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Photo Information

  • Taken with HUAWEI SNE-LX1
  • Focal Length 4 mm
  • Exposure Time 20000000/1000000000
  • f Aperture f/1.8
  • ISO Speed 200

Recommended Comments

Love the Akira-ish cyberpunkt scene, and the lighting is quite good. This is also one of my favorite Victoria models, and she's really well painted. The only gripe I have with it all is that the lighting on Victoria doesn't really seem like it's coming from the scene.

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I like a lot the scene. On thing that bothers me is the shadows, the lamp's shadow and Victoria's shadow cross on the wall like it there where to light sources.

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Brilliant use of the chosen model. This sort of scene is exactly what I expected we'd see when the theme of the contest was announced. Only real problem is that the front of the model is well illuminated but there are no visible light sources except for those behind it.

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The shadow work on this in contrast to all the neon glow around the scene, and the tail-light red, is really well done. With that wanted newspaper, it really looks like the law has caught up to her...but somehow I think she'll be fine. As others have pointed out, the blue light source is, not readily apparent, and it actually looks like the streetlamp isn't on to be casting light down onto the newspaper? I can't tell if the backsplash is actually fully 3D or just extremely well painted flats, either way the effect work here is great.

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Beautiful work! For a long time I could not understand where so many light sources came from. After the fifth viewing of the work, I realized that these were the lights from the police car, then the work took on a completely different look for me! I wonder what will happen to those who try to detain her?)

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Hey guys and gals, thank you for all your comments and criticism. It helps alot. I'm sorry that I didn't manage to convey the story properly and if you have to explain it, it's just not good. 

I called the piece "Follow the White Rabbit" and she, the White Rabbit is a fugitive, an outlaw (the wanted poster is there to push that narrative). This is the moment where the law caught up with her and some serious tarantino action is about to ensue. So yes, the blue and red, and the spotlight are all coming from the police car/spinner facing her. Everything that you see is painted and exactly how it looks in rl. I don't edit my photos so certain rl artefacts might remain, such is the case with the lamppost shadow, which is the only actual shadow generated by my desk lamp, i completely missed it until you guys pointed it out. 

I'll put some more angles on my insta. 

Thanks once again and see you all next time. 

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