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  2. Thanks for the detailed answer @Kharnage. I'm starting NVB with Dreamer/Pandy, but I'd probably get nekima eventualy. That rushy style is something I like of this creed. However as a Dreamer player, creeds with some ability to grow is something I like. When rushing isn't that necessary, do you think that a grow strategy like the following would be viable? Include Candy OOK. Turn 1 Generate 4 corpses with the Pig, Hayedin and the 2 Shamans (3 masks needed); Nekima Hurl Corpse with Fast Food trigger to grow 2 matures in turn 1 (2 Rams needed). You've got 2 matures, 2 focus (1 in Matures); Candy heals both matures and give 1 or 2 Fasts if crows triggers. Everyone can advance with 1 action (matures with 2 actions thanks to fast). This first turn is a bit slower and quite hand intensive; but at the start of the second turn, the Nephilim player could have 2 matures with 7-10 life (depending on fast and the heal gotten). And candy is an amazing model that can support with Heals, Fast or fight herself with self-loathing; Matures or Nekima with Fast could be terrifying.
  3. There. Fixed that for you. There's very few crews in any faction where Stunned doesn't just ruin your day.
  4. Hi! I have found Lucius for sale "6 units" on ebay.com. I am not the owner of the miniatures. I simply inform you if anyone is interested in buying it since it is difficult to find. https://www.ebay.es/itm/Lucius-Puppet-Wars-limited-edition-miniature-with-card-Wyrd-Miniatures-Malifaux/264400300277?hash=item3d8f7c68f5:g:-qgAAOSw41ddLgRQ
  5. Hi! I have found Lucius for sale "6 units" on ebay.com. I am not the owner of the miniatures. I simply inform you if anyone is interested in buying it since it is difficult to find. https://www.ebay.es/itm/Lucius-Puppet-Wars-limited-edition-miniature-with-card-Wyrd-Miniatures-Malifaux/264400300277?hash=item3d8f7c68f5:g:-qgAAOSw41ddLgRQ
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  7. It was just a situation in wich the Rider does not work. I won't include him every time. He is not weak, but in turn 1 and 2 he's a bit meh...in turn 3 he is great. IMO for 11SS he lacks in the ability to use SS to protect himself, but just my opinion.
  8. I just discovered last night you can Appraise with a Malifaux Child! Got lucky and dropped an enemy Scheme Marker; Prospector stunned himself and picked up 2 enemy markers, 3 SS in 1 activation! Yes, it's not typical. Yes, it is funny!
  9. https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases Gremlin Faction book is a September release so no surprise on that front. Ulix being a July release really ought to be available now. Worth noting that when Wyrd says "July" they mean "late July". I ordered Marcus Core Box (also a July release) and only received it 19th of August. That's perfectly normal delay for my LGS. I don't know about yours. If I was you I'd contact the LGS and inquire about status of my order. Also make sure they understand that faction book won't be coming out for another month and some, just in case they're sitting on the Ulix order until they can get the book too.
  10. I'm beginning to think stunned is the best anti-guild condition.
  11. Turns 1 and 2 the rider has a good shoot action and ride with me which I think is one of the best quick actions around. From T3 onwards, the 6” range is huge so with the riders move plus range it will hit a few models. Where the ‘crazy’ damage comes in though is that it’s unresistable - no failing the duels for no hit. Combined with irreducible so armour and incorporeal etc don’t help and cheatable so if something really needs to take 4 damage - it does! Anything that doesn’t die then takes a damage at the end of the turn for burning (or soaks up some AP getting it off) and loses an AP for slow. Say if you’re hitting 3 models, that’s average about 3 damage each plus the 1 for burning and 3AP worth of ‘damage’. It also heals your own models. If my master did 12 damage, gave 3 models slow and healed some friendlies all for a 6 of rams I’d be happy with that! The pulse charge is also great in the right circumstance. Repositions models (even engaged ones) gives attacks and heals. Particularly good in Lucius where it also draws cards for you. Beware though! Completely countered by stunned.
  12. Np! But check everyting before buying. What I wrote apply to the starter, the golem is changing his scuplt for example (and now is buyable without having to get RES stuff).
  13. Huge success! Everyone had a great time.
  14. Those are great suggestions there @bstorz, I had the same idea with Razig (mine arrived a few days ago... For my Night Terrors, I was planning on going the simple route of using Yarazi from The Other Side. They should look good with the alt RN when he's out (in the meantime, will use the Morphling).
