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Here is too much colors: green, red, blue, brown. This blurs attention and prevent your zezs to catch details. In my opinion: if you change green to red/orange, remove red from legs, make blue on metal darker and yellow in furnace and "eyes" to increase brightness it will improve work greatly.

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The light and falloff around the helmet and cage onto the hammer looks really good. The base and bright background doesn't really do it justice. I'd like to see what this model would look like with a dark background and a different base.

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The lighting off of the cage, feet, and helmet look great! The light fall off around the shoulders feels like it shouldn't be there though. Having a sharp cutoff of the bluemetal outside to the bright hot light from the inside and on the helmet would really add to the contrast and make thenlit sections pop all the more!

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I love the illumination on this. Not sure I understand what is going on with the base though. I like the green glow on the underside of the rocks but the green disc at the bottom feels unfinished.

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The lighting effects from all that hot metal, and how appropriate that really feels for this model, is well done. The contrast between the cool metal on the legs and arms and the heated up core really suggests how awful that has to be inside there. I get that the base is, at least I think, supposed to be a rift into the void, but I have to agree that it doesn't quite mesh with the piece, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

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A nice piece, but a bit overloaded. The glow is right there, but unfortunatelythe inside of the torso seems less bright that is possibly intended. Like the flying rocks, but the basing, the green glow needs a bit more details. A swirl, a bright middle with darker outside. Or the other way around

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