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Homefront - Block 2

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Homefront Block 2 will run from October 16th until the very end of October 29th.

The campaign has started to take shape. Will the winner continue on the path to victory, or shall another supplant them?

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The results of Block 2 are now available!

The Sandmen score 2 more Strategy Points. The Order of the Chimera scores another Strategy Point. The Council pulls up the rear with no points. This puts the total at 4 for the Sandmen and 2 for the Order -- but next week someone is likely to get eliminated... where will the Council votes go if it is them?

For Factions, the Gremlins receive 1 Scheme Point. The Resurrectionists receive 2, putting them tied with the Gremlins at a total of 3. The Arcanists and Outcasts each receive 1 Scheme Point. This means the Neverborn are in last at 0, and everyone but the Gremlins and Ressers are tied at 1.

The voting was incredibly close in Block 2, the Sandmen only winning by a single vote, and the Council less than a dozen votes behind. The Resurrectionists had a healthy margin of victory, though, with the Arcanists also a few steps ahead of the next highest.

That's all for the results, and we'll see you next Block!


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