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Due to the lack of local Henchmen, and the attendant lack of organized play, I've decided to step in. I picked the starter Nephilim, with Candy, Doppleganger, and two Sorrows for my demo crews. Sure, I have Grimwell's asylum staff, but I don't use them in regular play-and I'd like to improve my game with the models I'm consistently fielding. It's also incentive to paint my Pandora crew.

I suppose I can hope for 5ss Neverborn Mimics to be released in the future. Or for a dual faction Mimic Henchman.



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A dual-faction Mimic Henchman? Consider it seconded!

In storyline terms, I would like to see her infiltrate the Arcanists and coordinate with Lucius while pursuing an agenda of her own.

Design-wise, she would have damage-dealing Ca Actions, Arcane Shield and a Tactical Action which grants Terrifying 16 against a single, living, non-Master model till the end of the turn.

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