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  2. I like making my list ahead of time, and try have them start with as many Soul Stones as possible for maximum usage, so you get the feel of different size and effectiveness of crews with different numbers. Nix, Hodgepodge Effigy, Obedient Wrech, and 6 Malifaux Rats will have a completly different play style and feel than Popcorn Turner, Lucky Effigy, Whiskey Golem, and 1 Whiskey Gamin. Some people like horde; some people like elite. I give them a couple options so they can be more comfortable with what they like.
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  4. Continuing the series, Guild gets Broken Promises: Outtakes. One of those old-fashioned scene boards is held up and clapped in between each take. [*]Perdita storms out of the break room. Offscreen voice: CUT! Sonnia: What do you mean, cameras were rolling?!?! [*]Nellie, flipping through a thin sheaf of notes: Are you sure this is everything? There doesn’t seem to be much plot to this... [*]McCabe finishes scrubbing at the floor, gets back up to one knee, camera keeps panning upward to reveal Lucius had been sitting in the nearby chair all along. [*]Nellie gives the coffee machine a good hard sideways kick, which rocks it backwards...and slowly forwards again until it topples over and pins her to the ground. McCabe laughing onscreen, laughter offscreen. [*]McMourning: ...How are you? Love the hair. Lady Justice leans over and opens the fridge. Inside, Sebastian (or at least his head) pulls a big sloppy smile at her. [*]Hoffman and Perdita eyeball each other, but she cracks up laughing an instant before he does. [*]Coffee machine is still tipped over on the floor, but Sonnia pours herself a cup anyway and leaves again, ignoring Nellie’s protests of ‘is anybody going to get this thing off of me? Help! I’m serious here’ [*]Perdita: (struggling not to laugh) Bitch, please. You thought you had a chance with this? Laughter offscreen. [*]Guild guard: Think fast! She throws the severed head at Lucius, who dribbles it twice off of his knees before kicking it back to her. Cheers, applause from one lawyer. [*]Darkened set. Nellie: This is oppression of the press! Sonnia! Justice! Perdita! ...anyone? You guys haven’t all gone home, have you?...
  5. <Modhat> Alright guys, settle down. <Modhat>
  6. I think this is the part that broke some peoples brains. Not being able to do anything against it sucks. I would like to see this be cheatable on the flip so my opponent has some say with the stitched being able to grab a card you've taken out of the game now. At least then they aren't sitting there knowing they are going to lose 90% of the time when i have thrown a 12 /13 out of the deck.
  7. Been playing dreamer a lot lately now that interest has been reignited in the local meta. turn 4 and 5 are brutal for my opponent for sure if they let me get the cards out of my deck. However having played against several ranged heavy lists (parker in particular) I rarely have more than 4-5 quick actions (after turn 1 depending on deployment) doing this a turn because the models they are on are super squishy and die in 1 activation from the opponent. Dreamer can summon in 1 model a turn reliably (2 if its day dreams) and they must now spend an action to use their (quick action) as they are stunned. My opponents agree if you leave dreamer alone and let him get the card mechanic going the last 1-2 turns are hugely in your favor as a dreamer player. That being said Parker was outscoring me left and right with his combo of actions dropping / creating scheme markers and just straight up killing things with + to crap ton of gun shots (which also works in melee because they have gun fighter??). So far dreamer is strong but not crazy unbeatable or even that much of a threat when you start taking out key pieces.
  8. Thank you for that clarification. That definitely makes me come to the same conclusion as you: That Lucid Dreaming by itself isn't necessarily a big issue.
  9. So, side question for this. Are we expecting to see a considerable price jump if the US/China second round of tariffs continue?
