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Zipp recommendations

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Hey guys, 

I've been playing for a little while using wong and fancied a second gremlin master to play. 

How does zipp do and what sort of models are worth adding to his crew box set? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, 

James. :)

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I'd suggest reading the zipp thread that is stuck to the top of these boards.  The models worth adding are up to you really.  You'll have to try things out to see what fits best for your playstyle.


Have you tried him out yet using proxies?

what are you wanting to get out of him?

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I have been running him since he came out as my only Master, just to try to get used to him.

Zipp himself makes a pretty good assassin (attacks against opponents HT)
These same attacks can move models up to 5", so can get pesky models off objectives or out of the way
He can also give some models a movement boost (CA push for 8")
Excellent DF/WP trigger to try and keep him safe
i have tried both of his limited upgrades, really only choosing one over the other depending on what faction I am facing.

Like all crews, the models he sells with work pretty well with him, but i do not see any of them as Auto-includes. You will want 1 or 2 Sky Pirate models just to reap the free upgrades they can get from Zipp, unless you feel you have to run something different.

First Mate is great at taking down opponent scheme markers. This can really help against all of the newest Masters. You could run schemes with him too, but Merris is a better option.

All of my gremlin lists tend to start with a Taxidermist and 3 stuffed piglets. Strategies are the only things that would keep them off the table.


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Thanks for the replies guys! 

@joel back when I played first edition (I've had a long lay off, so not pretending to be a veteran here haha) I loved playing zoraida. So I'm looking to get out of him a bit of trickery rather than a killy master. I did look through the other zipp thread, and for all its very interesting, it seemed more a constant evolution of zipp tactics rather than the basics I was after, so very enjoyable though! 


@athelu ah excellent, I had planned to pick up some stuffed piglets and taxidermists for wong at some punt so knowing I'll get mileage out of them I cool. 


@both I was thinking sparks and mechanised pork chop maybe to add to the basic set :)


Thanks for the replies and help, 


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Take what I say with caution, as I am still very new to the game, only a few months of playing, with Zipp being the only master I own/play. Also I only play 35ss games, atm, and have yet to play a 50ss game, and mainly only play against a Ramos/Joss, Howard Langston, Mechanical Rider and Lady Justice bury mechanic shenanigan lists.


I ran across the list, I run, on these forums and I have found some good success with it. It is the Sky Pirate box set, with Rooster Riders, Survivors, and Sparks. After playing what games I have, I have basically narrowed down my "core" (used loosely as my list still changes as i learn the rules better and play more to develop an understanding of what can do what) to


Sparks/The First Mate (depending on schemes)

2-3 Survivors (depending on schemes)

2-3 Iron skeeters (depending on schemes)

1 Rooster Rider (depending on schemes)


Usually around 30-33ss with 2-5ss on upgrades (+1 for free sky pirate upgrade, thanks to zipp) (I have never taken a larger ss cache then the 4 zipp has printed on his card.)


I have ran the survivors as my pseudo tar pits, with rooster rider/iron skeeters as scheme runners. With the First Mate being used to chase enemy scheme markers/scheme runners, and Sparks being used to help survivors with objective holding.


What I have found is that I am going to have to get a Whisky Golem for my beater/tar pit model, as survivors just dont hold up like I thought (hard to kill is nice, but very dependent on fate, for longevity), since he fits into the list I am running, with his nimble and mv6, and construct characteristic

Sparks is underwhelming, as much as i like him, and after my last game, i just cant argue for using him over The First Mate anymore (other than that 2ss difference between the two models), as Sparks ended up being just a more expensive named survivor unit, again.

Zipp is used as a harassment model, not so much killing as handing out -2 wk, and displacement on enemy models (even to move your own models, with slight dmg, when you really need a model to get somewhere), and as a zone control with his 3 50mm base smoke markers.

Iron skeeters are used to shuttle units turn 1, maybe 2 depending, and then turn into scheme runners, and/or more zone control, with their 1 50mm base smoke marker (at the end of any walk action, if you choose and fate allows), and Displacement on enemy models

And the Rooster Rider is a dedicated scheme runner, that takes a pop shot once in awhile at an enemy model.


What I have found in the games I have played, is the list I am running is not going to kill anything, unless you dedicate 2-4 turns and multiple AP on achieving that goal. But it excels at all things scheme related, and zone control (thanks to smoke markers from zipp, and iron skeeters, and their displacement abilities. As well as the ability to get anywhere on the map in a single turn). So if you find joy in killing enemy models, then my list isnt for you (unless the Whiskey Golem turns out to be a beast), but if you enjoy winning games, even when losing, then said list is lots of fun.


As a side note, having read these forums, I am also thinking about picking up a McTarvish and Mechanical Pork Chop for a full construct list, to go with the Whiskey Golem that is all but already ordered.

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Thanks for the very detailed reply, this is exactly what I needed :)

I'll be taking your advice on board and tbh I'm not hugely bothered about killing, more just ruining my friends with shenanigans so this advice will come in very useful! 

Many thanks, 


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