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Very nice piece, love that not many colors were used. So there is a really nice initial focus on the lantern and then the butterflies. A point of critique, I think the OSL from the lantern on the surroundings is quite unrealistic. The lighting from the lantern on the ground is hot white, way stronger than any surrounding reflection. It also has a narrow radius, irl it would spread out way more. Also the lights from the object on the left shine downwards somehow. These are just some points of critique on an otherwise great piece though!

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Really got that creepy mood set. The lighting is spot on, and the butterflies are a great detail that really makes it pop.

And then I noticed the kodama... 🤯

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Very nice setting and colour seletion. To point something negative, I would say the position of the lights are a bit out of place (the door behind her should be darker compared to the right part). 

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I love the colors and the scene you built!

The strong, focused, lighting on the ground does not make sense though. If the squares of light around the stone lamp disapated outwards instead of coming to a hard line, unless each window was pointed almost straight down to get such a hard top edge. Under the paper lantern, kinda the same deal, would love to see just a more gradual transition from closer to directly below the lantern.

All that said, this getting really fussy about a nearly perfect diorama that is well above my skill with a brush. You ROCK!!!

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Took me a second to clock the extent of the OSL in this piece due to how subdued it is but after a closer look I really came around to what you have done and this is easily my favourite piece in the competition. Even now I'm only just noticing little details like the stone Kodama.

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Everything about this piece is wonderful, this is hands down the most convincing 'this is occurring at night under low firelight conditions' pieces in the competition. I really enjoy how the different light sources cast differentiated bits of light, the softly square light spots from the stone lantern in particular, and the brighter glow beneath the paper lantern. Truly beautiful work.

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Very nice painting technique! Glow, colors, composition... Gorgeous)

One of the best entries in the competition, respect to the author. What are butterflies made of?

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Love the mood and the atmosphere! The light sources are wonderful! Although maybe the yard lantern should provide longer stripes of light on the ground. Otherwise it's magnificent! Congratulations!

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