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Try this list: Duncan's Hoffman list

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I'm stealing this list from AWP, and trying to get something interesting going here.  Here's the premise: a bunch of us all play this list, and talk about our experiences with it.

The list: 

Declared Faction: Guild 
Crew Name: Hoff burn 50ss 
Leader: C. Hoffman - Cache:(4)
Pneumatic Upgrades 2ss 
On Site Assimiliation 2ss 
Field Mechanic 2ss 
Mechanical Attendant 2ss 
Samael Hopkins 8ss 
Witch Hunt 2ss 
Lead Lined Coat 1ss 
Witchling Handler 7ss 
Disrupt Magic 2ss 
Witchling Stalker 5ss 
Thalarian Queller 6ss 
Monster Hunter 6ss 
Watcher 4ss

 Anyone interested in giving it a try?

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Interested, of course! Curious to see how such the Hoffman/Hopkins duo goes without the emissary. But we have a new player and a Guildie at that, so I’m occupied for the next few weeks with playing crews on request instead for extra chances to learn. (And for that blast of a Lucius mirror match, last week, he can request crews from me for a long time!)

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16 minutes ago, Ozymandias79 said:

I’m still confused by this list.  Is the idea to buff up Sam with extra armor to keep him alive, or nimble to get a better shot?  I’m guessing he’d like fast too.

Extra armor won't do Sam any good.  Nimble is good on Sam, as is extra shots.  I think the most important thing is being able to use Witch Hunt at CA 7 with Hoffman to light things on fire, then shoot them at min 4 ignoring cover and LOS with an reduction ignoring Sam.  Healing Sam to keep him on his feet seems important for this list too.  When I try it I also intend to try to use flaming bullets, but that is just a weird thing I like.  It only taking a 6 (if cast by Hoff) rather than an 8 is a big deal though.

The other trick I see is if you can use the watcher to give hoff line of sight, you can get burning on someone that thought they were safe, then kill them.

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I ran it and ran headfirst into an asami list.  I spent all game failing at attacks due to her totems aura, bad cards, and her def 7.  Ive come to the conclusion that I don't like my Hoff lists to be that dependant on one beater.  He doesn't have the cards to keep a def 5 model with lowish wounds and no defensive tech alive, so you have to go all in on the offensive and hope that your high card dependence doesn't result in your hand getting emptied early.

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