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One of the new things you'll see about are the 'sticky notes' which you will occasionally see from the site Admins if something important shows up or is newsworthy, or if you happen to be in one of our many beta testing groups giving you an additional heads up when something new needs to be looked at or sorted.

You can send these amongst yourselves as well if you wish, just don't abuse it. 

Thanks for your patience!

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Schemes & Stones Crew Spotlight - Void Spam

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I had thought of using a similar list except using Aionus instead of the additional three Wretches. I had also considered a list with three Death Marshals and Void Wretches so that I could bury more than one enemy model and then use the Wretches to attack them while buried.

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I really like the new format - the run down of the models at the start is nice, since it means that the discussion of the list isn't hampered by having to state what the abilities are. I also really liked the discussion of what schemes and strats your guest would choose from a given pool, knowing what faction he was up against. That part reminded me of the podcast Before We Begin, where a guest builds two lists for a scheme pool and discusses them with the host. It's a shame that podcast hasn't updated lately - I always found that type of discussion very useful in improving my own list building. Perhaps if it wouldn't be treading on anyones toes that might be a nice episode to do once in a while? I feel like the current podcasts on offer focus on either master spotlights, tournament reports, or other discussions of single models, but list building is a bit neglected. Since it's such a central component of the game it would be nice to see some more content about it!

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