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  2. hemgath

    The Good and The Bad

    Good: -For me, glogaly the change are ok and balanced between end of closed beta and now ( los for amina, -1 at corduet attack...). -The return of arcane reservoir for arcanist ( because the lack of cards was realy too important only 12 way) and what i asked a 1 plentifull for this abbilities -The change of name -The new DMH phylosophy (thx) -globaly models and team seem good Bad -I speack about sandeep in his proper parts... -The no change to foundry team ( we are two meifeng player in our team) and both find the foundry (not mei) underbalanced and we play them a lot -don't have the time to look after ramos but seem a little bit under - lack of varity on the msu grit -the bubble problem of ironside who stay... with a nerf on adrenaline gain ( really don t understand that).... alway s thing she need a way to lock adversary in his area... for don t return o the pre wave 5 m2e ironside trouble -i think the "once per turn" on jackalope demise is not good for this little eternal rabbit
  3. cbtb11235813

    Changes for Ramos

    He started great, was fine, got WAY worse, got slightly better, and now looks horrible. He needs some love. I really don't mind survival of the fittest on him, it fits his character great (similar to 2e Opportunist). But this works better than opportunist because in my head he is taking spare parts from destroyed constructs and using them to make new ones (by using the cards he gets). This. I was *ok* with his summoning before. But this is sort of a death knell for him. Half health, slow, insignificant, and now a scrap per summon? Why?! What is he summoning that is so spectacular to put that much punishment on it. His summoning pool is not that much bigger if you only count things he is actually likely to summon. I agree that we should rearrange Mechana and say he can summon Mechana (minion) constructs. That way we never run into the "Kentauroi reallyyy should have been an Enforcer" problem in 2e
  4. Fetid Strumpet

    M3E Battle Report - Lucius vs Seamus - 50ss

    If that is in effect how it goes then the timing rules need to be more clearly written. I asked several experienced war gamers what they made of the relevant passage in the rules and because of the way it was phrased no one come up with the same answer. If the rule is explained in apllication first and you squint at the phrasing it made sense, but it is not clearly written enough in our opinion.
  5. muraki

    Rig The Deck +X

    Lynch player. Been a few beta weeks since I played him so a few things may of changed. Rig works really well when you or your opponent is forcing discards cause you can keep the low cards in hand and top deck the cards/suits you need. One thing to note with rig is Gwen. Hit the jackpot with a rig+3 allows you choose exactly what to place on your deck and to either get 2 more cards in hand or get them out of your deck. So I like putting dupes (like 2 4s in there) and cut down the chance of a guess... But even if it's guessed, you just get some low cards out of your cycle. Ive definitely played rounds where I didn't do anything and rig kept showing me the same card, but that just means you need to do more tns / attacks / etc.
  6. I´m just not sure the format of the rules forum fit`s the question tbh I´m no friend of that post "bumping" as it removes any semblance of coherency from the discussion.
  7. Gnomezilla

    Pour one out for the crews you can't take anymore

    *Hannah sobbing quietly as the shirt will remain on for the foreseeable future*
  8. Gnomezilla

    Why isn’t malifaux child plague/versatile

    I’m not looking forward to the child copying Hamelin’s vermin action pulse as it is (soon as my opponent decides on a heavy distracted/injured crew to play, we are going to stress test the Assist action to the breaking point), no need to salt that wound by making it plagued.
  9. unknownuser65

    Stormsiren lure and Distance

    Because I am used to Rules as written and not as intended.
  10. Wurz_7

    Freikorps's Field Guide

    I was thinking about M3, same base stats, same armor, same pistol and damage profile. Feels like a less resilient, korpsmann but with support skills.
  11. WWHSD

    M3E Battle Report - Lucius vs Seamus - 50ss

    The only thing on the timing of that I think is debatable is which model the terrifying counts for but it’s irrelevant if the goal is for the bury to always cone second. If both terrifying and the bury are considered effects for the defender then the defender chooses the order and the bury will be second. If terrifying is considered an effect for the attacker then it gets processed along with their other effects and then the defender processes theirs. Again buried will come second.
  12. Lechuzo_Loco

    Gwyneth Maddox - Painted

    I have her for quite some time and painted, but don't seem to find a photo. Can post one, once I'm at the club next time 🙂
  13. hemgath

    M3E Sandeep (Acadimic/Elementalist)

