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Customized Gear Ideas/Brags

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I would like to see what gear other players are building/having built for their characters.  For my Wastrel I bought a pair of "Artie Gordons". Spring loaded forearm 'holsters' on each arm. Each one mounts  a B & D Gatling Derringer. The spring action is an extend/retract system that essentially gives Fast Draw on both. This holdout pair has saved the party twice.

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The mining arm

This is nothing more than a pneumatic arm with a hammer instead of a hand. Stars wise, treat this like a rail hammer using the    pneumatics skill instead of heavy melee. Story wise however, it causes interesting character problems like not having both hands.

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One of my players started out as a gravedigger. And demanded a shovel weapon! So rather than sub in something I designed one...

Filthy shovel

:melee2     1/1/2 damage spread

Dirt clod: target gains suffocating +1 on a severe damage flip


Thought it'd be a giggle. He's mostly ordering minions about and casting mind control spells in dramatic time so it doesn't get used all that often though... the suffocating condition has come up once in the whole story I think, but then he has also severed a rival necromancer's leg with it... So swings in roundabouts!

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