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  2. I've given up on this game and this company, hate to say it because I love the rules, the models and the lore. TOS is a still born game no one plays, Malifaux is a game that hardly anyone seems to have heard of, and trying to get people interested in the setting to play TTB is a huge up hill battle. Wyrd has no marketing presence, no sense of hype, they just poop out rereleases.
  3. Two lampads, as subpar as they are, are probably a waste if points. I like to take one to help give out burning. Remember Hoveing Flame just has to touch a base and is a move, not a push. They need some fixes. Their main advantages, besides Demise, are not taking damage from burning so they make good batteries. Sounds like a close game though. Maybe without Anna hampering your candles it may have changed things. Do you not like to bounce your candles up early and have Vincent kill both turn 1 to net 4 pyres? They can usually be pretty close to center.
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  5. Focus on the things you like. You will be happier for it. Good luck.
  6. Wait, what?! I would say that she has great keyword - 4 very nice henches, each with different role (Bad Juju is a beast, just don't play him in the open space in open table, First Mate is still First Mate, Spawn Mother can be very nasty board controler and McTavish is a swiss knife). Silurids are wonderful scheme runners, Bokors and Will'o'Wisps are great support models (and the second one can also scheme nice sometimes thanks to ambush). The only thing that doesn't work too well in keyword are Waldgeist if i had to point someone, as they have lost their tankiness from 2nd edition. Thanks to the keyword you may field almost all crew with stealth to counter problematic for Neverborn enemy's "shooting" phase. Overall you should appreciate all kind positive flips to attacks (probably you should go for shooting crew as Neverborn usually loves melee fights) to mitigate concealment, serene countenance and other techs that gives you negative flips to hit, access for focus spam to deal moderate or high damage with good damage track (as Neverborn are rather glass canon, Nekima and Lilith with Nephilims can be quite fast and hit like truck, but can be focused and bringed down, also avoid dealing low damage to activate Black Blood as least as possible). Armor is another nice thing to have, as Neverborn has problems to deal with it (the easiest way is focus spam via Black Blood Shaman and go for moderate/high damage) so it should help you to survive their charge. I don't know outcast well, but two abilities might be laso helpful - laught off to shut down some lures and extended reach so you shut down their charge. That's my 2 cents and that's definetly not all tips for you.
  7. Cool! You can make blood spatter with red paint, varnish and a toothbrush. Just pretend you're 4 again and try it out on some paper first.
  8. Just some thoughts about models I really dislike. Maybe some of you guys think the same? Or have similar problems? I don't know, I just wrote this as Feedback to increase the chance to get some models more to my liking, just a silly try, especially for Performer, and got the answer that I should posts this in the Forum istead. Performer Box: Overly sexy, some in rather silly positions, clothes with lots of details but overall quite tastless, like a princess dress for a little girl on a grown woman without adding more material. Not that I have problems with others liking this. They are the only Malifaux models that I actually would feel uncomfortable playing with, they look like prostitutes, and their background and playstyle does not really help with that, unlike for example Seamus' girls which have a cool sinister background. Of course, there is the Nightmare Edition, though the circus theme is not exactly to my liking as well, I still would rather go with them instead of the naked girls. I would love an off-stage version, where they look more like business woman, maybe in the direction of seamstresses. Or some girls that look really badass, in the direction of Mercenary, Kunoichi or the Bubblegum Mei Feng. Ice Dancer: Same here, but they also are in my opinion rather December models, so having alt models in a box that go more in the direction of Rasputina might also help to sell them to new December players that aren't into Performers? Mercenary Box: I am not too fond of the old style of the Mercanary girls, but I think they were solid models that attract other people than the new cowboy girls, especially the new Ronin which look like drunk women that are short from falling over after a long night. I would love seeing the old Mercenary models repackaged to fit the new boxes with 3rd Edition Cards - or a cool Nightmare Edition of the Ronin girls at least. Tormented Box, Hanged: Looks more like a Nightmare Edition, the butler and the screaming lady are kinda funny and the Guilty look rather hilarious. I would love to see some more normal Undead in the direction of Dead Outlaws or Drowned. Some Spectres in the direction of Urami or Aversions in a Nightmare Edition would also be quite cool. Chompy Bits and Dreamer: I love the old Chompy Bits, it looks more like a deadly predator than a slow mass of destruction. And so far, from my tabletop buddies I get the same feedback. The innocent Dreamer is also pretty cool. I would love an alt box with old Chompy bits with a grown-up version of the dreamer (one of these white hospital garments similar to his kid nightgown, bloody, him dazed like sleepwalking while dragging the bat behind him). Death Marshal Recruiter: This one might be the most irritating case in all of Malifaux to me. One is Living, perfectly fine. The other one has a burning skull and also looks otherwise exactly like an Undead Death Marshal. Then there is this alt Death Marshal Miss that looks like a living one. I personally would greatly love an alt box with a LIVING Death Marshal Recruiter (maybe Miss Terious) that also includes a card for the Undead Death Marshal Recruiter to be played as Death Marshal. Or a new Marshal single model box that also includes an alt head and card for that Undead Recruiter model.
