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Welcome to testing for Gaining Grounds 2018! The goal of this open test is to allow players to have a weigh in to the document to ensure that it is providing the best competitive play experience for next year.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of this test, which will go on until the document is completed (but there is no set end date). Updates will come every week or two, so follow this post (top right) in order to be notified when new rules are posted, as they will always be posted here.

Tournament organizers are welcome to use GG18 for their events if they choose, but they must announce this well in advance and be mindful of the fact that the document is in a beta testing form (so it would be a testing event).

As you play games, battle reports are very helpful things. Please check out the desired format in the battle reports thread. Other than that, get into discussions with each other and share your thoughts! Just remember to always be respectful to your fellow community members.

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GG18 v3 : Gaining Grounds 2018 9.6.17.pdf

We've been looking over the feedback and wanted to address some concerns that have come up with the community and have changed some things. 

  • Ply for Information was formatted in a way that it was impossible to score points, that has been changed.
  • Public Execution is about having your enemies see the death of their friends, rather than just their corpses.
  • In order to reduce weighted schemes we've cut back on the number of schemes available at any time, though you still receive 5 schemes at the beginning of each game.
  • Strategy Conditions can no longer be removed from other sources.
  • Inescapable Trap is now revealed when players score points from it.
  • Inescapable Trap now requires both enemies to be within 3" of the same Scheme Marker, then that marker is removed.
  • Smuggled across has been removed.
  • Vigilante has been removed.
  • Take One for the Team no longer treats every model as having a cost of 10 (now it only applies to those with a cost of 0).

This document is still in an early stage and we want as much feedback as we can get the best GG18 there can be. While shaping this document we want to try and make the game as interactive as possible without being a murderfest. And by changing the Scheme setup and removing suit schemes I hope to bring the game to a more consistent state and let players experience all of the schemes available rather than sticking the common suit ones. 

Again feedback is super important to making sure you all get the GG you want and it is in its best form possible. 

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GG18 v4 : GG 2018 9.12.17.pdf


Going over feedback we've made a few changes to the Gaining Grounds document, most of these are small changes that just needed some clarification.

  • Ply for Information has been changed for clarity on Interacting with the Strategy while engaged.
  • Peon Models can no longer gain the Shed Blood Condition in Public Executions.
  • Public Execution's condition only ends from no LoS at the end of a models Activation
  • Supply Wagon markers now specifically stop when coming into contact with Impassable Terrain. 
  • The Always Scheme has been changed to Leave your mark.
  • Scheme markers must be at least a set distance from each other in Leave Your Mark.
  • Peon Models can no longer Hold Up Their Forces.

Such as before, all the feedback you give us is incredibly important, and we want to make changes that are the best for the community. 

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Hey Guys,

GG18 v5: GG 2018 9.22.17.pdf

We made another update to Gaining Grounds 2018, tell us what you think.

  • In order to hinder poor sportsmanship, tracking has been updated to ensure both players know when conditions and damage have been changed on any model. Players who purposely track information in ways to obfuscate what is being done should not be tolerated, and we are taking steps to ensure that it is at least spelled out in the document
  • Removing conditioning provided by Schemes and strategies ( the 2 that exist are both given to yourself) is now allowed.
  • Supply Wagons have been updated to clarify that any amount of supply wagon is enough to score, but all of it must start in your deployment zone.
  • Leave your mark has been removed, it has been replaced with Guarded Treasure, we will keep a close on on this in particular
  • Take one for the Team has been changed so that it promotes keeping your sucker alive as long as you can before getting them killed
  • Additionally, several minor grammatical errors have been fixed. 

Thanks for sticking around, and helping to make Gaining Grounds 2018 the best it can be, more updates will continue soon. 

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Another Update for GG2018


After going over feedback and play testing these are the Changes to this document:

  • Tracking- There was some flack about what's considered "clear to all players" so that clause has been removed, however so the situation doesn't arise we found it necessary to note that trying to hide conditions, wounds, or other effects from your opponent is poor sportsmanship, and while not strictly cheating, should be dealt with by a Tournament organizer (the official rules stating you get one warning). Sometimes this is a simple misunderstanding, so TO's should be called over.
  • Ply for information has been changed- We found that this Strategy is un-fun when one player has several more activation than the opponent, and often has very little counter-play. This has changed so only models without the Gathered Intel Condition can be interacted with this way. If we find this isn't the best solution it will change. 
  • Supply Wagons now destroy player made terrain. Throwing up an ice wall in-front of a wagon once a turn to deny a Whole Strategy is unfun for your opponent, now you can do it, it just isn't as effective. 
  • Guarded Treasure / Strand of Fate - There 2 Schemes were very similar and rather than have players do the same thing for both we simply merged them together. Guarded Treasure is now:
    • 2" from the center instead of 1"
    • Enemy Models can no-longer stop this Scheme 
    • At the end of the turns, Scheme Markers near the Center are removed
    • You have to control both seperatly with an Enforcer+, rather than both counting together. 
  • Leave your Mark is back at #5, we found no issue with this scheme itself, however it just wasn't right as an Always Scheme. So it has replaced Strand of Fate. 

That's it! Thanks for play testing, and I will try to put out another update based on your feedback of this document in a week or so (no promises). 

