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Bad Things Happen

One way or another the Black Joker always wins...

The Red Joker thought his was a winning hand, but then the Flop and Turn of the cards flipped his Aces into a weaker hand than the Black Joker's lowly 7 and 2. The Red Joker makes his four-of-a-kind on the River, but he forgot that in Malifaux the Black Joker always beats the Red Joker.

With the theme of “Murphy's Law” I thought long and hard about what's the worst feeling you can have in a game of Malifaux. I decided to capture the feeling of having a double negative damage flip on a game changing attack—you flip weak damage and think it's all over, then flipping the Red Joker sends your spirits soaring, but then the Black Joker comes out and shoots you right in the chest.


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