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  3. Yep, everything that happens in the same step happens in the order of your choice - and Generate Tactics Token, while within step 2, is put separately and after the rest anyways. So in this case, you can pitch two cards to flip her to Glory and then resolve her Tactics stat and gain 2 TT's instead of 1.
  4. With Guild Envoys you can pitch two cards to turn Thrace to her glory side upon activation, and based on this section of the rules: 2. Choose Unit – Either Pass or choose a unit to Activate. If you choose to Activate a unit, any effects that occur when that unit Activates are resolved now. • Generate Tactics Tokens - If the unit has a Tactics value, its controller gains a number of Tactics Tokens equal to its Tactics value (see pg. 27). Leads me to believe that she would change from 1 tactics to 2 tactics before you get the tokens. Is this the correct?
  5. Carnage_Tyrant

    USA Mid-Atlantic Event Calendar

    We do a weekly event at Atlantis Games & Comics, Norfolk, VA every Thursday at 6pm! Please come by and play with us- we'd love to have you. https://www.atlantis-comics.com/event-detail/breachside-thursdays/2018-12-20/ I'm the local Henchman and I'm there hosting every time we have it. I am also available for demos most of the time, just ask me a few days in advance to set one up.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi On Friday, December 21st at 6:00 pm, I will again lead a Through the Breach Game at Games, Toys & More in Ebelsberg, Linz (Wienerstraße 449, 4030 Linz). We will continue our Campaign (estimated 4 - 5 evenings), so we will begin playing one of the longer Penny Dreadful adventures (A Night in Rottenburg). I would be glad if you join. Here is the link:  https://www.gtnm.at/event/through-the-breach-rollenspiel-one-shot-kampagne/ !!!!! If you want to join, please register for the event on the homepage of the shop, so that we can clarify how many people are joining.!!!!!!
  8. Adran

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    The last wyrd update said the European hub had just started shipping it's last region's. So it is likely that weyland is the hub, and your parcel should be there in the next few days, assuming post to Germany is about the same speed as to Prague.
  9. Tyrion1337

    TOS in Europe

    You are not alone, same here...
  10. blaink

    Reference sheet PDF

    Thanks for doing this. It's been very handy. When you pass, I think you have to discard a card. Is that worth putting in there in parenthesis?
  11. solkan

    Yan Lo "Follow the Path"

    If you have to do one thing in order to do the next thing, that’s pretty much “if it does so” at this point in the game. Everything else is just the order in which decisions are made.
  12. Artiee

    Login Button Clarification

    I hope the future updates include a Cancel button when you accidentally click the Rename or Copy icons.
  13. unknownuser65

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Why should "we" bug Wayland? Since when do we have a contract with Wayland? There ought to be someone from Wyrd to verify what is going on and give us a feedback!
  14. unknownuser65

    TOS in Europe

    Hi Guys, I am a little down. I was expecting to start playing with my new Horde models in the end of november or at least early December. However it seems like Germany did not receive any Goodies yet. The rest of the world is enjoying the Game and we are only looking at pictures. Or do I just suffer from extremely bad luck?
  15. lusciousmccabe

