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Argh! I’ve not been able to update this for nearly 2 months.

I have played some games in that time. I have started to write some battle reports for them, but not yet finished them. As I find time I will try and write more and add them here.

Games I’ve played but not written about

Hoffman (Howard, Metal Gamin, Guardian, Witchling, Mecanical attendant, Warden, Watcher) A 3 way Vs Tara and Sonnia in a loot game (I was the middle player, and Lost).

Pandora (Poltigiest, Teddy, Illuminated, Candy Coppelius) ina 3 way loot game (I was in the middle) Vs Kirai and Tara. I lost

Hoffman (peacekeeper, Mechanical Attendent, Exocutioner, guardian, watcher, metal Gamin, Death Marshal) Vs Kirai in Reconnotre. I lost

Hamilin (Kade, Nix, Specialist, Wretch, Stolen and 3 rats and a catcher Vs Viks in Extraction. (Plus at leats 2 more stolem, 15 more rats, 2 more catchers and 2 rat kings so good for percetages) I lost, but those Viks really hate Rats. They got 5 Red Joker damage flips in the game, and they were all against Rast. They also Red Jokered a Df flip against a rat.

Molly Vs Tara in Interference (25 SS game) Using Rafkin, Belle, Crooked man and a canine remains. + 5 mindless zombies, 4 belles and 4 doxies. I lost, but summoners really get theough my pool. This was practise for a doubles Tournement against my partner –CrikeyMiles, Or Mike as I normally call him.

3 doubles games when I used Molly alongside the following Tara List (Tara, Karina, Toshiro, Yin)

First was Turf war Vs Viks and Colette I used Dead Doxy, Punk Zombie, Crooked man and a nurse for a win

Second was Interference Vs McCabe and Yan lo and I took Shikome, Nurse, Chaiki and a cruligan. Kang supporting a gun line of 2 riflemen, an Austringer and a Katanaka sniper, and beign healed by Yan lo is pretty tough to crack. 7-6 win (earnt by pretty much the last move of the last turn to engage Yan lo to deny him an interference point that turn)

Third was Reckoning with Rogue Necromancy, grave spirit, Dead Doxy, Cruligan. Lost to Guilds Mc Brothers as Mcmorning and McCabe took us apart 3-0. (they got a frame for murder, and 1 reckoning point. We killed McMorning all game).

So I’m a little past the quarter stage of the year.

According to my spread sheet I currently own 1951 ss of Models. That’s across 422 models, of which I own 46 Master models (Looking at it I have 15 Arcanist Master models! And that isn’t including the Avatar models)

I still have 1304 ss to use and 35 master Figures (Typically, whilst I’ve duplicated 3 masters so far this year, they were masters I only had 1 copy of).

I have played a total of 33% of my models.

I have played 17 games.

I have 408ss of Arcanist models to play

75 ss gremlins

144ss Guild

317 Neverborn

130 Outcast

107 Resurectionist

123 Ten thunders

(obviously there is some duel faction, but I’ve only included it in whichever Faction I counted first).

Approxamatly 66% is painted. 86% is undercoated (And some of the undercoated models are table standard, but not finished but good enough for my challenge).

So Schedule is just about holding up. I've bought some new stuff this year, but soem of it has been painted and played with already. A lot is waiting for the CMON plastic bases to get Based and painted.

I'm waiting for my easter sale, and the toubleshooters box. I'm sure some other stuff will get bought before Gencon, and I'm hoping to get to at least 4 more tournements this year. On the whole, I would class my first quater as a B. I'm ahead of schedule, but not by a huge amount, and that schedule doesn't allow much extra for tournement practise, or repeating many model use. (I'm at 35 extra uses so far this year in a total of 169 models used)


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