  10. I mean, I don't think they're meant to "last" as summoned models. they're cannon fodder, cause they are kinda blah models (if hired). In my mind, a summoned model that becomes a priority kill for my opponent, and thus is eating AP, from an Enforcer or some schemer runners, is a win. That IS their accomplishment. If they get to active, even better. As far as his hiring pool drastically shrinking, it does really suck, espcially after investing sizable amount of money into those models. However, for a Health-of-Game state, it was impossible to leave it anywhere near as large as M2e was; the balancing is much more practical now. Aboms are summon fodder. I don't think they're worth hiring, unless you intend to turn them into a Des oEngine right away (which I don't think is worth it, but thats a conversation for another time) I think there are a ton of great models for Levi (A&D, Marlena, Rusty ((WHO IS INSANE AND I LOVE HER)), Scanvger) and even Hans or Stalker or Emissary bring a lot to him as Versitale models. I also think the Freikorps Enigneer is good for LEvi, woth the +1 Keyword Tax, due to her Construct Heal + Shielding, which is just more ways to keep Rusty and her brokeass gun healthy and murdering people.
  11. Still feel that Levi's hiring pool got restricted way too much. Yes, before it was absurd, but now he has one of the smaller pools in the game and Abominations are mostly duds which are slow and die easy, so don't really have a role in life outside of summon fodder.
  12. Whelp, my first proposal would be to try and bump it to 2 commanders. The game has it's issues already in 2 commander games, but at 1 they just skyrocket. Leaving that aside, the King's Empire force barely had any ranged power compared to what one would expect from them. The Motor Scouts are frankly horrible at anything that is not going after objectives, the Grenadiers are very fine on offense, not so hot on defense (though ignoring hazardous is certainly huge) and the Dragoons are a melee unit first and foremost, and only having 2 Fireteams makes them pretty easy to oneshot if you aren't careful with where they are. I'm also sort of wondering if you guys played at a custom size since I'm only counting 20 Script on the King's Empire side and probably 2-3 more with Assets on Margaret. Also, both units are relatively short range for what King's Empire can reach. First suggestion would be to consider adding Royal Rifle Corps instead of the Dragoons in 1 Commander games, their ranged presence is top notch and once they get a kill, they become one of the most damaging melee units in the game. Aside from that, as the Gibbering Hordes player you did what you have to do, went in and went hard since King's Empire has a hard time if engaged early (shooting into combat is costly except for the Field Intelligence Corps, but that unit's stats are dumpster tier and you mostly want them for enemy hand control) and if Rifle Corps don't get into glory early they have a hard time if engaged getting there. Tell your opponent to not forget about using Ta to desingage, it's always worth considering. Also, Margaret is a very selfish commander and mostly is just god tier for getting objectives, so she will do that job fine, but won't really help you get more bang out of your units. Edmonton plays a more "backfield commander" role allowing your units to shoot more and get some inspiration in the mix. Yes, Margaret can get an asset to order a unit to shoot, but it requires a much higher card to go through than Edmonton's Morale action and King's Empire is not very good at hand or Ta generation (Gibbering Hordes neither to be fair) so you can't really count on having high cards to compensate for bad flips. Hope this helps a bit.
  13. I'm lacking a lot of experience with the match up, and I'm a King's Empire player, but I can say without a doubt that Electrocutioners wreck our shit, double of those and you should be more than fine. Thing is, we win in the ranged game, but mobility is so huge in this game that it doesn't really amount to much on the grand scheme of things. Use cover to your advantage, should be very easy in general or at the bare minimum have a unit doing body blocking duty to ensure cover for everything behind them in case the table is very open. Get those Electrocutioners into Glory ASAP and just do the teleport dance, if anything moved forward or Infiltrators are on the other side, the first jump should get you in combat with them and a second jump will put some damage and let you engage something like a Royal Rifle Corps unit. Royal Riffle Corps are satan personified if they are in glory since they become one of the most damaging melee units in the game, but if engaged outside of glory you are suddenly looking at Stat 4 models that struggle to do much of anything to the electrocutioners, suddenly they cannot be Obeyed by Charles Edmonton, suddenly you need to spend Ta to at least desingage them and let them due things. It utterly cripples their flow and also completely strands them in their side of the table letting you do objectives with other units. The King's Hand is a piece of work, but his range is short outside of his Symbol of the Realm, so he won't efficiently be able to help deal with the electrocutioners unless his units are very close together. King's Empire defensive stats in general are pretty shit for their cost unless we are talking about Borderers, Dragoons or Rifle Corps, so the pulses should decimate all other units. Basically, get into their face fast and hard and they will have a very hard time responding, that they are so dependant on killing to go into Glory also means that getting them engaged really lowers their chances of getting any solid hits in. Of course this is assuming a standard King's Empire force, if you face off against a ton of Borderers and Dragoons along with the Rifle Corps, they will have some units with actual Melee bite or if they have an Abyssinia envoy and bring in some Seffari or Buzzzaw guys, in that scenario, I would imagine jamming the electrocutioners in there hard can really backfire since they would probably just get swarmed and taken down. Finally, unless the King's Empire is using Kassa Okoye to generate cards, their card draw and Ta generation is frankly shit, so you should be able to overwhelm them simply by having more cards and Ta than them most of the game and making them have to make hard choices with their meager resources. Do be very careful with where you place your commanders though, the False Flag Stratagem can absolutely cripple you if you only have one unit to pass damage to and it also happens to be the one that gets controlled, since getting a few hits in and being out of range for passing damage back to them (or not caring if chain activating Edmonton immediately after) can spell a very dead Commander on your side.