    Ye Olde Modelles

    And a few changeling proxies I felt would be more in theme.
  16. lusciousmccabe

    Ye Olde Modelles

    Avatar Lilith. Painted her up a while ago but forgot to photograph her as I was busy. Planning to use her as the Mysterious Emissary. EDIT: Not sure what is fogging up half of these photos. Might take some time to redo them later.
  17. I don't think Wyrd knew that they were going to change editions when book 5 was released. I thought I had heard that they were pretty far into having book 6 and its models ready to go. It's possible that if Aaron was still around that we would have gotten book 6 instead of a new edition.
  18. If I paint a mini with more than the 3 basic colours required for the tournament playability, I play with it :p. Otherwise I consider I lost my time unproductively (and being a father of 2, my time is very dear to me). So my solution to play everything I paint is to have a variety of masters to avoid boredom and play with less optimized stuff if I face a less experienced player. When I played WMH I had one colour theme for Trollbloods & one for Circle. When I played WH Battle I had one colour theme for Chaos Warriors, one for the Empire and one for Wood Elves. If I had to mix Wood Elves with Empire it would look odd as the colouring themes were different. It's just the same philosophy here. I play NB & Arcanist so I don"t have cross faction colouring issues in M2E. I have 2 arcane effigies though, one for Arcanists and one for Neverborn Collodi. The cross-faction themes actually make life a bit more complicated but for future purchases, it can be anticipated and accounted for.
  19. I've seen the topic come up a few times on this forum, and read suggestions on it, but none, I think, quite as extreme as yours sounds to me. I am assuming you have come to a solution on cross faction (and merc) models for M2e. From what we've heard there are less cross faction instances. What is less noticeable from this list is that other than masters/totem there appear to be no duel faction models so hopefully in the long run it will make your basing easier. <Modhat> This forum is for people to post their views, both positive and negative. As Tors said, I'm going to ask that we make sure we discuss properly in a manner that doesn't demean other users. I expect people to be upset by change, and they should feel able to express their feeling here. Please don't ridicule or demean other people. </Modhat>
  20. Of course... ! Seriously though, I - and I'm sure almost everyone else - have absolutely loads of models which I've bought and painted up but never, ever use. Boredom, lack of effectiveness, change in the local meta, or being superceeded by new better options at their points level are all reasons why stuff doesn't get used. And sometimes my painting is a bit crap and I'm embarassed to put the stuff on table too 🙂 In M3E I am 100% sure that I will still have loads of models that I will never, or hadly ever use. All that will change is which ones I no longer use, and the "why" of why they won't get used. Boredom and lack of effectiveness are things that a new version 'should' address. The meta will also inevitably change, and the shift in game balance towards more tightly themed crews appears to have been specifically chosen to address the 'better options at their points level' issue too. M3E does admittedly bring in a new reason as well - "faction changes mean I need to buy more stuff if I want to keep using this model" - but on balance I think I can live with that if it helps keep Wyrd in business and keeps Malifaix alive as a system. Otherwise all of my models will end up unused.
  21. We agree on that. Other possibilities are: You reinforce themes and make them self-sustainable and balanced in a majority of strategies/scheme configurations so that there is an appeal even for older players to dabble into themes previously not owned. I think/hope this is part of the current Wyrd strategy and one I wholeheartedly agree with (and will support by buying a few new themes out of my traditional factions :D). You make new models and new minis. You risk a bloating effect though if it is not handled properly. You make new minis for old models. You generate fewer sales than other strategies, especially if your previous minis were good enough. You can "force" the purchase by selling sets/bundles/crew boxes including new models along with resculpts of old ones as Wyrd has done for M1E -> M2E but this is also a very distasteful sales practice imho... I am glad we agree
  22. Not "only". But at least "partly". I'm absolutely sure there is exactly such a strategy on the part of Wyrd. It's one of the two main standard business models for every miniatures-led gaming company I can think of. The other approach is to make rules changes that render all of your existing stuff non-legal or non-viable. Of the two I feel that latter is far more distateful, and without adopting one of these approaches I'm pretty sure that the companies concerned would go to the wall or cease to support existing systems entirely. I suspect the Wyrd marketing team would want to swap ""..a good proportion of them become re-engaged in the system and the new rules mechanics and gameplay possibilities, and are as a result motivated to choose to.." for "..they feel compelled to .." - but otherwise I think you've absolutely nailed it.
  23. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Some good news for those in Europe - my KS rewards arrived today in Prague! I can confirm they seem to have shipped from Wayland (so they are probably the ones to bug for an update on your shipment).
  24. You have to love this forum. Sarky remarkes? Gets moderated and "reminded" to discuss propperly. Try to voice your opinion in a balanced manner without attacking someone? Be ridiculed by a condescending wall of text. No wonder this tend to be a circle jerk of the same 5 users.🙄
  25. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce an upcoming 2-day Tournament at Geek Wars Paveletskaya - 22-23.12.2018, Saturday and Sunday - Moscow, 5-Y Monetchikovskiy Pereulok, 3 строение 1 - Gaining Grounds 2018 - Entry Fee: 1000 rub. or 1500 on place 22.12.2018Registration - 10:00-11:00 1st Round - 11:00-13:15 Lunch break - 13:15-14:00 2nd Round - 14:00-16:15 3rd Round - 16:30-18:45 23.12.20184th Round - 11:00-13:15 Lunch break - 13:15-14:00 5th Round - 14:00-16:15 6th Round - 16:30-18:45 Feel free to contact me any time if you need additional info : https://vk.com/id112886315 Registration form here : https://vk.com/stalkboard?w=wall-139110580_237 Best regards, see you on the Event!
  26. Is that so uncommon for players to have painting themes and/or bases specific to a given faction? Around here it is quite common... When you look at the galleries on this forum it seems to be frequent also. This would be funny if it was not so condescending... You really think that the changes of faction are motivated by game mechanics and fluff only? You think that there is absolutely no strategy to push you towards purchasing things to make your existing stuff valid again. Is this critical to the game state to make Lynch or Tara change faction? I don't think so, especially since you are changing the game rules anyway. How do you get value from older players that typical have 1-2 factions and don't overextend to others (many of the players I know are in this case, except for the hardcore ones that own everything)? You mess with their collection and fragment it so that they feel compelled to buy more stuff. Is this proper that the last book of M2E vastly increased some of the hiring pools of some masters before seeing them shrink in the next book? I cannot believe that M3E was not being created when Broken Promises went out. These are just very distasteful sales practices.
  27. Chou

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Day 362: I've ordered at Domino's just to have something delivered. It felt nice. The pizza boy even hugged me when he saw me crying.
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