  9. Time to start a list of bad proxies / kitbashes for this crew: Willie - take the classic willy and replace the explosives with computer parts + other technological junk Metal Golem - repurpose some old relic knight stuff (like Princess Malya)
  10. The nearest I can see is in the FAQ you can be both Friendly and Enemy. Its in a question about Exclusive interview but its not unfeasible to apply it here as well, since it shows they aren't mutually exclusive. As such, you can relent with the guilty whilst its being targeted by an enemy only effect, because its still meeting the requirements.
  11. Also listed here on Wyrd Trades and Off-topic Help me clean up the minis that are no longer on the project list. Will try to keep this posting updated as items are claimed. Shipping $5 to US; combining shipping of course. Condition: N = New, A=Assembled, P=Painted WTS: Dashel [m2e], A - $8 (2) Guard Patrol [m2e], A - $12 (2) Beckoners, P - $14 Alt Bishop, N- $15 Perdita Crew [Family], A - $25 Perdita, Enslaved Neph., Fanscisco, Santiago, Papa, Nino (2) Austringers, A – $14 Lucius Crew [Elite/Mimic], N - $32 Lucius w/M3E card [M3E] Scribe w/M3E card [m2e] (2) Lawyers [m2e] (1) Lawyer [M3E] (2) Investigators w/M3E cards, N - $14 (3) Insidious Madness w/M3E cards,[SOLD] (2) Stitched Together [m1e], P - $12 Cypher, N - $20 Shadowseer, N - $16 Intercessors NIB, N - $42 Daemon Prince NIB, N - $28 Space Marine Brother Vanial, N - $5 Space Marine Brother Gaiun, N - $5 Mini Rulebook (2014), N - $5 Chaos Space Marine Codex (2012), N - $10 Cryx Scrap Thrall, N - $7 Would trade for: Mature Nephilim Bandersnatch Mindless Zombies Molly crew [Forgotten] Karai crew [Urami] Jack Daw crew [Tormented] Parker crew [Bandit] Leveticus crew [Amalgam]
  12. This is going to be my first Nightmare crew. Bring on the (hopefully) inevitable cyberpunk bubblegum Metal Golem!
  13. Probably no difference for this game if she used Grade Assignment right after, but she can't turn Candles into Zombies. The target needs to be living.
  14. Do we have any clarification on this by now?
  15. can the arcanists have our raptors back..... how has the guild/explorers guild stole all the birds in malifaux
  16. Take Rusty or Doc and put them into Neverborn and you'd see the outcasts defect in droves.
  17. Emiba won our game, he played super efficiently! 7-6. His Von Schtook crew was very similar to Graf's, but used Anna over Emissary. She was pretty devastating against my crew - built in trigger to turn my corpse candles into zombies (and then can grade assignment to get them off the table). Just denied me hard on having my pyre markers down, which meant the Lampads were even more fragile than expected. Valedictorian successfully alpha striked my Lampad with GST down, taking out my claim jumper. Student of Viscera was MVP for point scoring, single-handedly taking 3 of the markers. I used 'hurl corpse' on the grave golem for a clutch last-hit on his necropunk to put it out of claim jump health for the second point. I also had to use Reva for scoring the strategy with this build, as the Lampads got bogged down (incidentally, it'd be super good if they had unimpeded, would really flesh out their roles as glorified scheme runners). Overall, I think versatile/OOK keyword Reva is a lot better than going too deep into keyword (though Vincent typically does very well, dishing out quite a bit of damage, killing, and soaking hits).
  18. Because we have no mounted anything in Outcasts (except the Emissary... if you count that as mounted), I'd take The Pale Rider. Movement tricks with Mercenaries, shooting tricks with Bandits, undead synergy with Tormented, creepy like Plague, group tactics with Freikorps, fast enough for Infamous, and a storyline connection to Amalgam. Yeah, would be right at home among the Outcasts.
  19. I love the yankee with the baseball bat but i can't see me playing this crew in an early XXth century setting. Or Wyrd is testing the audience for a cyberpunk game with the malifaux mechanisms ?
  20. Yet another box that I never knew I needed until you put it out there, another fantastic concept, amazing!!!! Fantastic! Outrageous!!!
  21. Declaring an action is Step 1 of talking an action (page 23) . Any time a model takes an action, the first thing it does is declare what action it is doing. This has been there since first edition, (and raised questions since first edition). I can't remember the M2e wording, so I can't tell you exactly how it used to work, but in M3 you can hitch a ride on a model that has taken a walk action as a result of an obey. If I obey a model to take an action, then the first thing that happens during that action is they declare what the action is.
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