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Shooting into Engagement Clarification


I feel terrible asking this, but I cant seem to get a Clear cut answer to what is randomized for.


Looking at this the Scenario is that A B and C are Friendly
while X and Y are Friendly
All are ht 1

B is engaged with X
C is engaged with Y

B C X and Y are all within 2 inches of each other

There is a Wall [ht5 blocking Hardcover] between X B and C Y

A is shooting X with a Projectile Attack causing a Randomization
19) When shooting into an engagement, can models which are not within LoS of the model which is shooting end up becoming the target of the Attack due to randomization? Yes.

20) When shooting into an engagement, do you flip cards for models which are not technically engaged with the target, so long as they are within 2" of the target? Yes.

Based on this we would Flip for all 4 [B, C, X, and Y] and could hit C or Y Correct?

Please let me know if i missed something, and again sorry for entering another ask for this.

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You don't even need C in the picture (or C could be another enemy).  It doesn't matter whether or not Y is engaged.

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For a more complete understanding of how the rule worked i should have moved C and Y to not be engaged but still within 2 inches of X

But thanks for the Clarification on that as well

Definitely a wonky one lol

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