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Smoke in the Mirror

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Sometimes, only smoke in the magical mirror can reveal the true nature of things...


Here is my work for the last round. Malifaux "hero" shows her true nature in front of the magical mirror. Who knows, how many people were tricked by this doppelganger?

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I decided to play around the meaning of something intended to make you believe, that it's true, when it is actually not. Some trick, disguise, illusion. Doppelganger from Malifaux hit it perfectly. Then I had to find Malifaux model, which have almost the same pose, swap it hands ect.

The hardest thing was to copy Doppel box art by freehand, and make realistic web around the room.

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7 hours ago, Ayvran said:

The cloudy look of the mirror is really cool. If I'm understanding correctly, the woman in the mirror is tearing off her own skin, yes?

Yes, she is mimic and can look like anyone else.

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