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Yokai and flicker-place



So, Yokai has the Ephemereal Warriors ability, which reads:

"After the value of the poison or flicker condition on this model is lowered, if this model is still in play, this model may be placed within 3'', not in terrain, after completing the current Action. (If the Condition is ended or removed without lowering the value, this Ability does not come into play.)

So, several questions here (and my interpretations of the rules)

1. If Yokai takes the (2)Charge tactical action, is the current action considered to be the charge, or the (1)melee actions generated by the charge? (I would assume it's melee, since they are actions within action? Also to simplify flicker-place timing)

2. If the current action is the charge and the flicker is resolved after the whole charge, what happens if flicker was lowered twice during that charge (2 triggers from both charge attacks), would the Yokai place once to twice? (Only relevant if the above is falsely interpreted)

3. If Yokai has both poison and flicker, would the Yokai place twice, once for each condition being lowered? (Yes?)

4. Does the poison +1 count as being lowered before it is removed? (I would say yes, the rule books refers to poison with "If the poison value hits 0, it is removed, implying 1 is still lowered to 0)


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As far as I can tell, during a Charge you end up with three overlapping actions (or more, if you get actions from triggers), and "current action" is whichever action you were resolving.  So...

1.  Declare Charge, and start resolving.

     1.1.  Declare first attack and start resolving.

        1.1.1.  If the attack generates another action, Declare and start resolving.

        1.1.2.  Resolve 'at end of the current action' effects for the generated action.

     1.2.  Resolve 'at end of current action' effects for the first attack.

     1.3  Declare second attack and start resolving it.

      1.4  Resolve 'at end of current action' effects for the second attack.

2.  Resolve 'at end of current action' effects for the charge.

So if there was a "If this model is targeted by an action, clap your hands at the end of the current action" would happen three times for a charge (assuming no additional generated attacks): once for the charge targeting the model, and once for each of the attacks targeting the model.

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1. I would say you need to completely resolve the charge since it isn't resolved until after both attacks. 

2. I would say you resolve both placements after the current action, they happened due to different events even if the resolution of the ability is delayed.

3. Yeah, looks like two places, lowering conditions isn't an action so there's no reason to wait, the ability takes effect instantly on removing each condition I would say. You could for example lower flicker to place outside of Sebastian's horrible poison aura before resolving the poison.

4. Yes, you can place even when your last poison ticks if that is what you meant. It is both lowered and removed.

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I agree with solkan.  The current action is whatever action you re currently actively resolving.  The Charge is not resolved until all sub-actions are resolved, but it is not the current action.

If the charge was considered the current action because it wasn't resolved, wouldn't the attack action also be the current action since it also is not resolved?  If that attack got the Vital Strike trigger it would be the current action, along with the spawning attack, and the charge action.  Since they are all the "current action" would you place at the end of each current action?


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