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My Campaign crew - Week 1

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I’m going to do a brief series of posts on my Campaign crew. Some of this is quite old, and the campaign isn’t finished so I don’t know when I will finish them.


We are taking part in Nytheria as well, so we are using their stronghold bonus and events. The campaign is due to last 6 game weeks, but that may be more real weeks


Week 1.

4 players showed up. We had Wrath, hoping to get the whole band eventually,  Bad juju, Hannah and then myself.

I’ve signed up as an arcanist (you can probably see the tab next to my forum name). So which of the awesome arcanist henchmen do I want to use? Well, if you’ve looked at any other of my blog posts, you’ll know I’m trying to use everything I own this year. And careful reading of the finishing off rules, leads me to decide that Myranda is the best choice for me because she can shapeshift into another model (letting my cross multiple models off my list despite being forced into a fixed crew for several weeks).

This has also affected my starting crew is a couple of other ways. I’ve tried to pick models that I need to use multiple of, and because of her shapshifting into other beasts, I’ve not actually picked them. (I know, Myranda has so many things on her cards that make beasts better, and I’m ignoring all of them!). I have picked imbued energies though so all is not lost.

The rest of the list is an arachnid swarm, a manniquin, a ronin, a Friekorps Trapper. All models I have multiple of to use. It’s a strange mix of models with a large lack of synergy. Oh well, we wil have to see how it goes…


My First game is against Juju. This week the event has convict gunslingers showing up, with extra script for killing them. Juju has a list with 3 waldigiests and an illuminated, with eternal fiend for juju.

It’s a reconnoitre game, which is very hard when our lists are so small. And one of the schemes is assasinate. Just in case you didn’t realise, that’s a scheme that is virtually impossible to score against his list, and one that I can easily give him the points for by taking my (0) action.  (there is also make them suffer – not good for me, cursed object and protect territory).

Somehow, Myranda survives the onslaught from Juju for a few turns. A couple of bad placements cost me a reconnoitre point, but I get cursed object going well, and schemes down for protect territory.  I am able to deny the waldigiest much success with the constantly re-positioning trapper, and the anti armour ronin holds its own. I end up having to shapeshift Myranda into a cerberus when she is nearly dead, which manages to remove juju from the board.  Some how I scrape a 6-5 win.

My Ronin got knocked out, and the refs decide that for her safety we have to assess for concussion, and so she isn’t allowed on the field fir the next game. I do find a helmet, which I snap up to allow Myranda to have Hard to kill. 

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Just as a for reference, for the purposes of the campaign if a model sacrifices itself in order to summon something, the model only counts as killed forthe purposes of scoring if the summoned model is also killed/sacrificed.  This lets Myranda Shapeshift without immediate penalty while Assassinate and other similar things are on the table.

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Myranda can shapeshift with out having to make the finishing off flip, (but if what she changes into dies, she makes the flip), but I can't see anything that changes Assasinate. I may have missed it, but I went and re-read the section on summoning models and still didn't see it. 

Can you check where you read this and let me know. It drastically improves her as a leader, but I can't see it anywhere in the rules ( the only time in the rules I can see your leader dying and it not scoring for Assasinate are McCabe, who instead gets to summon Dismounted McCabe as a new leader, and Nekima on her Trigger


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