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Animal Wrangling - A Buckaroo, Husbandry and Birthin' (Or The Saga of a Long Suffering Fatemaster)

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My Fated group recently finished up The Bayou Bash, and our resident maniac player decided to take the Buckaroo Pursuit because he figured it'd be good for some of the events he was going to take part in...


Cue a rather nasty multi player 'Gator wrassle where he pulled his newly found husbandry skills out and managed to succeed in taming the beast with a margin of success, basically his skill was pretty poor and he needed to flip a 13 to get exactly enough to get the margin and tame the beast.

What does he get? Red Joker!

Now I have a feeling (don't have the books in front of me while I type this) that in order to tame an animal with husbandry it needs to be a 'Beast' subtype and the Gator is a 'Swampfiend'... BUT HEY! He pulled the one thing he needed right there so I thought, "ok... Lets roll with this... See where he's going with it". So I let it happen. More fool me... A maniacal necromancer with a zombi-fied fishman flesh construct bodyguard riding a giant alligator. What could go wrong?

I'll tell you exactly what went wrong... he spends his next actions leaping from his now tame gator's back onto the back of another gator, passing the rather tough (or so I thought) acrobatics check to do so, and proceeded to wrassle that gator into submission as well, needing a 13 to tame once again... flips a 13 Crow.  


Now he has 2 tame Gators! Ok, I think to myself... He's done now. He can't possibly do it a third time... but no. He didn't want to. He wants to breed them!!!

So, at the end of the session I say to him, "Sexing an alligator is really tough as the genitalia are all internal, so I will name a number and a suit. If you make a single cut of the deck and turn over that card you get 1 male and 1 female gator. Any other card will be 2 of the same gender. Ok?"

"Ok" comes the reply...

"7 OF MASKS" I say, confident that it'll never happen and I wont have to deal with this insanity any longer...

OH THE HUBRIS!! He turned over the 7 Mask!


So now I'm in a bit of a quandary.. I can't find rules for birthing animals anywhere in any of the books, even though the Husbandry Triggers in Into the Steam specifically make mention of birthing animals.

Are there rules? Should I make something up? @Mason got any helpful hints for a rather sorry for himself feeling FM?




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Breeding animals is basically just a Husbandry challenge. The Skill even has some triggers related to breeding animals, but there's no specific TN, just because breeding dogs is a lot easier than breeding, say, swamp gators. I'd suggest a Difficult challenge (TN 12 - 13).

Note that the gators also have to be of breeding age (which is around a decade or so).


Here are some alligator gestation resources.


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Let him breed 'em... and then you can mention off-handedly that Mama gators are fiercely, TREMENDOUSLY defensive of their young... just as he steps in there to look at 'em all up-close like...

TN 16 Husbandry challenge for keeping Mama Gator tame when The Young'uns are approached, anyone...?

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