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  2. trikk


    You have to do it in-game to score VP. She knows it pre-game. so you're automatically down 2 VP
  3. She has seen better days to be honest
  4. Will this be the honest to god final or could it end up being prolonged a bit more?
  5. Gesuma


    So the deliver message scheme is automatically a sucess then right?
  6. Gesuma

    Lady Justice issue

    I really do not see why Lady Justice do not have built-in mask on Df. People can still shoot her and with her low 5 Df - even good 5ss model can do this well. If a melee team see that they are facing Lady Justice and they do not bring shooting to kill or help with killing the Lady - then they are not aiming to kill her. Oh and stun is still a way to disable Counterattack... About Inspiring Swordplay - why not make it one (other) marshal model anywhere in LoS that gets focused +1? From the games I have had it would actually give focus a lot more then, but maybe that would impact already good shooters too much, but it just so rarely does anything!
  7. @Caspergad I'm refering to the rule from second edition. During the close beta there was a time when Sandeep's summons were not allowed to interact during the whole game. That was something written on the upgrades of the summoned models. It wasnt the case during second edition.
  8. ah, must have gotten too much M3E on my mind then to forget that...
  9. trikk


    Nope. Just the summoned turn.
  10. wasn't the old rule, that you couldn't interact at all...? cause I was not a fan of that, as it meant you only summoned beaters and tarpits... I think some kind of "summoning sickness" though which prevents interacts in the turn they are summoned would be fine...
  11. No, because the limitation is you can only hire 1 copy of the model, not that the crew can only contain 1 copy of the model. I'm not sure why the rules are so emphatic about the chosen leader is not hired. Is it just to avoid the questions about cost, or was there a rule reason, and does it still exist?
  12. Hopefully this week the old M2E rule will come back and summoned models wont be able to interact the turn they are summoned.
  13. In my book the best basic crew in the game currently have her always there as a support, but that is in neverborne. I do not know how perfectly she fits with gremlin crews, but she does bring many great buffs to any crew. "Reading the cards", Curses with the Voodoo Doll, Hex that gives injured, The best Obey in the game (Do two actions for one Obey action), Threads of Fate (basically forces your opponent to use all his good cards or when you use it he loses them) and if you can spend a lot of cards fast, then this is a big amount of card draw for you too. She is worth the points, but you still need a crew that will win the strategy and schemes part of the game, so your crew should not lose important synergy over adding Zoraida.
  14. The interpretation assumes that the chosen Leader isn't in the same list as the Hired models, and while it's true the Leader isn't Hired I don't agree that it gets around the hiring limitations. That said, my suggestion would fix that either way.
  15. Out of interest which bit don't you agree with? They go out of there way to state that a leader isn't hired, and then make every other crew selection rule relate to 'hiring'. I agree it's stupid, but why leave an easily fixed loophole?
  16. The Ice Pillar I teleported to was about 3" or so away from Raspy, and I had just moved it there earlier in the turn with Thoon's start of activation ability(another effecient way to remove Pillars that Raspy can reduce with).
  17. I would never be able to fit Hoarcat into Rasputina crew... What role would they have no one else do better in rasps crew?
  18. True, but that's exactly what Euripides did to enable him to achieve RJ damage!
  19. I don't agree, but if we want to nix that argument we could change the "A Leader is not hired, and is therefore free" bit to "A Leader's Cost is considered to be 0 when hiring" and change all of the "choose a Leader" to "hire a Leader".
  20. Today
  21. Good catch! Should probably be that it moves the target "Push the target this model's Mv towards this model" or have a flat distance when targeting a marker or something.
  22. If Euripides is spending an action to push away an Ice Pillar within 2" of Raspy rather than just punching Raspy, the Raspy player is winning in action economy there. The only effecient way to actually get rid of Pillar's that Raspy can use for damage reduction is Gigants or Euripides teleporting to them or the Geryon using Reform From Ice, or potentially a Geryon shoulder rushing one depending on positioning.
  23. Forgot to mention, but my luck went to crap when I tried to kill the Storm lol, I had to burn a LOT more actions to re-kill a full health A&D and then finally kill the Storm afterwards (not counting walking/RtR it took me 14 actions, mostly attacks, and 2 triggered attacks to finally kill it). The Core may be a serious liability when Take Prisoner's in the pool, but it is a big action sink to get it without the Storm around.
  24. What else does a zoraida crew usually have that can also move models (maybe dopple or hina)
  25. He also perfectly removes Rasputina's standard defense against that damage, which is an ice pillar within 2". It's probably a scenario where the Rasputina player doesn't want the marker there in the first place since it looks as if the Neverborn crew has a number of models who can use the pillar.
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