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About This Club

We are a gaming group centered in Western Massachusetts. We have a pretty active Malifaux community, and play a variety of other table top miniature games. Our annual enrollment is usually 50-60 members, and we meet on Wednesday nights at off the Wall Games in Hadley MA.

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  2. Grow league is starting up this Wednesday. Make sure to check the 131 board or the events section on the wyrd forum for all the details.
  3. I know there has been talk of Malifaux events at CaptainCon this year. The event is running the first weekend in February in Warwick Rhode Island. It does tend to be a pretty fun and good size event. Is anyone currently planning on going? I am still up in the air, and at this point I think it will be dependent on how much Christmas ends up being this year.
  4. Come join us for the annual 131 Halloween party at Off the Wall Games. There will be Malifaux events and open play throughout the day.
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