GG 2018 9.29.17.pdf

Edited by mattc
Mistake was corrected on Guarded Treasue

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Here's a quick update for GG2018

GG18: GG 2018 10.10.17.pdf

  • Symbols of Authority- Markers can no longer be placed in base contact with impassable terrain.
  • Supply Wagons are now placed before players deploy models and destroy all impassble terriain markers around them pushing right through them.
  • Guarded Treasure
    • effects Minions now
    • is within 1" of the centerline, instead of 2"
    • Models have to be un-engaged to score.
  • Masters can no longer be Undercover in their own Entourage.

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Here is a new update for GG2018

GG18: GG 2018 10.16.17.pdf


  • Symbols of Authority
    • The Symbols are now placed before Deployment starting with the second player.
    • Symbols now must be placed Fully on your side of the table.
    • Symbols only have to be 10" from other Symbols on your side of the table (Those you have placed).
  • Supply Wagons
    • Like Symbols of Authity are now placed before deployment starting with the second player.
    • The Supply wagons jousting contest and pulse explosion has been removed ( I realized it was completely redundant), and now Supply wagons just destroy player made terrain and keep going.
  • Scheme Rules
    • Players can never score from killing the same model twice.
    • Schemes have been moved around slightly so that similar schemes have similar numbers  ( if a player flips a higher card they know it has to do with killing things.)
  • Guarded Treasure 
    • This has gone back to how it was  but with small changes.
    • Models must be within 3" of a marker rather than 4".
    • Markers can be placed 8" apart rather than 10".
    • Markers need to be at least 2" from the Center line rather than 1".
    • Scoring models no longer have to be un-engaged.
    • Minions can no longer score this Scheme.
  • Undercover Entourage
    • This has gone back to normal.
  • Make Them Suffer /Punish the Weak 
    • Masters can no longer score off of Peons
    • As this was an existing Scheme the Name has been changed so that it isn't.


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Hey Everyone,

GG18:GG 2018 10.23.17.pdf

After listening to your feedback over the last few weeks we've made some changes to how GG is going to work for 2018. We put out a test update in one of the conversations so here is the changes that went into that.

  • There is no longer the Even / Odd spread for GG18, though page 15 does allow that, should you want to use it. This is really just a give me to the fact that people aren't using this as a tournament document anymore.
  • The Always Scheme is no longer tied to a Strategy, it is instead tied to the suit of the Strategy. This means that I didn't have to list out what Scheme went with old Strategies, should they be used in the rotation, etc. This also meant that I had to update the suits on the new Strategies to match the pairs I wanted.
  • Punish the Weak went back to being a copy/paste of Make Them Suffer, but Minions/Peons no longer count as "existing" if they are in your deployment zone. This should stop some of the hiding stuff that was going on without removing Peons from the running.
  • Dig Their Graves is now a numbered Scheme again, replacing Leave Your Mark. Frankly, I don't love Leave Your Mark. This also means there are two killing Schemes in the numbered Schemes (which is still quite a bit down from 4). Leave Your Mark is deleted, yo.
  • We switched the numbers of Hold Up Their Forces and Search The Ruins. This has no mechanical effect, but it made layout work a bit better, so...
  • The :ram Always Scheme is now Surround Them, which is an updated version of Power Ritual. This means that two Always Schemes are not about killing and two are. It also means that the interaction heavy Strategies (Ply and Extraction) are forcing you to the corners.

Additionally I've made two very minor changes to the document since these changes have been made.

  • Hold up their Forces requires at least two enemy models engaged with just you rather than all being engaged with 2+ enemies all of which are not engaged.
  • Surround them has changed so that you get 1 VP for having a Scheme Marker within 6" of a table corner in your opponents deployment zone, and up to 2 VP's for the other Table Corners. 

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Just another quick update to GG18,

GG 2018 11.6.17.pdf

  • Symbols of Authority has been made into the Mask Strategy (thus having the Punish the Weak Always Scheme).
  • Ours has been made into the Crow Strategy (Eliminate the Leadership).
  • Although the only models with a SS cost are masters (and vice versa), masters have been named in Ours to cost 10 SS, (rather than just any model without a SS cost) to avoid any confusion that could arise with Henchman Costing 0.
  • Ours now counts models at the end of the turn when you would score VP rather than just before during upkeep.
  • Ply for Information has been updated to only give the Condition and Score on any turn after the first, so as to go in line with every other Strategy.
  • Take One for the Team calls out Henchman with a cost of 0 as having a cost of 13 minus their cache rather than any model with a cost of 0 being 10. 


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Hey everyone, thanks for staying here and helping us out with the GG18 Playtesting. 

GG18 Final: GG 2018 11.13.17.pdf

Here is the last version I'm gonna put out for everyone to see before the official release, however any comments regarding grammar and rules are still highly appreciated (especially regarding the Bad things Happen App).

Some minor changes have been made but mostly grammar, however I'll hit the big points for you

  • Bad Things Happen App can be used in official play as Stat Cards, however tracking must be done with physical markers (so no wound or condition tracking on the App). 
  • If a player is using the App to Track Stat Cards and an opponent wishes to view said Stat cards, the player must let them use their device or have physical stat cards on hand
  • If a player is using the App to Track Stat Cards and their device crashes or dies, they must be able to recreate their Crew on the app, or provide physical stat cards for the remainder of the game otherwise they must concede. 
  • Ours - Leaders now count as having a cost of 10, rather than just masters. 
  • Supply Wagons cannot be pushed so they end on a model. 
  • Various Grammatical Changes across the document.

As I mentioned before this is the Last GG18 Document I will be putting out for you fine folks, however i will still be paying attention to the forum for any discussion regarding how the App Applies to GG18, grammatical errors, or minor gameplay errors. Thanks so much for being part of this play test!

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