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To Wyrd: Errata'ed stat cards in Europe

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Dear Wyrd 

I recently started playing Malifaux again after a two-year hiatus. 

I realised that I needed new stat cards for a lot of my models, which I promptly ordered from Wargame Vault - as far as I know the only place to order new statcards from. 

The new stat cards arrived some weeks later, but were hold up in costums, where I had to pay more than $ 31 to get them released (the cards only cost $ 15). Thus incl. shipping, I ended up paying more than $ 70 for $ 15 worth of stat cards. 

I understand that Wyrd is not responsible for EU-customs etc., and I would never raise an eyebrow for having to pay customs fees when buying e.g. a special edition model or the likes that is not essential for playing the game. But I do, however, think that it is quite unreasonable to demand that stat cards be ordered from a US site when it is something you cannot play the game without. All other essentials for playing Malifaux can be bought within EU without paying customs fees. 

If the stat cards can indeed be ordered from within the EU, I apologise and ask that you point me in that direction. But if not, I would really implore you to find a european partner for printing stat cards as these are completely essential for playing the game, and as it is only files that are printet, Wyrd incurs no product shipping fees. 

Best regards

Lars Emil

Avid Malifaux-fan

P.s. I have the app, and while it is a fine tool for looking up information, it is not a good tool for keeping track of information during a game.        



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I would so much like to order the stat cards somewhere in europe.


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Although I totally agree with Europe requiring a better access to stat cards you still need to consider that customs will need to be paid no matter what. Therefore individual cards would probably be more expensive since the retailer needs to cover his cost for shipping and customs.

That said, the only real improvement for us Europeans would be for a printing company / service this side of the pond to acquire a license to print Wyrd's stat cards - and I'm not sure how likely this is going to happen anytime soon.

We - as a community - stick to ordering in groups to split shipping and customs. Every couple of months the one with the shortest straw has to place a large order and drive to customs to get the package. Really annoying task 😣

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