  14. Amazing job! Do you mind sharing your weathering recipe for armor?
  15. Does the new abom ever last? Around here I invariably announce ‘and now you can’t heal’ which pushes the new abomination into first place on the target priority list. It still absorbs actions, but I’d like to see one accomplish something active before it goes.
  16. Thanks for the breakdown. DI has been the source of some bit f back and forth for us.
  17. Albus Von Schtook's Academic Superiority. What happens when an Action on an Upgrade is declared and successful outside 6", but moves the model to within 6" of AVS and still has steps to complete? Does the Action complete or does the "ignore any Abilities or Actions printed on their Attached Upgrades (other than Insignificant)" mean the Action is interrupted once within 6"? I could see it going either way, though lean towards allowing the Action to complete.
  18. Levi can still summon (along with Des Engine and A&D) after killing an enemy model in Melee and having the trigger. It is much more difficult, but still doable. Sadly he did lose is massive hiring pool, as well as the Riders.
  19. Inspirational as always. Looking forward to seeing where you guys go to from here.
  20. So I've posted it elsewhere, but I've been doing a lot of demos of M3e from beta on, as I'm trying to pull friends in. Here's what I do: Crews are henchman lead + 1 enforcer (or unusual minion) + 2 minions of the same name. I start with a strat (usually turf war) and 1-2 schemes (harness the layline or deliver a message + harness). I give everyone 4 soul stones (they won't use em anyway), and do standard deployment. I tend to do a fixed amount of time (maybe 2 hours total between explantion and playing. Yes it only gets to round 2-3, but the first game is really just to learn the basics, and to flip some markers, not to win. This has worked out for me for a few reasons: It's a small model pool, so the game doesn't take forever. The Henchman / Enforcer / 2 minions allows me to make some fun interactions. All the points are from interactions, so if you get a bit unbalanced damage spread among the models it isn't the end of the world. It's a good start for a growth to a master. As I've been doing em a bit more, here's the kind of stuff that I like to add in the crews: Some kind of status effect (preferably with a timing setup, like staggered + alan) Non-walk movement, whether it's lures / shadow marker teleports / etc) Some kind of activation order thoughts (whether its manipulative / needing stuff to get out before things can happen / etc, but more to teach that there sometimes needs to be thought put into when you're starting a model.) Try and start with crew box henchmen / minions if possible for the teachee. If the crew box doesn't seem to work well, maybe bail on that master for the demo. I do not do mirror matches, partially because I don't have mirror crews, but I do try and mirror the abilities. If its a fast melee team with some movement tricks i try and mirror with another. If its someone with a lot of card draw, i put it against someone with a lot of draw or tricks (lynch v lucius was a very satisfying 35 stone teaching game for someone getting back into malifaux with m3e) I try and add a ranged model or healer to the list if it's a highly melee group in the enforcer slot (even if that makes me add in a minion rather than an enforcer). I try and go for henchmen that feel a bit like the master, so candy for a pandora group as the leader instead of carver, or cooper instead of fingers. If that doesn't work an enforcer or minion works (I used a slop hauler as a stand in for Ulix for instance, since they have similar kits) I try and keep the soulstones the same on the 4 models on both teams. This is possible since I have a lot of models, so I build the new player's team first, and then make a team for myself with a similar SS count. I could use upgrades / more soul stones in the pool to make up the difference, but on such a small playing field with new players, I'd rather not play that game. I try and keep the models costing 5+ since low cost models tend to go down in 1 swing. The SS (including henchman's cost) tend to be around 27-31. I like to have 1 high cost model who can put out some damage, whether its the henchman or an expensive enforcer / minion (like the whiskey golem). I try to stay away from pure slow / distraction teams for the starting ones, sure i can run / play em, but if I'm doing it well, they won't do