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  2. Anyone interested in this, or is it just me and Dan?
  3. Celebrate the official launch of M3E with explanations of changes to the rules and crew selection. Open gaming all day using either your own crews or use one of mine. Store will have rulebooks and faction decks, and these can be pre-ordered. There might even be cake! Let me know if you are coming so I can arrange enough tables. Location: Wargames Workshop, Kingston, Milton Keynes David https://www.facebook.com/events/270492250418105/
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  5. Trophies arrived today and they are nice to say the least - still a little time for any last minute sign ups
  6. So my yarazi are engaged by some abasinia guy. They try to disengage and one stand gets wiped out. This triggers swift retreat but do the unit 1) move the move that triggered the disengage 2) move the swift retreat then move the move that triggered the disengage Thanks
  7. I have a vintage Hamelin with 3e and 2e card, unopened packaging. I also have assembled and primed primordial magic and Changelings. I would be interested in a trade for the Hide and Seek box and Insidious Madnesses. NoS or unpainted preferred.
  8. You've got that backwards. Every flip by a player can be cheated unless otherwise specified, and the "unless otherwise specified" clause for Penetration Flips is: In other words, because it's not the result of an Action performed by a Fireteam with one or missing models, the flip can be cheated. And Tactics tokens can be used to reflip that Penetration flip for hazardous terrain. It's strategic manipulation of bad luck. That seems like it would work, if you add the qualifier "not belonging to the same Confederation" (next non-friendly player, basically).
  9. Do you listen to Podcasts? Have you checked out Third Floor Wars? They (Craig) had a dude on a few weeks ago that did a Molly “deep dive”. Did you like that episode and format? Rumor has it that in a few weeks Craig will be releasing a Marcus episode in the same format. 😀
  10. Sweet flames. ___ Yan Lo box finished. Did the base decoration as 4th Ashigaru. Minion (3) I know. Might use it for terrain or in story encounters: And here's a bad pic of tomorrow's list. Starter + Izamu + Manos:
  11. Wouldn't everything in the Youko box count? (Youko, Chiyo, Bill, Geisha)
  12. I'd take a Prospector and Mad Dog over a Scavenger and Alyce any day of the week.
  13. And it can't be cheated as not the result of an action of a fireteam. Since movement is not an action. Cheers. As for enemy who flips I'd run it next in initiative order.
  14. @Caedrus I finished a second fire gamin. I'm at 14 stones so far this month:
  15. The enemy always flips for pen regardless of the source. That said, I don't think it's been clarified who flips in 3- or 4- player games, that might have to be something that gets house-ruled to have specific players flip for each other.
  16. So who does? Pen flips are performed by the 'opposing' player but they are essentially self inflicted, so does the acting player flip? If so does this mean that they can cheat fate and lower the flip? It says 'opposing player' and not 'other player' and since the game has rules for 3 or 4 players, I can't just see it being one of the others doing the flip. Though equally it feels odd flipping to damage my own forces, especially when drawn into a pool by a Siren or such.
  17. THE END IS NIGH!!! In all seriousness, as the Beta has drawn to a close and we are prepping for release, we are going to be adjusting the forums accordingly. With that, the Open Beta Forum will be closing and everything within it hidden from the world. The forums will close when we get back to the office after Memorial Day on Tuesday, May 28. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue your discussions of Malifaux in the appropriate forums and subforums. Again, we want to thank everyone for participating in the Open Beta as it truly has made M3E a much better game and we couldn't have done it without all of your feedback and support.
  18. I've been out of Malifaux for a couple of years now and recently started looking at the Beta Rules. I want to thank the developers for putting the Rule of Intent(on page 33). In other wargames people like to use "Gotcha" tactics to cheat, but when I played Malifaux that wasn't the meta. My game group always played with a version of "Rule of Intent" and I think we were better for it. If a person intended to put a model a hair out of charge range it was so much better on both sides for the opponent to figure out how to get around that. Thank you, devs! I can't wait to see the full release.
  19. I'm writing up a Mei tactica currently to put out when M3e 1.0 comes out and I was wondering what people think of OOK hires with her? For me personally I rate SS Miner and the Rider highly and Saboteur as a counterpick for versatile, and for true OOK it's really just Mobile Toolkit and sort of Cassie too (the latter for moving schemes about and Upstage). I guess technically Colette and Hoffman too but I don't rate them that highly here. Is that basically what you've all found as well or have I missed someone?
