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2015 The year of Everything!



I've probably spent too long over the past week listerning to podcasts talking about hobby goals. I didn't really have any last year, and it made me think about formalising some for this year. (Fools Daily - Go give it a listern)

And I've come up with a tough one, which is worthy of blogging on a semi regular basis.

I want to use every Malifaux model I own in a game over 2015

Some starting information.

I've been collecting pretty much since the begining,

According to my collection tracker I currently own 408 figures. This is 1876 ss worth of figures.

This is spread over all 7 factions, although the only faction I own everything (released) for is Arcanist (outcasts do very well, there are actually only 4 models in total I don't own an offical model for, which is lower than the 5 Arcanists I don't own))

Ideally I want to use each individual sculpt at least once, so as I own 3 Sabertooth Cerberus, I'll need to field them at least 3 times over the year. Likewise I have 3 Rasputina models (original, alternate sculpt and Transparent blue + I also have avatar) so I need to field her 3 times at least.

Models summoned in game do count.

I will only play them if they are at least minimumly painted. (Current total has 57% painted, and 83% undercoated, but several of those that are undercoated will have some paint on them, and so can be used)

That 408 models does include Avatar sculpts. Since we currently don't have rules for them, they may get dropped from my list of playable models. I have 11 Avatars (counting the Colette avatar as 1 avatar, although it is in my model count as 3 models).

I'm quite likely to buy more models over the year. Due to my low hobby/painting time models bought after Gencon may not count.

My local games clubs meet on Tuesdays, so I'm most likely to update on wednesdays

I might include battle reports for some of the games, but I'm unlikely to include reports for them all.

Watch this space


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