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  2. I don't know myself, but in my game against Som'er who draws a lot of cards, she could be useful if she can be kept close enough and yet alive...
  3. No... is she good with Misaki? She is a bit squishy and deal no damage, her utility is nice... maybe she could worth it to set up Misaki's shockwaves with Now Kiss, but I'm not 100% sold on her tbh
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  5. @misterfinn, @Stranglelove and others: I was talking about a frindly competition, nothing but painting one model for the next three months on a specific subject. I undestant that all of us are going after own plans and most of time we have to manage them fighting with few time for painting. Mine was an open idea, we can discuss about best way to realize it, so we can remove the "voting" if that bothers you, most of you. It's true that "painters are at a variety of skill levels" anyway we are commenting painted models, techniques and achivements and no one seems to be disturbed because of it.
  6. I'm quoting this whole thing, because it's a quite good analysis. These reasons are why Tacticas are so valuable too, because they give you a bit of insight into what the various pieces do. That knowledge gives you quite a bit of power, and money has nothing to do with it.
  7. We need not a lot of explanations to understand there's a lot of painting efforts and mixed techniques behind your great last models. BTW, I bought and I'm on the way to experiment with GSW Intensity Inks that look to be an equivalent tool, but the fact GSW presented it before GW: Did you have any chance to try them?
  8. Have you tried Lust in the crew?
  9. It's in their store in the Through The Beach section.
  10. Hi all, I'm selling off my Malifaux large Malifaux due to not having played in years and not having any interest in the new edition. Lots of crews and an awful lot ofspecial and alternate models and nightmare crews. Currently up on eBay (link below) for shipping in the Uk. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/zylodaemonborn?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 The pics are of the whole collection, better pics are with each auction. Any questions please feel free to ask, and thanks for looking :3
  11. finally got to test GW's contrast paints. Some quick thoughst: - these are not an end in themselves, rather a tool with some speific use, - only using contrasts allows you to get a decent result without much effort, - contrasts have a tendency to pool and require paying a lot of attention when applied, - 2 -3 layers -> deeper shades. Here I used them over Wraith Bone basecoat and followed with some highlights/glazes of red and brown to create the effect of irregular, dirty fur. For Molemen (I don't care too much for these sculpts), I started with a layer of Guilliman Flesh, folowed by two quick highlights and some washes with glazes of brown and purple. In the end I picked out some facial details too.
  12. Except the ability itself provides for its timing rules. That's what "Enemies that start their Activation do X" means. "Start their activation" is a timing indicator. It doesn't say "during the Start Activation" phase. If it did, then yes, any model that came within the aura during the phase, whether or not at the model's start, would be effected. But instead, it indicates a specific timing in the ability itself. Just like if an ability says "after this model takes a , discard a card to take the action again," the timing rules are built in (after taking the action). Out of curiosity, using your reading, how would you phrase an ability that only effected models at the actual beginning of their activation? That is, an effect that only occurs if it meets a particular condition only at the snapshot in time when you activate them?
  13. The part you're not getting is that the timing for how things works needs to be in the timing rules. That is what the timing rules exist for. You are saying that there is a timing point that is distinct from when you resolve start of activation abilities. The only way for this to be possible within the timing rules is for there to also be a timing point for the instant you start your activation. So sure, I guess I'm mischaractering your argument by framing in a way that it works within the timing rules.
  14. Except you're not, because I literally explained how you mischaracterized it. You believe "start of activation" means that you resolve everything that happens before any action takes place, regardless of how much time passes or how many effects occur. You believe "start of activation" is not a timing requirement, but a phase indicator. You do these things in this phase. If someone comes within Hamelin's at any point before an action is taken, then the aura generates its effect. I believe "start of activation" means the conditions that exist at the moment of activation are resolved, but not subsequent effects that have "start of activation" timing because they were not legal at the actual, literal start. I believe "start of activation" is a timing requirement, and if the effect would not be legal at the moment of activation, it cannot subsequently be legal. But we both believe these effects are resolved in the "Start of Activation" phase. I can't decide if you're intentionally obtuse or if the distinction really is unappreciated, but again, it seems distinctly unlikely any movement will be achieved towards consensus.
