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Week 2- Now with added Gremlins

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Week 2

Our Gremlin player shows up, and so we have a 5th player.

The event this week is Sandstorms, which force Blind deployment, and at the cost of discarding a card, you get to make all the board severe, and get 2 script for killing a model.


The first thing we have to do at the beginning of a week, is buy a new model. I select a rail worker, as I normally don’t find much use for them, and so don’t select them.  Should give him a decent run in the campaign to show to me what he is really worth.

I watch the first game, Hannah, against Bad juju, and see how this event is nearly ideal for Juju.  Waldgiest are unimpeded, and the event gives them a permanent ml range of 4. They do well, but the game is a blood bath.

After that I face Hannah. She has 2 trappers, Johan, a Liberian and the hodgepodge effigy. We are playing turf war. I am down my Ronin, so a small game in which I pretty much have to pick everything in my Arsenal.

We have entourage, distract, protect territory and Assassinate. I hate assassinate when I have to take Myranda. For anyone reading this blog and thinking of making a Shifting Loyalty crew, remember that if you do pick Myranda, then about half the games she either is not going to be able to shapeshift, or she will give up points.

We get to deploy, and if you haven’t every tried blind deployment, I really recommend it for fun. You place cards where you want a model to deploy, and then after they are all placed you turn them over to find out which side is going to deploy there.

After deployment, Hannah had 4 models in the turf war area. I had 1 nearby. I also had a model pretty much in each corner. I had tried protect territory and distract. After seeing my deployment I probably should have picked entourage Myranda. Turn one saw my rail worker killed by Johan. My spider was able to charge the librarian, but missed with both attacks. My trapper nearly killed the hodgepodge, but then got engaged by Hannah. I managed to score a turf point on turn 2 because Johan black jokered his damage flip against Myranda when he had the knockback trigger.

The rest of the game was a one sided march to victory from Hannah (9-1, he only scored 2 VP from assassinate), with me unable to do anything to him really. I walked away from the game with a mannequin that wanders off. And the Sabotage bounty.


There was time in this week for me to get a second game, and I went up against Juju again.

It was squatters rights, which might be tricky if deployment doesn’t go my way, as I have nothing unimpeded, and he does. But finally assassinate isn’t on the table! We have Vendetta, distract Breakthrough and cursed object

I pick Vendetta – Trapper on Illuminated, and Breakthrough. I get a much better luck on the deployment, with an even spread across the board for both of us.

Trapper takes a shot on the illuminated, to get me a start on my vendetta, and thanks to the red joker, I have 3 VP. I set my rail worker up in the back of his deployment zone, and try and drop markers. The Mysterious effigy is the only thing nearby that can stop me.  Over the course of a few turns, I get some markers down, and put some damage on the mysterious effigy, who manages to get me to my hard to kill and with poison, so when I activate, I die. (or at the end of turn, which ever happens first).

Myranda manages to get 2 squat markers tagged by going fast on the second turn, and juju and a waldigist get two for him. My ronin and my spider are busy trying to deny breakthrough points by killing waldgiests. And they aren’t doing too badly at it, but 1 lives long enough to get him some points. Juju heads off after Myranda, and by the end of the game, she has had to shapeshift (to a blessed) to survive. I also manage to get juju buried, but not in time to get across to remove any of his squat markers. (I could have summoned a blessed Earlier, but would have given up 3 points for assasinate, as opposed to 2 or 0, but I might have been able to deny squat markers, for my sabotage). I end up on a 8-7 win, as I only get 1 break through marker I get 2 barter flips here, and one of them is a Gatling gun! Having a quick look at my crew, I see the swarm ability that gives them positive damage flips is any attack.  I also buy them a change of station to enforcer to let them carry the gun. My railworker becomes accident prone (automatically finished off).  At this point, I’m fairly happy with how the crew is doing.

I have an overall campaign rating of 0 (2 campaign upgrades, and 2 injuries), meaning that I generally get extra script from who ever I play. The absence of non minions in the list has drastically reduced me looking for equipment, and I haven’t seen skills I want for anyone. (plus until that last game I was script poor). 

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