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My first "table for Malifaux" project.

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This is my first "table for Malifaux" project. As it often happens, the first "pancake" was rather "lumpy". Mistakes in the choice of wooden planks led to a gaps and skewing of the frame; the putty did not want to hold on the foam blocks and too well stuck to the wooden "frame" of the table;  etc.
I am going to add more boats (with sails or without) and provide some ladders.
Here are several foto of the first playtest:





More foto here: https://vk.com/album-137930699_244969084

The tower have been upgraded:


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19 hours ago, wizdom said:

Thanks for that. This stuff is great!

What do you build yours out of? Is it good enough to hold models?

In accordance with technical specification requirements are:

Inkjet or LaserJet Paper

Brightness: 96 to 98

Weight: 24 lb

Size: Standard US 8½” x 11”.

Cardstock Type: White Weight: 110 lb (I have used available equivalent)

If you are printing on A4-sized sheets, you may want to reduce the print size to 95% of the original.

I have printed it on A3 size in original scale.


Surfaces of terrain hold plastic models good enought. However, I strengthened some critical points with the help of plastic and pvc so that they would withstand the load of the metal avatar of Levetikus.)

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4 hours ago, Ludvig said:

Looks great! Some boats with sails might allow you to create some LoS blockage as well as intersting places to battle it out.

Thank you for you comment.) I'll show the final result when it'ii be ready.

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