  15. Considering that c1 is both where you start your activation as well as resolve start of activation effects, it's not an incorrect analysis. I'm framing how you believe it to work in a way that it can actually be shown in the timing chart. The only other option is creating a non-existent timing point that would essentially be C0 which is non consistent at all with how the timing for anything is laid out.
  16. I understand your argument, as I have had similar discussions about these two conflicting viewpoints when I played as Hamelin vs. Misaki, but your argument seems to be an argument from silence. I don’t see anything in the rules arguing that it ceased to be the start of activation when a model is selected for activation. In fact, I see the opposite. Page 25 (digital) states that Step B is when you select a model to activate. Step C is its activation. Step C1 is when you resolve any start of activation effects. Based on your interpretation, it seems the text should read “resolve any start of activation effects applicable when the chosen model was selected to activate in Step B.” As it is written now though, I believe my interpretation to be correct.
  17. This is an incorrect analysis of our position. "Start of activation" on abilities is a timing requirement. It limits the effect by requiring it to be applicable at the "start of activation." I understand "start" by its ordinary meaning, as in the beginning. Whatever conditions exist at the instant the model is activated apply. Any conditions that are only applicable after resolving those effects are no longer occurring at the start. The "Start of Activation" phase is simply when you resolve "start of activation" effects.
  18. It might be a little unorthodox but I grabbed a generic house cat looking model from another range and have decided it will be the 'copyCAT killer'. I think it fits the theme of Miss Feasance decently well and will look kinda cool
  19. It ceased it's "start of activation" when it was selected for activation. That instant is the start of its activation. Every effect that is applicable at that moment will be resolved in order under the simultaneous effects rules. After those effects are resolved, we're no longer at the "start" of the model's activation. Time has passed. Not just real time, but game time. So any effects which become applicable by virtue of something such as distance (like walking into an ) fail to apply because the timing is no longer correct. It's no longer the "start" of the activation. Now, to be clear, this is an interpretation. The belief that the "start" of the activation doesn't mean the actual start, but rather the entire period before any action is taken, is the alternative interpretation some others favor. No consensus was reached after a lengthy thread, and this isn't likely to change.
  20. His argument is that "Start of activation" does not refer to the start activation phase, but to the instant the model starts it's activation. Basically creating a subphase for generating start of activation effects, and then one for resolving start of activation effects.
  21. At what point during the resolution of the Ronin’s On the Move did it cease to be the start of activation? If it did not cease to be the start of activation, then it would logically follow that it is still the start of activation when the Ronin finishes its move. Therefore, the Ronin will gain, or not gain, a Blight depending on where she ends her movement.
  22. I'm thinking a lot about giving a try to this crew. Has anybody tried a Guilty with Servant of Dark powers? This would mean a easy draw card from Torment. Or with Wanted Criminal, could mean also, along with a Dead Outlaw, an easy ss generator.
  23. Yeah, but it's OOP I think. I had one way back when they came out. Wish I never sold it off.
  24. Wyrd has this kit for their rpg which has some good bits to customize with.
  25. She could make a very good Daschel proxy if your opponent don't mind!
  26. The issue is not how often you check. It's whether or not, at the time of checking, you meet all the conditions. These "at the start of activation" effects require they be applicable at the start of activation. If they aren't applicable when the model's activation actually begins, then they won't meet the "start of activation" requirement even if they later meet some other requirement (for instance, being within the ). But this was all argued to no consensus in the thread @mythicFOX linked. There's not any good chance of movement. You're just going to have to talk it over with your group or your opponent on how you want to play it.
  27. lots of people are confuse because in M2e snipers got the and the range because the ruled was written like this : ''when your action benefits from focus range becomes X inch'' So they are used to the focus giving range and benefiting the action. In M2e it was necessary because focus only lasted for the turn, but with the change to focus in M3e and the amount of ways to stack focus this would make snipers way more powerful with the M2e rules and this is why I think they changed it for M3e. You now need 2 focus to have long range and the You lower focus to gain something either using the rulebook rules to gain or using the rifleman rule to gain +10''
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