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Mixing it up this month with and Enforcer Brawl!!!!  May 20th @11:30am

Bring your favorite enforcer and an upgrade for this fast paced slug fest.  4-6 players per board depending on turn out.  

Enforcers must be a model that you can higher normally (no coryphee duets) and must have an upgrade that they would normally be able to attach (Enforcers cant be leaders, so leader only upgrades are out)


We will be following the standard rules for a brawl but if anyone has any questions feel free to post or message me directly.


And as always all day wednesday we have Wyrd Wednesdays! Come by for demos, discussions on tactics and painting! Have a friend that is interested in starting Malifaux? Bring them over to check it out. Thinking of starting a new faction or master but not sure if their play style will work for you? Come over and demo the crew to find out!


508 Baltimore Pike, Springfield Pa.


See you there!



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