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  2. This isn't a good idea... you will be attacking yourself so you'll be discarding cards from your own control hand. And discard a card to use with Old ways (especially a good card) isn't efficient; it's always better to cheat that card first (in a damage flip or another use of that ability for example) and then use it in the next ability with old ways. In this case just relenting would be better imo. The BBS idea is worth trying tho, with Intuition you may set up 1 mask for your BBS and this crew has a hand of 7 cards so having access to 1 or 2 masks in the first turn isn't as hard as in other crews and Focused in a crew with good Severe damage is nice. However take in count you will have a 6 Wds mature without Fly with me in turn 2; until turn 3 you won't have a "full" mature and even in that case it'd be at 8 Wds. It's like the Effigy + EoF, it's efficient SS wise at hiring but it won't pull its weight until later. You may speed the BBS grow with Vasilisa, which may also be a nice pick with how minion heavy is this crew (it may make a Cyclops perform his Frozen Runes twice per turn for example), but that's a lot of SS in OOK/Versatile models and you still need the 2 masks the first turn.
  3. For Old Ways the Euripides player could do more or less the same than a Dreamer player; just keep the cards in the side of the hand keeping them in order just in case they are needed again; but they will most likely just sit there until the next shuffle (unless there are some heavy Old Ways plays at the start of the turn when the discard pile is very slim). Time Warp does seems a nightmare in vassal tho. Yep, I'm also jumping into this bandwagon ... I still don't have time to play, but I guess I could start practicing against myself a bit, a few activations each day couldn't hurt, right?
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  5. I list I figured out when the Mimic changes came: "Master of Puppets": Lucius (3SS) Scribe Agent 46(9) + LLC (2) Doppelganger 8 Ryle 11 Jury 9 Changeling 4 Changeling 4 You either make a whole lot of 6-7 pew pew pews or you have a LOT of Obeys with a built in mask
  6. Colored pencils over a couple sessions. Thanks for the fun art project to work on!
  7. yes you can just pull them off the top and then put them back in the order you want there are realy only two things vassal cant do for cards very easly the old ways and tara's totems flip deck and discard ability, everything else is fine for vassal (even dreamers thing you can pull cards off to one side of your hand and make a pile or two of them)
  8. From a lore point of view I see black blood as "acid" blood. From the stories I would have said nephlim were warm blooded.
  9. The extra stones are for a Black Blood Shaman, obvz. What about something like this: Savage Shamanism (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 2 Leader: Euripides Totem(s): Primordial Magic Hires: Thoon Gigant Geryon Black Blood Shaman Cyclops Ancient Pact Cyclops 2 Ancient Pact References: Mature Nephilim the idea being that a mature nephilim and a geryon are better than all your ss in an IR geryon basket that will get shot off the table anyway. First turn the black blood shaman activates and Knifes Euripides, needs a low 😷, euripides hopefully defends with a 📖, if not cheat in a low 📖 to get hit and trigger future sight. Pitch the card, maybe something you want to use for The Old Ways later (because luring your own models is opposed)... drop the corpse. Black blood shaman does a fast action blasphemous ritual and relishes in blood... all models within 3” get focus and Euripides heals one. This focus is needed for the 🔫 attacks savage bring as well as the size vulnerability. Bonus cool because Lyssa can use corpse markers the bbs drops, if you’re struggling to find a use for these. edit: I just now noticed all the non-⚡️ tactical actions in this crew and WOW a Changeling would be a beast, with all the unsuited casts of 5-6 and arcane reservoir. note: I’m not sure about the lore, but is black blood more like warm blooded mammals or more like cold blooded reptiles? Is it magical or a third thing? You’re not allowed to take lizards in an ice crew thematically.
  10. Adran

    Stutter time ?

    A model is friendly to itself. But as Jersey blue said, you can't target yourself with an attack. And the enemy model on glimpse the void is from the view of the models it's written on, so if Tara buries you, you unbury next to a model Tara considers an enemy, although Tara would choose which model.
  11. Played one yesterday, on Vassal (yay for social distancing. I'm just now coming to terms with how many scheme marker schemes there are in gg1. So yesterdays was public enemies, with breakthrough, spread them out, claim jump, leave your mark, and one other scheme marker scheme. Corner deployment. I was playing against parker, who had doc, wokou, mad dog, sue, bandito, dead outlaw, and emissary. I took Daschel, queeg, dispatcher, riflemenx2, executioner x 2, and the stewie. Turn 1 I bjed a damage flip against parker with the executioner, and he got another executioner down to htk, then that executioner killed mad dog. (clutch execute). I summoned a mounted guard too. Turn 2 he killed the executioner, but overextended sue, so I killed him. He retaliated with the bandito and killed the other executioner (who was at full health, but was in the open after killing sue). He overextended Parker, for not much gain. I walk/charged daschel into him, then summoned off of this dropped marker to get a warden, who whiffed on parker. He chose to not lose 3 bounty points to score the first bounty point with bandito. mounted guard and rifleman got into it with a wokou. Turn 3- He had first activation, and parker stole a soulstone from me and got two more from dropits, but I took minimal damage. I put a rifleman, queeg, daschel, even the dispatcher shot into parker, he healed him some with doc, but in the end, a summoned sarge with 2 focus was able to finish him off. The mounted guard and the rifleman were able to kill the wokou. We called it at that point, because it was unlikely hewas going to score more than 1.
