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  2. I never said its free. I said its very easy. Dropping a marker for the first two turns isn't really a big deal. Using a 4SS minion that doesn't really have much to do to support a Ml6 2/4/5 model with a to damage on charge seems like a pretty good tradeoff. I'm quite confident there are "drop scheme marker" abilities/free actions somewhere in TT. The whole premise of M3E was to significantly tone down AP stacking and now you can do it with any minion. At least make it "enemy marker" Combat Finesse seems like a pretty big game changer against a lot of masters/factions.
  3. Right. So at that point your just shifting ap. It's not a free fast, it's costing you resources clearly. I'm assuming you probably also had to move the effigy once or twice to get into position? Plus the cost of the effigy. I do see your perspective, but it doesn't seem op. Your dedicating a model and ap to support the Wokou. The + flips are solid on their blade, and that has gone back and forth in cb, but I found myself using them as schemers, flankers or to get into melee and tie up other models via combat finesse. I didn't have much success using them as dedicated beaters, but to be fair my primary opponents in cb were NB players. This version of Malifaux plays out to be less killy in my beta experiences. My experiences with them have been mixed, and I typically run 2. They drop pretty quickly to focused intervention, but that can be said of many models. Avg def, no wound reduction beyond bullet proof, which has never come up in my games. move 5 with 1" reach means their spending an ap to get there unless your close enough to benefit from ECW, in which case your probably engaged at that point or are in charge range of something. I could potentially support the reduction in the dmg profile (2/3/5) with the + flips still built in, that seems appropriate but want to test it. Apologies if this seems rambly, I'm at work. -j
  4. mythicFOX

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    The wording requires a portion of both of the bases to be within the range (1”). As the bases didn’t start overlapping and the gap must now be a gap of 1” no part of either base can be within the gap, and are therefore not in range. Seriosly there are pages of this argument somewhere in the depths of the M2e rules thread. Hence it ending up on the FAQ. Let’s just abandon the discussion because I think we all agree it’s annoying. I’m sorry I brought it up.
  5. WildRose94

    The Good and The Bad

    How is the ice gamin giving +1 damage, I can't see that on the cards?
  6. retnab

    The Good and The Bad

    Min 3 base, 4 if near a pillar, 5 if near a pillar and slow, 6 if near a pillar and slow and near ice gamin, sorry I forgot to mention they had to be Slow
  7. Well, even the current Malifaux 3rd edition draft rules include suggestions about breaking large or irregularly shaped terrain into pieces. I mean, surely you've run into the L-shaped problem: <PRE> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A. + B </PRE> The +'s a continuous L-shaped terrain piece. B's an inch away from it. The lines of sight from A to B go across the cover granted terrain, so B gets cover and A doesn't. But if you break the terrain into two pieces at the joint in the L, B doesn't get cover. That's the same sort of the situation. ---- Although, speaking of TOS's Forests... The only sensible way I've figured out how to read this is that the forest is: Difficult terrain It is Concealing for fireteams overlapping the forest's base "Concealing, Blocking" together means that you can't draw line of sight from completely through the forest. A fireteam outside the forest can draw line of sight to a fireteam inside the forest, but not to a fireteam outside of it on the other side of the forest. If you're drawing line of sight where the forest is partially blocking line of sight, it'll grant cover as usual. That's about as bad from an apparent paradox standpoint as Malifaux walls being "Climbable, Impassable".
  8. WildRose94

    The Good and The Bad

    Isn't the ice golems fist not min 4 if by an ice pillar (5 if slow)?
  9. Jordon

    M3E Sandeep (Acadimic/Elementalist)

    I think I would rather see him made into a terrifying badass with heavy restrictions. Having to sacrifice a gamin in order to summon him would be a significant enough investment. Right now he's really about on par with a poison gamin, and might not even be as good in some regards
  10. wizuriel

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    Moon Shinobi staggering punch really should be a 1/2/5 damage profile to really get you to fish for those severes with Drunken King Fu and punish weaks. or would add more triggers to allow them to fish for triggers with Drunken Kung Fu
  11. Jordon

    Horse rider

    I beat that dead horse (sorry about the pun) in CB. I do think we'll see the list in some capacity at a later date. Many people came to its defence which hopefully sent the message that we want it back. I just doubt it's going to be Levi who gets that privilege. Horsemen exists as a keyword so someone somewhere must have some an idea of how to utilize it. Personally I still feel like the Horsemen could get the crossroad treatment and make them all henchmen. That way anyone who has a horsemen could run them as a leader and hire the rest of the horsemen (making it a true horsemen list).
  12. retnab

    M3E Sandeep (Acadimic/Elementalist)

    The fact that Banasuva can cause more Pyre Markers to get put out than Kaeris' crew can do kinda bugs me TBH.
  13. retnab

    The Good and The Bad

    So, what models do you think are maybe a bit too good / bad for their costs currently? Please note if it's in general or just a specific thing about them you don't like. For me personally, I kind of wonder if the Ice Golem being min 5 when near an Ice Pillar Marker [edit: and target's Slow] is a bit much (min 6 if an Ice Gamin's nearby). Saboteur not benefiting from Set Up For Success on its Arson effect gripes me, I wish it triggered off of an enemy model near a Scheme Marker being damaged by this model instead (how often are you going to be knifing someone near a scheme realisitically?) Not an under/overpowered thing, but the fact that the Union Steamfitter is so clearly built to work more with Hoffman's Augmented than Ironsides' M&SU (you know, the Miners and STEAMFITTERS Union) really bothers me. On the M&SU, 6 of the 9 M&SU models have Grits, and of those 6 there are 3 unique ones (Mouse's Master Strategies, Gunsmith's Resourceful, and Howard's Executioner) and 3 models that share one (Captain, Miner, and Steamfitter's Dash). I'd really like to see at least Fitz get a Grit as well at least for the theme of the thing (I get that Amina and Ironsides don't because of Injured Workers Act, but still), and I'd definitely like to see some of those Grit (Dash)'s be swapped out for something more diverse and interesting. It's something I've gone on about before, but I think it'd be better if Coryphee and the Duet got nerfed some and had their costs go down to 5/10 from 6/12, it bugs me that the Duet's the only non-Master in the game who doesn't follow the "max cost of 10" rule
  14. Ceej