  20. From the Neverborn book, I'd like to see the Badlands and the Knotwoods get the same level of coverage which the Bayou and Northern Hills have gotten. I also want the Prestidigitation equivalent of Dabbler, Graverobber, and Magewright. From the 10T book, I'd be happy just to get a decent martial arts specialty and perhaps one for archery as well.
  21. I personally think Rusty is great. I'm sure I'll rapidly find out if she's not. I don't think her hitting damage on a negative is really a problem...thats the beauty of min3 damage right? As for bring all min3 shooting here, I welcome a challenge. I love a good gunline battle I've found Marlena and Scavenger really really nice models to use. Personal choice and all. I very likely could be wrong, I'll own that. I'll agree that Marlena is probably as not useful as I've been thinking she is, but I will hardcore stand by the Scavenger. It's Tools for the Job is amazing for cycle, and Weird Device is such a good support ability. Focus for a model, and then a host of quality triggers. The Mask 8in place is great for scheming, the Ram's 2 heal is wonderful, Fast is well worth 2 damage with the amount of healing open to an Outcast crew, and a Tome drawing a card is never bad. You'll always get some trigger, and almost all will give a benefit (unless you're at full health) and a 7 is easily doable
  22. nope I am saying she is worth her stones. as for 3 attacks, that wont happen very often as people get to melee quickly or use cover and concealment, so shooting is not as powerful as melee models that easily get 3+ attacks. her bonus action is only useful if enemy gets close to her, which if using the 12" range isnt always going to be the case not sure how you think damage ratings have gone down as I have entire min 3 damage crews too, so her survivability isnt that good. df5 and arm1 is fine, but not great. Archie yes, he hits hard, and is mobile, but he also crumples if you dedicate it (and you have to) 1 or 2 decent beaters. he could maybe be 10 but I dont think so with df/wp 4 so again think hes ok where he is
  23. I’m sorry if you are arguing Alyce isn’t worth her stones then whatever you are comparing her to needs to be nerfed into the ground. Decently survivable, especially considering how dmg ratings have blanketed gone down. Terrain creation abilities. An attack action with stat 6, min 3, and high moderate and severe dmg ranges, as well as the ability to attack 3 times, useful bonus actions... that is far above the standard 10ss model in most factions. What would you argue a 10ss model should have if you argue Alyce isn’t worth her stones because I would argue 90%+ of the high SS cost model in the game won’t come close to what you argue 10ss needs to have. Which is a problem. I think the fact that they allowed a few models which break their pricing structure in are going to warp their keyword hiring. Archie for example is so far over the line I can’t honestly see how they even thought his current version is fair. And it doesn’t matter that others pay a tax for him because even at 10stones he’s better than all other models at that price point. And all you need is one model over the line to crowd out all others.
  24. I mean if you want to spend 15ss on the combo of alyce and a scavenger then go for it, but the scavenger is an easy kill and alyce isnt much more difficult. except now they will mention marlena too, so thats gone upto 23ss to protect and fire a min 3 gun, possibly 2 times per turn 😂
  25. Have NIB- belles. Punk zombies NOS- belles NIB- green mindless zombies Wants Ten thunders archers Oirans Alt translucent bete noir
  26. Note to self: bring all min3 shooty crew of faction choice to @Davos‘ meta and see what happens. Alyce’s protection is getting to use her Armor 1 (not really worth counter-hiring as only the girls are going to bring armor) but being outside of the Unmade heal cycle and so a slightly higher priority target counters that. Unless you all feel that stoning for a tome equaling a 2-wound difference (-1 enemy, +1 Alyce) is worth the investment? I balk at spending a stone for only preventing or dealing 1 damage. How should I be valuing damage dealt per stone spent?
  27. Whilst I enjoy S&S and appreciate their work its entertainment and theoryfaux for most part. Alyce really isnt that good. Compared to other 9ss models shes ok, but she is not the big bad killer people make her out to be. You still have to hit, even with all that work, and hope to get a negative at most if focused. I dont think she is worth 10ss, so many better models. Also arik isnt blah, hes a killer (I have had far more work out of arik than I have had out of alyce) and harder to take down than alyce. And to lose her min 3 you would never see her. Far more stuff out there that's worse and does more without being as easy to negate. We will see, but I really do wish the loudest people would stop complaining about a model that is not that good or we get nerfs forced on us like 2e that came from loudest complaints. As I said, primarily a Levi player and shes not that good. I even have 1 levi crew without her at all. Useful but not a 10ss model in the slightest (not one of my other outcast crews use her). If she does get nerfed or ss increased then she gets replaced with sue who's basically min 3 and sometimes 4 anyway, plus 17" effective range
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