  12. Attack Actions cannot target yourself. Tacticle Actions can target yourself.
  13. Is a model considered friendly to itself for targeting purposes? Could it bury itself? Glimpse of the void unbury do you unbury your opponent s model 1 inch from one of Tara's models or its own crew ?
  14. They can still go to town on a less killy crew. Perdita is extremely effective if you can stone/cheat the masks for quick reflexes. Combined with cut down to size she can easily do 12-20 damage in an activation. Sure it will be spread out among a few targets, but you can always just shoot each twice for 2 ap and a couple of stones. After that you mop up with the rest of the crew.
  15. They're not bad, they're just not great. Not super fast, a bit tanky (unless they want it dead, then it's going to die...), not super hitty. High level players will probably be able to see what you're doing with corpse --> scheme markers, but it'll get a lot of players for a while. That said, if your opponent lets them live and you can get one in there, Reva's pretty guaranteed for The Unquiet Dead/Feed on Grief (this is about the only time you'll use this attack! Especially if you can get the triggers). Combo with Anna & maybe Bete for a nice little core. Also if you have a Shieldbearer with GST nearby and he Takes the Hit, the opponent is on neg for Terror! Corpse Candles (& Mindless Zombies) will still count as scheme markers as you're not using the model as a Corpse marker (at least that's how I read it).
  16. I think most people feel they fit better in other crews, but they could fill certain gaps. One rough thing is the corpse candles (probably) don't count as scheme markers because they're insignificant. Scarlet temptation and weeping widow don't have much synergy with the crew. That said, if you are shy exactly one corpse marker for your first turn sequencing and can see a use for some of the abilities, it is worth considering Mourners.
  17. What do you think about mourners in a reva crew? I was thinking about using them for their turn corpse to scheme marker aura for schemes like runic binding, leave your mark and research mission...
  18. Family is too frail to face a killy crew.
  19. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    Then the pressing pile was used to make a T-shaped popsicle stick structure over the tiny thin base/stand while the Upside-down hovering pond was given a second coat of PVA. The rock stands are awaiting PVA seal. Sometimes while making terrain, coordinating drying times is much like when you are playing command and conquer and you keep hearing unit ready training unit ready training unit ready training - just give them the time they need
  20. Hoffman has a great models for that bussines. Nobodody is going to say Perdita? The Family keyword is great shooting and killing enemies fast and loud.
  21. Long time since i colored anything very nice picture and very relaxing. (colored pencil)
  22. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    I’m thinking I’ll post only more finished WIP from now on but... exhibit A is what I use to weigh things down with - some say it needs to be flat, I like the wiggly directional push-down a stack of paper can provide exhibit B is two clusters of rocks WIP - one is decidedly DOUBLEDECKER exhibit C is me deciding to do the same type of terrain but at 15mm scale... for reasons...
  23. check out the pinned post in this forum as well. It contains links to some good threads and to some podcasts that include episodes on Gaining Grounds, general play, and a somewhat questionable but maybe entertaining episode on Seamus.
  24. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    Initially this was going to be more of a “finished terrain showcase” but apparently it’s a WIP. I mentioned before that everything gets painted with PVA... the taped edges got painted twice this time. For drying, I stabbed 5 toothpicks into a failed terrain project and here it will remain suspended - I don’t see the point in painting one side at a time in PVA. (Edit: I placed this on the stand upside-down so the visible bottom won’t have toothpick rip-away marks)
  25. That's not actually bad! One OOK and one versatile model is pretty standard. Even Molly for example (with a very powerful keyword) still snags stuff OOK and versatile all the time. You still have three keyword hires (in game two you had 3 versatile/ooks, but you wished you had snagged a lampad instead?) Totally agree Reva is basically an ethereal reaping beater, with the others sometimes being relevant. I've never used Feed on Grief on any model at any point... But I can see how it'd be useful in theory. Unquiet dead I often forget to use, but when going for a card draining strategy it can be devastating. Keep an eye out for card-hungry crews, especially with weak willpower. It will do 4-6 damage in some situations. With perdition's flame, it is particularly potent now (but usually you're using low masks for something else, so a bit tricky). The stars really have to align on that one though (I've never used it successfuly, just had it used successfully against me). That last part (pure revenant list), I strongly agree with. I think for any new crew you want to stick in keyword for a while to get a feel for the crew and what it is up to.
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