    Sinister Reputation Seamus fanmade

    Thank you. I agree that Seamus should stick with his current set up and be molded from that, this was just a fun distraction for me at work. Not to mention I have no idea how to do game design lol. Just tried to emulate Seamus + his avatar without the OP spookiness
  15. Jordon

    M3E Sandeep (Acadimic/Elementalist)

    I do wish he retained a way to summon Banasuva however. With no built in defences other than Df5 and 7Wds, he's not exactly very survivable. With MV5 and a fairly average attack, I just don't really see what Bana brings to the list. If he wasn't free I doubt I'd ever hire him. He certainly seems to lack to table presence that he emitted in M2E as an ancient demon god thing. If he were summonable then that would at least help with some of those drawbacks
  16. retnab

    Dismounted McCabe

    Just adding in a "If Lucas McCabe was this crew's Leader, this model is now considered this crew's Leader" line to the "counts as McCabe" bit should fix that.
  17. Ceej


    I think maybe I'm just a 1e fanboy honestly. I have the same love for the false sense of security into abject horror as they realize what's about to happen, but for me that was represented in Terrifying and WP duels that inflicted damage - or worse - healed Seamus. I'll be first to admit that terrifying has never hit the mark because anything that stops a player completely from doing something is unfun to whoever doesnt get to do stuff. That was why I made up a change in my other post to Terrifying itself, where it's more of a minor persistent debuff that redchapel works off of than a hard stop on enemy models. I just dont feel anything for Seamus when I played him. I dont feel murdery or spooky or staIky. I felt Marcus when I played against him. I could feel primal violence from him and his monsters. I came into my game very positive, and I think Seamus has a pretty bad ass stat card, but he feels more like a coryphee than an insidious, terrifying night stalker. I cant complain at all about his kit and especially him + his totem because they are very powerful. After actually using Lying in Wait, I really don't like the ability and I felt like it was more of a trap to myself than my opponent. I agree with you on Bete Noir. I'm pretty sure I am a bad player and was beaten pretty badly and Bete was the standout model. All I had to do was keep 1 card in hand and she was immortal. I think she needs to suffer 1 dmg to drop blood and reduce HP and that will fix her.
  18. CustosUmbra

    Underbrush Markers

    Yeah, you should place some grass 'n' suff on thin flat cardboard.
  19. retnab

    Asura Roten

    IMO we should get back the "summons can't interact the turn they're brought into the game" rule from M2e
  20. Today
  21. retnab

    Freikorps's Field Guide

    One thing to keep in mind with Gravity Well: Summons are place effects, so one option is to have her stand in an area you don't want summons to suddenly pop up to deny the option entirely.
  22. retnab

    Can Soulstone Miner Charge?

    The logic doesn't follow, if you are exactly b2b (0") and are moved 1", then you're now exactly 1" apart, thus within 1" range.
  23. CustosUmbra

    Freikorps's Field Guide

    I understand that Trunk looks disappointing, but you should really look at it not as support piece, but as free gun platform/satchel charge, which occasionaly supports your crew. Hell, even Grenade belt is good on him. Also, don't forget that Grenades can screw up enemy schemes on trigger.
  24. I'd actually disagree with that, I've played a lot of games with the Porkchop but I've found that now that it's not the only Walking Forge, 0" melee, and its Rage Machine is 1 health per action it has really struggled to bring any noticeable value to my lists that can't be done by other models.
  25. Saduhem

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    This sounds so familiar :}
  26. trikk

    Colette Survivability.

    Umm. 10 Wds with Df6, Wp6 is not really THAT low. Perdita has 2 Wds more and doesn't have any nor Bury Mechanics. Mannequins have a heal too. How do you plan on hitting her for the moderate? If you have a high chance of hitting she can bury for 1 dmg. If you have a bad dmg track and no you still have to duel her with her pretty high stats. Yes. You can still bury, you still have to get through Distracted and Cover/Concealment. Please remember, she also has 50SS of her crew. You can't blast from your own models so this usually means she has to stand next to something. If she stands next to something that gets blasted, despite cover/concealment and possible distracted and manage to get, 1-2 dmg on her? Shockwaves are nice, but she has 6 of all stats which means you need A LOT of them to get through her high stats, Soulstone prevention. You also have to be in range and she like.... teleports? You have to discard a card and get 1 dmg. In order to even force you to discard a card I have to have a way to get through Serene Countenance AND possible Distracted. Then I have to beat your high defensive stats. You also unbury whenever you want so you can wait out the high risk attacks and/or just unbury away from them. I have very different feelings after the games I played. Defensive stats were lowered too. And moderate damage tracks got a big buff. There's a lot of 1/3/4 and 2/4/5. The way I see it now, the game looks like this: 3 turns of steamrolling your opponent and then T4 and T5 do schemes.
  27. There was 1 Wokou Raider which had Fast 3 turns in a row. All you need is a marker from Effigy.
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