, and your opponent's first target 2) Wrath - Very close second, for the reasons you mentioned 3) Greed - She is going to be swingy, but her potential is absolutely brutal. Unchecked Avarice can be devastating. So can stoping your opponent's Master/Hench stone to prevent damage when they really need it. I stopped Nekima stoning for damage twice, which ultimately killed her 4) Envy in certain matchups can easily move to spot 3, but in a general sense I think he sits in 4th. His damage track isn't as scary at it used to be, and I really, really miss his blasts. As is, he can sit with good sight lines and make your opponent think twice about moving up, but I'm not sure he does it that much better than whatever sniper you could bring from your faction. That being said, I think his usability goes up considerably when you make him the leader, since he can then take two focused shots a turn without having to be near another member. I think he is ironically the best choice as your leader (Wrath is the other one that seems to come close in my opinion). My spots 1, 2 and 3, you are taking primarily for auras, where Envy really benefits from extra AP in ways that say, Pride, would not. Envy is also harder to kill (for most crews) than the rest of CR7, which is a good reason to take him as the leader, so you benefit from the extra AP longer. 5) Lust - You have very valid points about her actions being kinda meh. But I think "Now Kiss" can actually do a lot of work in the right circumstance. Also, against a crew that innately draws a lot of cards (Lucius, Sandeep, ect) she becomes way better than she would be otherwise 6) Sloth - In my experience exists almost solely to heal your more important members (Pride and Wrath). Often you will have something in faction that can do this job better, cheaper. Having an extra body for resonance is certainly nice, but for example the Medical Automaton could probably do his job with points to spare. The slow on his attacks is certainly nice, but I just don't know if he is worth it 7) Gluttony - Did almost absolutely nothing in my game with him. I think he ate a corpse marker once to deny a grow. I think he has some very real potential utility, but he never seemed to be in the right place at the right time for me. Granted I was playing a very killy Nekima crew, so your mileage may very against a schemier crew. Definitely need to try him more Personally if I'm going to build a CR7 crew, my top 4 will go in by default, then I take the other 3 depending on matchups. If its a scheme heavy pool, with a crew like Collette or Nellie, Gluttony probably makes the cut. If I'm playing against a beater crew (Nekima, Lady J) Sloth may tag along to slow something I can't kill in a single turn
  21. It makes sense to me. As I said, most of the time it's just silly to deploy that far in because even your beater will die horribly for doing it. Plus it only happens on wedge deployment.
  22. Is her resilience or damage winning games? Being strong is nothing if it isn’t making wins. She is a bit pricey for Vendetta. Maybe Assassinate. In Reckoning she can be taken down and is worth double points. I have had her do some clinch moves, but that is usually her 6” walk. I have also lost her more often than not, especially to a beater. I think a good question to ask is would you take her out of theme? If the answer is an easy ‘yes’ than she needs looked at. I mix themes at least half of my games, but haven’t taken her elsewhere. Maybe I should, but I haven’t seen the utility.
  23. eddy

    Crossroad 7

    So after few games with crossroads (in guild) i would rank them: 1. Wrath, his aura essential for this band to redirect atacks, also good beater 2. Pride, awesom (0) action, great aura, "this song is all about you" is realy usefull 3. Envy, weak aura, but his ranged atack is realy usefull with nice dmg spreed and acces to lots of focus 4. Sloth, situational but usefull aura, nice trigers and lot of slows. Also his heal helps wrath or pride to survive. 5. Greed, aura working only on few models but at least evryone bring 1 master on hench into game She can deal surprisingly lot of dmh with "unchecked avarice" 6. Gluttony, 0" engagment and low dm track makes him not rly good beater, some heals help him survive. His aura is schemes dependent. I usually run him as anti scheme runner 7. Lust, biggest disapointment, most of timme i struggle to find anything useful to do with her actions. Distracted is not so good. Her aura is very situational and her Lascivius music is actualy skill that helps enemy... even if you use that sin token to drow card instead enemy you still have better chances to remowe weak cards from enemy deck. "Now kiss" sounds like usefull ability to help use of other sins aura. She also lack way of dealing dmg except destructice performance. Also why the hel she has def 4?? All in all i find them as nice and competitive crew in some strategies (and deployments). They lack some mobility and pushes. Wrath and pride auras are game changers and can lock enemy beaters fpr good. This band struggles a little bit against ranged crews. "Destructive performance" is awesome mostly on paper, i usually didnt have more then 2 models with sin token in range and i needed that tokens to make them atack each other. I used this ability maybe once per game, maybe i need to try use it more. What do you think about them? Do you agree with my ranking?
  24. Seamus had an Alt which was based off the "Army of darkness" movie poster! Available still online unless like me you're in Australia and postage ends up costing more then a new starter set 😣
  25. Honestly if every model had a male/female version I would probably own about twice as many models. I also think it's important to keep the neat ideas of the nightmare crew's themes going. So a female Benny Wolcomb that has a jacket made out of dead cats or something like that would be good. Same goes for other keywords that have cool nightmare crews. I play Ten Thunders so I'd selfishly ask for a female version of one of the river monks, or maybe a four pack that comes with one of each. Also ascended Yan Lo alt please.
  26. I ran this 45 pt list against Mei tonight Nellie Perdita (llc) Printing press 2x lawyers Phiona The idea was to make them charge repeatedly, using perdita to shoot them when they did. It was ok, not great.
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