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I've played 2 games since my last blog post.

One was put up in the playtest battle reports.

The other is here

Bounty Hunter

Assassinate, Bodyguard, Protect territory, Power ritual, Line in the sand.

Justice – Badge of office,

Judge – Unrelenting Leader

Guard Sergent – Watch my back

Death Marshall

2 Mounted Guards


(assassinate and Bodyguard)

Sommer Family tree, can o beans

Burt jebson – Dirty Cheater


2 stuffed piglets

Roster rider

Slop Hauler

3 Bayou

2 Skeeters

(announce power ritual and plant evidence)

My Plan was to charge. Then charge some more, and finish of with further charging.

I hopped to get the 2 mounted guard close enough that one could charge, bring the other one with him, and then accomplice the second guard for the next charge (which might be away from scary retribution if I was worried about it).

Justice was going to move the rest of the crew with her charge movements (Only to be taken against my own models if I have some really bad cards to cheat with Justice)

I lost the deployment flip and so set my crew up out of all possible pigapult range. It meant I was clumped in one place largely, but I hoped with my movement I could still cover the ground quickly

Turn one saw both horses go up 1 flank (Additional wk from the Sergeant gave them a 14” walk, not too bad really).

The Sergeant then moved up. Justice Charged him, cheating to miss with both attacks, but giving everyone else a push forward.

The crew spread out a little to stop big explosions occurring to much.

One of the Skeetars engaged both horses. Despite me trying to stand for justice, I hit the only target there that wouldn’t leave combat – the far horse. Sommer got 3 new gremlins, and the slop healed 4 gremlins. The pigapult throw burt and 2 gremlins down to the corner I wasn’t in. Roster dropped a marker in his corner and moved up.

Turn 2

Pigapult sacrificed a stuffed pig and shot Judge 3 times. I used an 11 and 2 13s, and got hit once. Double negative for the flip, and the last card typically was the red joker. 10 daamge on the judge, and 5 blast damage on the exorcist, who I hadn’t quite placed out of blast range.

Justice charged burt, and pulled along the death marshall (due to my spreading out, and the need to move to get in charge range, he was the only one close enough.) Killed the nearby gremlin, but black jokered the straight flip with double critical strike on burt…

Still, I got a kill, and still had the 13 Masks in hand.

1 mounted guard failed to hurt the skeeter at all. Judge ran out of pigapult range and combat effected the other guard, who killed it in 1 hit. This unfortuantly meant I broke up my Guard pack when it moved upfield. But I didin’t think I could afford to lose an entire turn with them.

Death Marshal charged Skeetar and killed it.

Burt Attacked Justice, and got noticeably reposted. Was able to keep above hard to kill.

Rooster managed to charge Death Marshall, but miss.

I got the bounty

Turn 3

Pigapult kills last piglet and throws down on the Exorcist, killing it.(I’d foolishly left it about 23.5 inches from the pigapult rather than 24.5). Also tried to kill the death marshal, but without success (Keeps hitting the rooster instead).

Death Marshal attacks the rooster, missing, and then boxes up the bird.

Sommer summons 3 times.

Justice kills the gremlin and burt, meaning I’ve managed to holt this gremlin incursion for only 1 scheme marker dropped for plant evidence.

I Bring 1 guard up to the point it can charge sommer next turn. The other one is near enough to be able to reach the first one in its walks.

Slop hauler and gremlins come up to try and get the death marshal.

I got the bounty

Turn 4

Sommer wins initiative, and does it like this to add rams. 3 shots later, all using thinking luck, and I don’t have a mounted guard in range to charge him. To be fair, he hit with all 3 and he needed to do so to kill the Mounted guard.

I’ve now given up on trying to kill Sommer, so its what can I do to prevent gremlin points. As such I move the last horse back to try and cover my back line, and the pigapult throws a fresh wave of gremlins into my half of the board.

It also kills the death Marshal, freeing the rooster.

Justice manages to get 2 kills, but not enough for me to get a bounty. Gremlin runs out after Judge, and I have to use my last stone to live (fortunate that the Gremling chose to not use dumb luck, as that would have killed the judge as I only prevented 1 damage, btu he picked a different trigger, forgetting I had the ability to prevent damage).

0 points either way on bounty, I scored 1 bodyguard.

Turn 5

Sommer comes out to play, and managed to kill the judge. I use the mounted guard to charge one of the 2 thrown gremlins, and kill it. The other one goes reckless and drops 2 scheme markers, getting him an extra 4 scheme points in that 1 activation.

Justice fails to disengage in her fight so she couldn’t quite reach Sommer to charge.

Game ends with Sommer finally getting a bounty, ending 7-3 in his favour

My list from the otehr report was


Standard deployment

Assasinate, Entourage, breakthrough, Line in the sand

McMorning (necrotic preparations, Plastic Sugery, drawn to pain)


2 Canine remains

Night terror




Rougue Necro


Announce Entourage Hide breakthrough

Against Mr Reeves with




Scion of the Void

Hodgepodge Emmisary (Tara Upgrade)


Announced both Entourage and Breakthrough.

And I managed to summon a mindless zombie with my Guild autopsy. End result was a 10-6 win to me as I couldn't quite kill Tara amd she managed to drop the required scheme markes in my deployment zone on the last turn.

(This did mena I've now used some modles morwe than once, which is somethign I'm not sure I can afford to do too often)

I'm down to 370 models to go (1697 ss worth). so thats just under 10% of both models and cost done in 1 month. I probably need to pick up the pace, as I would liek to get over 50% done in 4 months, expectign the last 50% to be harder to do.

I have a fixed faction tournement over the weekend, so thats three 50 ss games. I'm debating between Outcast and ten thunders at the moment, but I have enough in both of those to use 3 different masters easily. (ther eis always my fallback of Arcanists as well..)

On the down side, its at a gaming shop. And there is the malifaux child give away, and thats 1 of 4 outcast models I don't own... I think I might soon be owning more models...


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