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Wave 5 Playtesting - Read Me

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Hey there, party people!

Here are the updated Malifaux files for this week.

Please remember to start new threads for models this week, and remember to keep just one thread per model.

This week was primarily clarifying ambiguous wording and tweaking power levels, though a few actions and abilities saw larger changes. A couple models got pulled down slightly, which is par for the course with our playtesting: we like to start very strong and then cut them down to size. Please don't panic.



Kandara - Regent Action split into Regent and The Dancing Flames.

Mantle of Flames (Kandara) – Mantle of Flames reworded.

Medical Automaton - Gained Anesthetic Everywhere.

Union Steamfitter - Tools for the Job changed.




Wrastlers - +1 Charge.

Bayou Smugglers: Smuggled Goods slightly reworded. Swap range reduced and reworded for clarity, Swap and Sheet's Creek became Ca Actions.

Gremlin Crier: Gremlin Bureaucracy reworded.




Thellarian Queller: Enchanted Blade reduced to Ml 5, Restraining Wand ranged reduced. Area Suppression now only removes Suppression Markers at the end of the turn if there are no Quellers in play.

Monster Hunter: Relish the Kill healing reduced. Something to Prove only reduces damage to a minimum of 1.

Domador de Cadaveres: Special Dispensation reworded for clarity.




Hinamatsu: Inhuman Speed only works against enemy models.

Serena Bowman: Gained Mask on knife attack, Bottle of Painkillers gains suit when she targets herself.




Marlena Webster: Steadfast Protector changed.

The Midnight Stalker: Don't Come After Me changed to (0) Action.




Asura: Hands from Below now lasts until end of the affected model's next activation.

Ten Thunders

Katanaka Crime Boss: His identity crisis continues.

Lotus Eater: Bully and Path of the Lotus changed. Gained Pressure Point trigger. Threaten range increased. Aggressive Stance aura increased for consistency with other auras.

Obsidian Statue: -1 Wound. Statue Marker goes away if the statue is pushed or placed. Gained Cursed Statue, Obsidian Fist improved and gained the Blaze trigger. Range of Reconstitute Fragments dropped. Dark Energies changed. Hopefully this will make it a bit more distinct from Izamu and give it a more distinct identity in the 10T.

Charm Warder: No longer Mercenaries. Essence Lantern limited to a smaller aura. Barrier to the Other World now gives summoned models Entropy +2. Charm of Hiding TN increased, Charm of Vanishing rewritten.

Tanuki: Have been bopped on the head and told to stop drinking quite so much. Clarified teapots. Cure for Hangover has a reminder text on rounding, Magic Elixer gained Loaded for Bear Trigger.


W5 Upgrades 5-24-17.pdf

W5 Stat Cards 5-24-17.pdf

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