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Be My Wyrdtine @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/02/18

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Hi Malifolk, its time for my February Tournament I invite you all to -
Be My Wyrdtine 
Sunday 25th 2018
At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU
Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am.

Format - Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews.

Schemes and Strategies will be done as soon as Gaining Grounds 2018 goes live.


Rules Pack

**Errata will be in effect**

There is scrip for everyone!
Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box
Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master.
Most VP Scored with best positive score.  
Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost.
Best in Faction trophies!


The Outpost Malifaux event fb group

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Schemes and Strategies!
Round 1
Standard Deployment
:crow Ours
:crow Guarded Treasure
3 Set Up
5 Undercover Entourage
8 Search The Ruins
9 Take Prisoner

Round 2
Flank Deployment 
:ram Ply for Information 
:ram Surround Them
1 Covert Breakthrough
6 Inescapable Trap
10 Take One For The Team
12 Vendetta

Round 3
Corner Deployment
:mask Symbols of Authority
:mask Punish the Weak
2 Dig Their Graves
4 Hold Up Their Forces
7 Show Of Force
11 Recover Evidence

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12 hours ago, Mr Janje said:

I'll be attending if i can get a ride ^^!

Good. Need someone to attend other than Nicholas carpenter..Although with a full day he might get time for a complete game 😂😂😂😂

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