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A bump in the road...



Week 3

We went for a 3 way game due to numbers, and picked loot from the strat/scheme Deck. I was the wild card, and wanted scheme markers near an enemy deployment zone.

Line in the sand, Assassinate, Plant explosives, Cursed object and protect territory. I picked protect territory and cursed object.

I went with Lady Justice, Pale rider, Witchling handler, Austringer, Guild Guard, hunter, Govenors proxy.

Mr Reeves was still playing Lavi, and Jackel picked a very dangerous Pigapult sommer list.

Before I activated I had lost my proxy, had my guard on 1 wound, pale rider and Justice both injured and Killjoy in my deployment zone.

(Reckless the Pigapult. Sacrifice a stuffed to heal it and let it do its blast attacking action. Toss a stuffed piglet to just outside my engagement. Shoot the piglet, killing it, and making it bacon bomb as well as doing blast damage around. Unbury Killjoy, and then then for its last action it just took a pot shot at my rider. )

Made easier as we were on adjacent corners, but works fine in standard deployment as a tactic.

Game carried on from there, with Levi picking off 1 flank, and the pigapult getting the other. I got a decent number of scheme markers down, but gremlin shooting eventually brought down the pale rider, my hope for cursing all those gremlins (but out activation stopped me getting any points for it0, and Levi took assassinate on Justice, eventually burning through her defences leaving me with no-one to protect the markers.

No one managed to get the loot, so Jackal just piped Reeves 6/5 with me on 2 points.

I don’t think I really got much table time from the Proxy, which is a shame, I don’t think he is too bad, if I want a little healing, but that’s all in my head. Otherwise, everything else is roughly what I thougth before. I may still do another Justice list, I want to make the most out of bonus charges, btu this wasn’t the set up to go for it. #

The handler would have summoned me at least one stalker, but I stupidly cheated the 12Tomes on an earlier flip that turn, leaving me with 12 Crows in hand when it killed an abomination.

Now the problem. Beta Testing has opened. I enjoy beta testing models, and being “helpful”. Its going to potentially make my challenge even harder. But expect me to try out most of the emissaries since I have the Avatar models, and incorporate them into my challenge. And I reckon if I use the model in playtesting, and then buy it later in the year, it probably still counts…

The campaign system coming in August is also going to be tricky. Better make sure I get plenty played with before then.

In readiness for a 3 way game again, I finished assembling my male multipart kit into Raethford. I’ll make sure I get it painted up in the next couple of weeks, as it seems an ideal way for me to use some of the 6 ice Gamin I own…

I may even experiment with photos…


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