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Where did the time go?



Hmm, its already June and I haven’t updated in 2 months. Again.

Work has been busier that I expected, and I’ve not been writing up all my games properly, so I haven’t felt like I had anything to post.

But I have still been playing.

Since the last Update I’ve Played Joes Kirai list twice, once with Nicodem, and once with Mei Feng. And I proved Mei is twice as good as Nicodem. 9I lost 10-1 with Nico. I lost 10-2 with Mei).

So other than learning I don’t know how to beat Joe with Kirai, what else did I learn?

Using the vuilture to summon from all over the board is pretty good. Putting the Vulture within Izamu’s threat range is not good when that is your plan.

Mei almost ripped apart the Kiari bubble, but losing initiative, and then Datsuba managing to get 2 moderate damage results on negative flips 2 attacks in a row, whilst I only got weak on damage prevention finished of Mei before she could take apart the list. Kang with Thunder archers and samurai worked fairly nicely, but not enough to shrink the crew below its starting size.

I used a Lucius Crew against Sonnia, and suffered a slight loss.

I used Jacob Lynch against Levi, and lost. Mainly due to my own stupidity. Rusty Alyce burn out 2 necropunks, and I used Tuco to kill one. Levi managed to kill Tuco in return. I managed to get Hundering darkness to “obey” alyce, and instead of shootinmg at the necorpunk still on 1 wound I shot at a waif and failed to kill it. To make matters worse, that necropunk was the frame for murder Target, so I’d have been in a great place. Hungvering Darkness took a 4 ap turn from levi and survived. And when huggy took his turn did enough to Johan to heal up signifigantly, and get Johan down to hard to kill, and not having the cards in hand to pass the fear given form test I would force on him, he couldn’t risk activating him next.

Alas the necropunk ran off and dropped some claim markers in my half, and along with Ashes and dust manged to out claim me. I did forget about Cursed object until turn 3, and fior turns 4 and 5 there was literally only 1 abomination on the table that I could have put it on, and he kept running away from all my models. (I hadn’t realised beckoners couldn’t cause disengaging strikes until the abomination just walked away and around a corner. )

And I’ve just used the Viks to takle on a McMorning crew in which I showed why you want to resolve the poison condition on models before you remove the welcome to malifaux from Taelor.

This was a 9-3 win. Although I almost didn’t Assasinate McMorning. I did chargewith both Viks under Sisters in Fury. And they both survived for me to win initiative again next turn and finally kill the good doctor.

One thing I have noticed is when I enter my model usage into my spreadsheet, the percentage used barely seems to go up and its quite discouraging. Probably not helped by several of my early games involved summoning, which gets lots of models used.

I have a 4 round 50 ss tournement in a weeks’ time, which will probably involve Neverborn. As long as I don’t duplicate much I should finally cross the halfway point of the task.

I own 1962 ss. I still have 1128 ss to use. I’ve had 23 games to date this year. I have 28 master models to go. (that Includes 12 Arcanist Masters, even if I don’t buy the trouble shooters box!).

I’ve Barely touched Arcanists this year (deliberately, I’m saving them for the GT), so they still have 405 SS to use.

Guild, Gremlins and Resurrectionist are waiting for CMON bases and Painting, but once those bases arrive will hopefully be finished off in 8 or so games. (except for the War Rabbit which is almost certainly going to get used with Marcus and the jackalope to really make people fear the bunnies!)

I will update in early July, to give a 6 month summery (although this is pretty close).


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