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I fell in love with the cloud the moment I saw it, a really nice concept with the sky-high wine vanishing in the clouds! :) I do agree that the black background really mutes the colors (which is a rarity). A great idea nevertheless, and all that on a 30mm base!

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Sadly, my biggest coment here is that I'm not actually sure what model is behind/under all of this (I did finally find Marlena in there). It's too dark to make out what's going on. The ckoud is amazing, but you sacraficed the view of your paint job. I'm sure the paint job is wonderful, I just can't see it :(

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Thanks guys for all the feedback, was my first competition so I definitely let the excitement take over when it came to taking pictures and didn't consider the visibility of detail very well with my pics 🙈 silly mistake but now it's one I'll never make again haha. Will defs take better pics for the next one because you were all right 😄

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