much, ha. I tend to make sure most of the models are melee focused (outside of the enforcer slot) so everyone doesn't sit back and blast. So here's some crews I've done/am thinking about doing recently (the ones that seem to be built with random models outside the master box are ones that I played, rather than the new player) : Ototo Katakana Sniper 2 torakage Old Major Slop Hauler 2 Wild Boars Jury Domador 2 Death Marshals Candy Kade 2 Sorrows Taelor Vanessa 2 Ronin Cooper Whiskey Golem 2 moon shinobi After this initial game, I keep the crew the same and add in the master / totem (and maybe add in the 3rd duplicate minion if I feel like we could use the extra body). At that pt, I usually keep the same strats / schemes (if we only did 1 scheme I add the second, if I started with 2, I keep the same 2), so they can get better at working towards what they already did. The next game, I keep the same group of models but give them the full list of schemes, and then go from there, adding more models till they're at 50 SS. I have bandied around questions of 'how easy should the intro game be' and I think it depends on your players. I wasn't going to do Candy / Kade / 2 sorrows, because I figured Pandora would be too hard for a new player, but I really like the interactions with lures / putting out effect / teleporting that the crew has, and I think it's more interesting than some others. Not for every player, but for a person who has played tabletop games before, it'll show what malifaux can do. I also feel like it's a team where it's fine if you only understand 1/2 of the mechanics the first time and work up to it. Some masters i also just don't think fit this format as well. Masters where every themed model does the same thing (walk and punch, or shoot shoot shoot) may not be great, additionally themes with a specific mechanic that needs the master (lynch / raspy / etc) may not be great either as it'll be hard to show what the mechanic is like without the master.
  21. One thing I did when demoing M2E was have players use identical crews. That way anything you saw your opponent do you could do as well. It made it twice as easy to get familiar with the models and their abilities and freed up focus to learn rules and start to play with strategy. I made paper standees cause I didn`t own enough of the models. I used used a master (in M3E you could use a henchman) so that they understood that this special model gets more AP. 1 enforcer and 2-3 of the same low SS minion. That's 3 models to learn. I made sure there was shooty and melee models. I ran 2 schemes, 1 with markers, one with kills. 2 goals I found was plenty for a new player and since both players have the same goals they can learn from eachother. I liked "make them suffer" because it specified minions to be killed, master to do the killing, and because there were only 3 minions you had to pace out your murder for maximum pts and could cat and mouse the master or try to kill it. it made for a fun rock paper scissors dynamic where the master chases the minions and the enforcer chases the master and the minions annoy the enforcer enough but if he kills them no points are gained. For scheme markers I liked stuff that took players all over the board like power ritual as opposed to stuff that bunched players up in one area to help discourage them from just standing and shooting.
  22. They don't look mad enough and their clothes are too clean for my taste. I like my arsons dirty and wild, don't ask me why :D.
  23. It´s a bonus action, and the crew works pretty well as i have said. Maybe there are not 10 cards a turn, but sure they can remove 7-8 cards easily if you don´t take down one or two models per turn and the dreamer does not summon anything else with Lucid Dream.
  24. To me they look like Fiery Doomseekers, so they definitely check the "Cult" box for me
  25. I can understand that. I just feel they look too "fantasy" and not enough "steampunky" (not very clear I know). And perhaps I was expecting something more akeen to the cult of the burning man and less like a posse of elemental mages.
  26. Strongly disagree, those Firebranded look fantastic
  27. To support a local business that you play at? I almost exclusively buy things from my LGS, and special order just about everything I get. In return they provide a fantastic place to play and grow the community. When I can go meet up for a game at Ebay or Amazon then maybe that will change
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