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  2. We will be meeting regularly for Tyrant Thursdays at Emerald Knights in Burbank, CA. All experience levels are welcome! Games begin at 5:30pm. For additional information, check the Los Angeles Malifaux Facebook group (link below). https://www.facebook.com/groups/losangelesmalifauxplayers/
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  4. The only use I can see for Ligeia's trigger, outside of the rare chance she's going to maul something with an important upgrade on it, is to attack your own guilty after you've used Horrifying whispers on it to take the upgrade off. Not too in love with Ligeia, but her aura can be great in this crew. That's really all she's for (and charging her with Daw to get a push on a crow). The Guilty don't have terrifying so, you're right, they don't get to terrifying 12. I guess one could argue that withing Jack Daw's Disturbing Whispers aura they could be considered Terrifying 12 in a way, maybe that's what they meant? I don't recall if Guilty had terrifying at one point during Beta.
  5. How does Lady Ligeia's Take It All trigger work, it says the target must discard one of its upgrades or else take a 2/3/4 damage track and gained injured +2, is that for the off chance there's a model with an upgrade? i thought it would have synergy with the curses but this would only enable people to remove them. I was also reading about Guilty getting to Terrifying (12) with the GST upgrade, but i don't understand how that would happen? I also assume they don't come back with their upgrades? thanks!
  6. Join us again this Wednesday July 24!
  7. Old threads wouldn't really give you the wording you're looking for. If old versions of the rules PDFs existed, they would presumably still be under NDA. But, after going back and checking, in good faith I am going to quote the open beta announcement: (emphasis added). I believe that's permission to not beat around the bush concerning the former Nested Effects rules. If the lifting of the beta NDAs was rescinded, would a moderator please delete this post? According to my records, the Nested Effects were in the rules up to the 9.19 Core Rules (I can't confirm when they appeared originally), and then removed from the text from 10.13 and later. (Disclaimer: This is according to my records.) Damage Timing in something resembling its current form (where 'after killing' effects are resolved before the model is removed from the game) appears shortly after that. In any event, that rule existed for part of the closed beta and then went away.
  8. Best crew builder <333
  9. How are you speeding up her totem with the Handler? Pretty sure the Handler's Aura doesn't apply to the Purifying flame, because it's an enforcer. The card says- Goad Witchling: Friendly Witchling Minions that Activate within (6) gain +2 Mv until the end of their Activation. The only thing I see that affects the Purifying Flame is her defensive trigger, since Consolidate Power is minion specific as well.
  10. No problem. Still toying with it myself.
  11. Finally got around to trying this list tonight (been focusing on Molly for the most part) and it was great. I played against a Youko crew in wedge deployment. One of Kentauroi was able to give McMourning a ride on round one. McMourning was able to walk charge a samurai with the ninja upgrade and take him out round one. He dispatched Hinamatsu in the second round and that pretty much sealed the game since most of his firepower was eliminated. I really like the composition of this group - thanks for the suggestion!
  12. I don't disagree with much above, but i will add a voice of support for Sameal. He has never not performed for me, and almost always manages to wipe a high cost model from the board.
  13. Much like Lost, I think it was more of a kind of person. Lost were all children models: Stolen, Malifaux Child, Iggy, Candy, Marlena Webster, Baby Kade, & Crooligans. Woe seemed to be beings that caused others mental suffering: Insidious Madness, Poltergeist, Sorrow, Doppelganger, Lelu, Lilitu, Mr Tanner... and Reporters.
  14. The real question is why reporters were ever tagged as Woes in the first place (well back before M3e was a glimmer in anyone’s eye). There was a whisper that Nellie was very originally Arcanist, but that possible faction still doesn’t explain a new woe. Yes, Nellie played like human-Pandora, but that also still doesn’t explain a new woe.
  15. Just because 3e was in the works doesn't mean they knew exactly what was going to happen with it. Especially since their lead designer changed between the course of book 5 being released and m3e being released.
  16. Yesterday
  17. It doesn't though. After effects happen immediately after whatever causes them to happen.
  18. Hello all! Its been a few months since the start of this thread and I never realized anyone responded. I've learned a bit since then, such as the resources necessary for this level of chainwork... Pretty tough. I haven't tried Alan Reid or Agent, nor the new investigators. Given that were waiting for their box set at this point anyways, I'm sad I didn't use them when I had the chance. Will prolly just fill with beta rules in friendly games til the release. Someone give me the quick rundown on how both Alan and Agent work?
  19. One thing that's handy for Colette is the Innovation trigger, you can either give Colette built-in for super easy Presto-Chango's and Twist Ending, or give a bunch of Performers built-in and just absolutely flood the board with Beautiful Clothes triggered Distracted
  20. We did seem to get book 6 spoilers in the winter following ( based on the fact the pictures for the undercover reporters etc. still had M2e logo). It seems a little strange to spoil those 2 years ahead of them being released.
  21. Yeah, given that the lead for the book probably would have been very early 2017 (gotta typeface it, proofread it, print and freight it, to be at GenCon 2017), I doubt M3E was more than an idle thought. NephiGraves and WoeTannen on the other hand...
  22. I'm really unclear how that is distinct from the game in general which calls for having extra models prepared to deal with specific s/s or faction/crew matchups. And in this case the "extra" models are minions you would have on hand anyway just from owning the keyword, not something extra you have to buy.
  23. Fair enough! I referenced a page, but here's some of the specifically relevant things: Even if you narrow my theory down to 'after' effects (the main time it makes a difference anyway), then this raises the question. Theory one ignores the instructions for after effects (that the effect 'happens' after the effect in question is resolved), why is that? To me there's a bit of a conflict between following the instructions for 'after' effects and the precise damage timing. It seems logical to apply things that modify damage during timing (which do not say 'after'), while having 'discovered' events happen after (which do say 'after'). Narrowing my interpretation to only 'after' effects resolves this. As for theory one being how it worked in beta... Then I'd say that's pretty solid evidence I'm wrong. I assume that forum has been deleted, though, so there's no threads to go check precise wording?
  24. Relisted for 24 more hours. If it doesn't sell I think I will wait until after GenCon where I will have a better chance of people being interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173974599676?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  25. I appreciate the distinction between those masters who are primarily summoners and those who summon on occasion. To clarify, my issue with summoning isn't the mechanic itself - it's the meta logistics of requiring a plethora of various additional models to take advantage of the summoning, should it occur. For example: Lynch can summon any Honepot Minion up to cost 5. This means in addition to whatever crew I field I need 1+ depleted, beckoned and illuminated. Ideally I'd want 2 or 3 of each - potentially more than my initial crew! I know it's not a requirement to prep summon models like this but in order to take full advantage of summoning, that's what the game calls for...and I HATE it! Rest of the core rules rock!
  26. No bites. :( 350.00 spent and I can't get 175.00 back out of it. Maybe I'll throw my own auction outside one of the Wyrd booths at GenCon! Hey, I'd trade for a fat sack of M3E loot too!
  27. I've been wanting to test Toshiro out, and now feel even more inclined. Thanks!
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