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Arcanist Arthropod Assembly Facility

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I am beginning a new Malifaux board that will be Ramos' assembly facility where his army of many-legged minions originates.  The plan is to have the facility take up ~1/3 or so of the board and have streets outside where a few buildings and a town square can be modified during different games.  The base of the outer wall will be fixed in place, just a low row of stones, so that the wall itself can be added but not transported in place.  All other terrain will not be fixed in place.  The cobblestone street material is not in its final location.

I began with 1" x 2" pvc 'lumber' and a sheet of hardboard.  I cut rabbet grooves in the sides to hold the hardboard surface.  I cut 1/4" slices of the pvc and glued them to the lower surface (right image) to stop any bowing down of the middle of the playing surface.  The staples in the corners were just added to hold the 45' cuts in place while the glue dried.  The results seems like a good compromise between strength and weight.


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Well, in that case Thottbot, here you go!  This is how far I got yesterday.  The white areas are raised with foamboard.  The lower dark areas are cut from a sheet of cobblestone plastic.  There will be a 2" (50 mm) sidewalk of flagstone on the outer edges of the raised area.  I am thinking of doing this in the flagstone cut from cardboard I have seen others do to great effect.  It is time intensive, but only a few thin areas so I think reasonable.  The large area on the lower left will be the inside of the factory, and the outside of the wall parallel to the sidewalk will have a low foundation of large rectangular stone blocks.  The wall above that will be wooden.  I have not decided upon the inner floor material yet.  I have lots of ideas of terrain for inside the factory, so it is going to be full of cover.  I still need to come up with several pieces of blocking terrain for the streets, but picked up the Wyrd street scatter terrain in resin recently.  Maybe a larger cart or two as well will be needed.  


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