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  2. Levi and Tara are probably the best masters in faction (maybe Zipp too, but why play him in outcasts?). Levi's keyword is filled with amazing models like Rusty, A&D and Necropunks and Levi counters so many things by having irreducible attacks. Tara + Aionus can dominate Corrupted Idols like nobody else by spamming pass tokens and she has so much AP + mobility that she can easily get VP on her own. Although they are both countered heavily by certain factions (Tara into guild and Levi into thunders/ressurs) you might be cover all of your bases using Levi for guild and Tara for Thunders/Ressurs (although Tara struggles with Kirai, who doesn't?).
  3. @Caedrus wanting to go in at Enforcer this year,just incase i do run into issues again
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  5. I run him with Vogel, 2x Ceberus, Scorpius and Paul Crocket among other things. The only upgrades that are certain are disguised and stealth for the Cerberus and armor for the Scorpius. This means that you have 3 instances of leap in your crew that all needs 7s and Vogel needs a card to switch and cards for Intimidating Authority if you want to use it. You will probably also want to save a card for Demise Eternal for the Jackalope. Marcus himself will typically try to throw out a lot of upgrades early games which needs 5s to 7s and since you will try to hit the recast trigger with either stones or cards you will need a lot of them. If Paul Crockett shoots something and you want to activate Scent of Blood you also need to discard a card. Slate Ridge Mauler also discards cards for Ambush or Juggernaut It may not seem that bad on paper, but in practice I have always felt card starved with this crew.
  6. A question to Nekima players, anyone tried Vasilisa with Nephilims? I'm pretty sure she'd be legit, but I'm not sure how good until I get my Nephs. There are a few shenanigans that could make her decent with them: Shove Aside: Both Nephs attacking her to gain extra charge inches (which most of the time will only deal 1 damage to her) and Neph sending annoying models not worth to kill in B2B with her. Tarpit and Control: Tanky, discard cards, Staggered and self-healing. Pulling the strings: A ton of utility, Growing matures in turn 1 without slowing Nekima down, Heal models with Grim Feast outside of their activations, Get extra Mature attacks or Fly with me uses. Fighting near of enemy scheme markers is the ideal, but if not a BBS/Doll/dog/Effigy may be used to set up those scheme markers quite efficiently. Move Along: Nephs with Mv7. Scoop up + Effigy: Double move in turn 1 and let the effigy lure 2 models ahead (or Nekima 12'') Careful Assembly: Unreliable not being able to stonne the trigger, but if more puppets are included it may help to keep them in the table or even upgrade a doll/effigy to an stitched if a 9 happens to be in the hand. I've these lists ready to try, any feedback would be apretiated: Nek(IR), BH, Hayreddin, Vasi, Mature, Mature, BBS, 5SS. Here the player have the choice to double Focused pulse in turn 1 or use a free "Fly with Me" to give a Mature and Hayreddin 6 and 7.2 free movement in turn 1 (so a single Mature may advance 12 with Fly with me before having to use AP to move). Nek(IR), BH, Hayreddin, Vasi, Mature, BBS, BBS, Effigy, 5SS. This list allow to attack with Nekima, Hayreddin and 1 Mature with Focused+3 in turn 1; being also able to move Nekima Forward 12'' or Nekima and Hayreddin 6''. The Mature will grow in turn 1 (so in turn 2 he would be with 8 Wds and able to use Fly with me) Nek(IR), BH, Hayreddin (IR), Vasi, Serena, BBS, BBS, Doll 6SS. This list double grow both BBS into matures in turn 1 for again Focused+3 but this time using 1 Nekima AP (this is a more grow Focused list with low agression in turn 1). The doll is there to put the scheme Marker and Adversary (Nephilim) in Nekima so we have an easier time getting the triggers (3 needed); Serena is there to patch the BBS so both Matures are at full Wds in turn 2 (and her damage track benefice a lot from Focused). Note that with this list it could happens that in turn 1 we had a bad hand with few/no or (15% of the initial hands will have no ); so it's important to be ready to adapt if that happens.
  7. This happended kind of an off topic in another thread but I think it'd be more useful here:
  8. Part of the problem with your question is you seem to be reacting to counters- which, unless you are always going to face Shenlong when your opponent declares Ten Thunders, you are into some kind of bluffing game (depending on how well you know your opponent). What are the circumstances where you struggle with Levi?
  9. The trigger is currently shared by only Rasp and Euripides so using the "instead version" is good enough for now. And if a new model in the future that can create ice pillar in its non-ice pillar creating action's trigger, then just give the model a brand new trigger to do so. Yes this way would create redundancy, but instead we saved a FAQ. Player can see an altered trigger directly in the apps, but not a FAQ.
  10. Parker is always good for Interact and marker heavy schemepool. He can both score and deny plus he can kill. Tara is a board control master and needs a good planning. She offers unique opportunities with her mechanics. Zipp is the most mobile master with a lot of denying abilities. Schill offers versatility like a Swiss army knife. Hamelin can be very interesting, too. But needs learning. Also, he has Demise, too. Viks are more situational nowdays. They are more about mobility than just killing.
