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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


“It’s the End of the World , as We Know It”

…and I feel fiiiiiiiiiine. My entry displays the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as dug up from the hoards in the four corners of my basement.

The first horseman for this crew was fairly easy – War is a Centaur Warlord from Confrontation. Its name and origins even fit this aspect of our Doom! Then there is Plague/Conquest/Pestilence. I wasn’t sure, but really, Leveticus called to me. I have wanted to paint him for awhile now on a nice white horse. So there I was, needing him to be one of my crew! Famine, I was hoping for something a bit middle eastern, a desert rider, and my hubby found this Games Workshop mini – perfect! Death was harder, as nothing seemed to fit from my hoard. Then I remembered some fun kits I had, Tom Meier sculpts for GRRMartin, but Testor’s I think. I HAD TO. What’s the first thing you do when you get a cool character from Martin? You chop off his head! Put in some skull action. Do a weapons swap. So Death rides a pale horse that is sickly yellow-dun color. Meant to be on soooo many levels.

The Four ride a desolate black stone terrain, with a small ravine/canyon that glows from a supernatural source. It gives an eerie quality to the scene, and is seen from front and back and overhead, but never directly at the source, only the effect of the glow.

I have run out of time, but the photos are nicely stitched together by my daughter, who I thank very much for her help once again.


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Round 2 - The End of the World, as we Know it.

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