    For me after multiple evo and change in the closed beta... sandeep seem good. And realy take long time and try for go to this team ^^ and it seem balanced. Two things, now we must discard for the "shouting order" i think this hability can work for academist And elemental minion. And Don t really understand the cast price change for elemental creation from 7 to 6. Exept this minor points sandeep is cool to play ( and play it a lot in m2e)
  14. Ludvig

    Underbrush Markers

    You could print a picture/pattern of some ferns on cqrdboard or.mdf-markers.
  15. The Rules forum's your best bet but I'm sure they check here too.
  16. retnab

    The Good and The Bad

    Oops you're right, I was thinking of the old Ice Gamin, their bonus damage is only from gaining Slow when they already have it. However, that's really a side point and doesn't change the fact that Ice Golem is one of the heaviest hitters in the game right now.
  17. Does someone know a Wyrd staff member to tag for FAQs? Or someplace to post these questions, typos and mistakes for them to look over?
  18. For Forests specifically I think it's got to be a typo, both Concealing and Blocking really doesn't make sense.
  19. trikk

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    If the intention is for it to not charge, I'd suggest putting 'More than 6" away from the enemy' 😜
  20. Zebo

    Freikorps's Field Guide

    I agree with Scout being a kind of "specialized Freikorpsmann" as long as Drache, probably all of them need to succeed on the same training, and depending of their capabilities can be headed to one korp or another, but I heavily doubt Engineers being a Freikorpsmann with mechanical knowledge. They fluff-wise feel more like technics with light military training, in fact the Engineers are the only Freikorps not hireable (not mercs). Almost would say first that the Librarians are Freikorpsmann with magical abilities. And remember, they have not any gun in their models.
  21. Morgan Vening

    Horse rider

    Did you notice that Yasunori is no longer a Horseman? He was, for the entirety of the Closed Beta (well, he was in the first and last Updates, I'm not going through them all), and now he isn't, in either the first, or hotfixed versions. This makes me sad. Just like my Freikorpsmann obsession, I now do declare I WANT YASUHORSEY!
  22. Today
  23. I never said its free. I said its very easy. Dropping a marker for the first two turns isn't really a big deal. Using a 4SS minion that doesn't really have much to do to support a Ml6 2/4/5 model with a to damage on charge seems like a pretty good tradeoff. I'm quite confident there are "drop scheme marker" abilities/free actions somewhere in TT. The whole premise of M3E was to significantly tone down AP stacking and now you can do it with any minion. At least make it "enemy marker" Combat Finesse seems like a pretty big game changer against a lot of masters/factions.
  24. Right. So at that point your just shifting ap. It's not a free fast, it's costing you resources clearly. I'm assuming you probably also had to move the effigy once or twice to get into position? Plus the cost of the effigy. I do see your perspective, but it doesn't seem op. Your dedicating a model and ap to support the Wokou. The + flips are solid on their blade, and that has gone back and forth in cb, but I found myself using them as schemers, flankers or to get into melee and tie up other models via combat finesse. I didn't have much success using them as dedicated beaters, but to be fair my primary opponents in cb were NB players. This version of Malifaux plays out to be less killy in my beta experiences. My experiences with them have been mixed, and I typically run 2. They drop pretty quickly to focused intervention, but that can be said of many models. Avg def, no wound reduction beyond bullet proof, which has never come up in my games. move 5 with 1" reach means their spending an ap to get there unless your close enough to benefit from ECW, in which case your probably engaged at that point or are in charge range of something. I could potentially support the reduction in the dmg profile (2/3/5) with the + flips still built in, that seems appropriate but want to test it. Apologies if this seems rambly, I'm at work. -j
  25. mythicFOX

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    The wording requires a portion of both of the bases to be within the range (1”). As the bases didn’t start overlapping and the gap must now be a gap of 1” no part of either base can be within the gap, and are therefore not in range. Seriosly there are pages of this argument somewhere in the depths of the M2e rules thread. Hence it ending up on the FAQ. Let’s just abandon the discussion because I think we all agree it’s annoying. I’m sorry I brought it up.
  26. WildRose94

    The Good and The Bad

    How is the ice gamin giving +1 damage, I can't see that on the cards?
  27. retnab

    The Good and The Bad

    Min 3 base, 4 if near a pillar, 5 if near a pillar and slow, 6 if near a pillar and slow and near ice gamin, sorry I forgot to mention they had to be Slow
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