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Merseyfaux 2 - 21st Jan - sold out - S&S in thread

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Justplay games will have us back to go again.

This will be a 3 round 50ss Gaining Grounds event.

It will be held at Just Play games in Liverpool city centre. 

There will at minimum be a trophy for the winner, and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as something for best loser, and a trophy for the player voted best opponent (tiebreaker will be whoever finishes higher).


There will be a raffle on the day of a usual Wyrd prize pack (mystery boxes) based on the number of attendees


Painted crews are not required though there is a trophy for best painted crew (50ss from the faction you are playing on the day).




Tickets available for £12.50 in advance from here   ( https://justplaygames.uk/products/merseyfaux-2-21-01-17  to follow)


Facebook event group is here  ( www.facebook.com/events/311064436028768 )





1. Ben Harris - paid

2. Paul Williamson - paid

3. Cai Bird - paid

4. Radek Bry - paid

5. Steve Montagu-Cairns - paid

6. Dave Allen - paid

7. Greg Piskosz - paid

8. Samuel Wilson - paid

9. Carl Lee - paid

10. Peter Dawes - paid

11. Jai Hampson - paid

12. Matthew Jones - paid

13.  Richard Preston - paid

14.  Zed Strong - paid

15. Mark Shepherd - paid

16.  Gordon Barlow - paid

17. Gemma Stevenson - paid

18. Paul Butler - paid

19. Emma Newham - paid

20. Alyx Drake - paid

21. Graham Bursnell - paid

22. Joel Henry - paid

23. Jonathon Rancans - paid

24. Dave Laing - paid 



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7 paid up, and 5 more have confirmed they are going to be - high amount of interest too.


Expect to hit capacity based on this, will be a great start to next year and for out local newer players to see a bigger tournament/mix of crews

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GG2018 will be in play, will generate S&S early this coming week so everyone can have read up on them 

Just 4 spaces currently left if anyone still thinking of coming. Entrants in first post 

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Hi, great tournament and amazing atmosphere.

I have just one question, was not there any way to put a little bit more space between us and card game players? On top 4 tables it was little bit too loud and crowded in mine humble opinion.


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Luckily the store has been doing well and are moving downstairs, therefore doubling the available floor space.

This is happening in the next few weeks so future events will have more space and a better split if there are another events on the same day. 


Cheers Radek 

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Thank you to everyone who came along. as well as just play for hosting us


Top 3 were 


1. Greg Pliskosz- Ressers 

2. Paul Butler - Ten Thunders 

3. Alex Drake - Arcanists

Best painted in a strong field was Cai Bird with his Ten Thunders 

And favourite opponent of the day was Dave Laing 

All took home a shiny trophy!


The venue is moving downstairs and doubling floor space so Merseyfaux 3 should have space for more players.

Had some feedback through other social media but if there is anything anyone wants to bring up or chat about feel free to contact me 

Thank you again 

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Agree regarding the card players, hopefully the venue moving will allow for the gaming to be self contained. Aside from that all good, event ran smoothly (if a little behind schedule) and it was a great day of Malifaux

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