  15. I would try not to worry yet. I'm also from Europe (Norway), and I've ordered stuff from every GenCon sale since at least 2013 I think. Only once have my orders arrived before September, and at least one didn't get here until October. Sometimes you get lucky, but given how long it takes to pack everything (I think Wyrd estimate everything should be shipped from them by the next week) and longer transit times I think there's still a while till it's time to get impatient...
  16. Thats interesting, wasnt sure if the models were changing! thanks
  17. I guess Iggy is a joke to you 😜
  18. You're welcome! Look around just in case some store is selling discounted M2e boxes, it won't work for all of them for different reasons tho (some models sold separately now share boxes in third edition, you could like more the new sculpts or the starters models change) so check well before buying anything from M2e. But specifically for brewmaster, the M2e starter and M3e starters are the same (but cards); if you found one at 50%, second hand or something like that, it would be a good deal.
  19. Yes, you're right, it is 2/3/4 but the damage is cheatable so it is very often 4 damage that ignore all abilities and Rst Triggers. In my experience I generally have between two to four models in range when the Rider uses Devastation. Each one taking 4 damage is huge. For example, in one game Colette died of two Devastation and some shooting (end of turn 3, beginnig of turn 4).
  20. She's strong, but I've played plenty of games just fine without her. I've been using her as a crutch, so I've stepped away from her for the time being. She is really good though, especially for dreamer and pandora
  21. I don't think it will change anything. You are going to use the Chi when you want to win a duel . So if you really want to try to win it you are going to use it anyway . Using it after flipping the card just prevents to "waste" it if you flip a figure or a joker.
  22. the true strength of Shenlong for me is the wandering river style with no TN! the ability to move your model even on a black joker or the enemy models on a test a super good! add to this that you also move scheme/scrap/corpse and you have the best scheme denial ability in the game! You have your 3 markers for harness! with my student I say nope and move 1/2 of them away so you can't score! Your model is in place for outflank, not anymore! etc... Fermented river style is good to help him move a lot and gives Shenlong an impressive threat range of 12'' with just one charge which is really strong just by himself but add to it the drunken kung fu and this become a really strong attack but opponent can easily counter it! keep your 1 and 2 for Shenlong! If he cheats for a high card to hit you with chi you, most of the time can't beat it! So just cheat very low and now he has a on dmg! it's strong but not insurmontable! Also Shenlong lives and dies by his chi! attack him a few times and after that he crumbles! He is a very strong master who can do a lot of things but the only things I think is broken on him is the wandering river style because you can shut down a lot of schemes and also help you a lot with move shenanigans and scheme markers schenanigans! The chi mechanic is good, that's true having the equivalent of stat 7-8 on most models is hard to counter! There's 2 solution in my eyes if this come up to be too strong : 1: limit the amount of chi a model can get or have on him a the same time. because now it's very easy to get absurd amount of chi on the first 2 turns. or 2: limit the usefulness of chi. Even just a +1 to stat would be good! or change the wording so the +2 only applies to the flipped card not the card he cheats? Those are some ideas but for now I don't think chi is that broken, just a very strong mechanics! Honestly I prefer facing chi than flicker tokens! the on dmg hurts so much! Also I don't play monks but I've faced them a few times!
  23. I might have misread whats been going on, but what happening with orders in Europe (i'm in the U.K.) IOrdered my Ulix core set and faction book form my LGS a couple of months ago and have not yet received my product. Is there still shipping delays?
  24. Isn't that 2/3/4? I'm always shocked by how often when the rider comes riding in I have several models in killable range. I guess I'm not great at focusing my damage.
  25. Quoted for truth. I hear people say it's too good and they want the Chi to be spent BEFORE flipping. I agree SHenlong is strong but perhaps it's mostly because of Fermented River Style?
  26. Also rider is so fast he can easily stay far away from the action to prevent most attack against him and in turn 3 double move for a 20' threat range devastation! and ride with me in the first 2 turns is just so good for the action economy of your crew! Sonnia who can do triple flameburst instead of move, move flameburst is a force to reckon with!
  27. Thanks for the input guys, im starting to look into the rules and list building. Going to wait until a store has the 3e Brewmaster box and I'll pick it up and go from there!
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