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Round 1 - Zatch


Tesla Bust - Infamy Miniatures

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Round 1 [Object Source Lighting (OSL)] - Finished

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Hey Zatch :D 

Sorry for the delay but as promised here is my feedback on your Round One submission:

The Good:

- Nice gradient/transition on the lighting bolt above him.

- I love the choice of model - Tesla is such a fascinating figure and fits perfectly with the theme.

-The areas in which the lighting is reflecting on to him look right.

Needs Improvement:

- I'm not sure what kind of paints you use but they seem..."powdery" for lack of a better word. This makes parts of the model look textured and less realistic, especially on his face.

- The lighting on his clothing and face could be transitioned better, and also has a bit of a powdery look to it.

- I think you would have benefited from taking a photo slightly further away. This would have shown off the detail without showcasing any imperfections, as well as it would make the overall composition look better.

Overall, great job! I can't wait to see what you do for Round Two and I hope we can exchange feedback again :)


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