  11. IMPORTANT: This topic is not about 2 masters lists, but second master that can cover all holes (schemes, strategies, counters, etc.) that Levi has. Long story short, I participated in local tournament. Levi was good quite good, I was matched with some top players But I saw that there are some strategies / counter that my crew was not perfect for (I am looking at you Shenlong with upgrade that ignores demise). So I started thinking what could be other master to cover it. I had two picks: - Parker - Tara I think that Levi goes well into killy schemes, thanks to Necropunks he can take care or some scheming as well. Parker can help with scheme markers and has card draws, mobility, shooty game. Tara is summoner, so can fit into any scheme where summoner can fit What do you think? Do you have other choices?
  12. Was planning on Master level! Hoping to finish my January Pledge today in fact. Thanks!
  13. Hey there! On February the 8th we'll be having a M3E tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) so join us for a day of Malifaux! WHEN: February the 8th WHERE: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) WHAT: M3E tournament. Fixed faction, Multimaster allowed, no DMH. 3 rounds, 2 hours each. GG Season 0 Schemes and strategies, will be published couple of days before the tournament. HOW MUCH: 10 euros, all for prizes.
  14. It's kind of consistent enough (imo); abilities that drop shockwaves or other markers use this kind of wording to instruct player to drop additional ones at the same time, but I'm sure that wording would also generate cause extra questions, those timings are tricky. This could also work, but as you said that would also require additional core rules (and probably review the wording of other abilities) so it's probably not worth it just to fix this trigger...
  15. This wording seems like it would only work if the action already created an ice pillar, and is not as clear as I would like that it should occur at the same time as the first create, rather than at the end. I had thought about the "create +1 ice pillar", using the damage template, but that would need further rules to clarify that the 2 are created in different places, and extrapolates the rules rather than fits within the already defined rules.
  16. I agree, the above is probably what they meant, but the wording doesn't work for Euripides. I was thinking that this kind of wording could work: "When resolving, Create an additional Ice pillar marker anywhere within range." The additional part will make it being created at the same than other ice pillars (so it'd work for Euripides); the tricky part that will generate doubts is specify that if 0 Ice Pillars are created, then an additional one (so 1) is created at the end of the action; but I guess that would be easy to get from context if that trigger is used in an action that doesn't create Ice Pillars.
  17. I just checked abilities with the same wording (When this model suffers damage...") to see if it could apply to A or B: Hard to kill: It may work with both. A or B Undying: It may work with both. A or B Playing with Fire: Before damage reduction (explicitly stated). A Flaming Body: It's damage reduction. A Ice Shield: It's damage reduction. A Pumped up: It's damage reduction. A Infused Body: It's damage reduction. A The abilities refering to B use "After this model suffers damage" (Black Blood, Hard Knock Life, Bloated Stench...) It makes sense, for consistency with the other wordings Hard to Kill and Undying seem to refer to A. So I agree now, with this logic this issue is much more solid than the Drink Blood one.
  18. I re-painted Emeline Bellerose; I intend to use her for a Through The Breach character. I'm more happy with the Purple dress than my frozen red streaky one. I had my paints in front of a space heater and shook them every couple of hours. The red was the only one that still doesn't work, but I liked it enough I bought a new one. The grey and purple are now two coat paints, but otherwise all the paints work like they used to. (10ss)
  19. Yes. "Do A instead of B" does mean that it has to happen at the timing of B. Malifaux has always reused triggers, right back from first edition. But it does mean that you need to look a little carefully at the words used, to make the trigger work on a wide variety of actions if you think its an effect that will be used by more than 1 model. (So its hard to offer practical re-writes of the trigger, as if it is intended to appear on an action that doesn't normally create pillars you would need different wording, likewise if you want it to happen before part of the action, you want different wording. "When resolving, Create an Ice pillar within range before resolving any other part of the action" is probably what they meant, but I don't know)
  20. Proxies will be allowed, as long as they look similar to the model and are agreed with the opponent before the game. So there’s no ambiguity in game play.
  21. I think this is the key, M3E tend to reuse triggers as much as possible, which is good because you don't have to keep in mind minor differences between 3 or 4 almost identical triggers. Frozen Domain is a Rasputina trigger, that works well for her because she doesn't deal damage when creating Ice Pilars, so the fact that the ability is: "Create Ice pilar. Create ice pilar." instead of "Create 2 ice pilars". is irrelevant, but that doesn't happen with Euripides and that trigger being pushed until the end of that action mess with how his ability is supposed to work. I guess that trigger could get rewrited and generalized (so if the ability create 1 ice pilar, it'd create 1 additional ice pilar and if not, it'd create 1 ice pilar; but that would require extra verbose...)
  22. He's not changing Value B, because the damage he changes it to is irreducible. There's no point in calling damage irreducible if it is past the point of reduction even being able to modify it.
  23. Ty for the list, I'd give it a go when I get my Nephs; but I'll definitely drop the tot to get a better cache and give Nekima IR. After that it'd be worth testing if 2 Youngs performs better than Young+BBS.
  24. Yup, Austringers are my favorite pick. I wonder if the Lone Marshall could be a decent pick too...
  25. Not exactly, Jack ability changes value B, not A (which is more a theorical distinction that something that really matters taking in count the changed damage is irreducible). But at that point a player could argue the game is telling him to take Value B (in case his opinion is C=/=B), not C (which was the point of the above thread). I'm glad we are all in the same page, but the thread I had to link more times is one where I heard this "Don't worry, it's all very clear". Don't underestimate players lol.
  26. If it was like wile-e-coyote then they wouldn't fall until well past the edge.
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