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On 21/03/2018 at 11:24 PM, Clockwork_Fish said:

This isn’t so much a criticism as a question, but I’m always leery of enterable buildings in Malifaux.  They end up ignored    a lot of the time.  Am I just doing it wrong?

This depends on the board, and the interior. I've occasionally set up a board so that one of the squat markers is inside the building, I fin its a fun way to stop several of the standard tactics at defending multiple squats. 

It can also be a route to the enemy that is protected from their fire.

But buildings with only 1 entrance are not very useful as enterable. you eitehr get them used as snipers nests or ignored. I find that if the route through the building isn't too AP intensive, and accessing it isn't to much bother for the player (second stories often discourage even looking at what the ground floor is like) then they can offer a different strategic challenge/answer. 

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Can us Wyrdo's get an update on this product? Looking forward to them just wondering how to fit them in the budget.

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