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Battlefoam Magnaracks

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If this isn't the proper forum to post this, I apologize. I'm wondering if anyone has tried these for their Malifaux miniatures.


im trying to find a good magnetic solution for transport and storage and after two near disasters today involving plastic storage shelves, I'm a little stymied. Battlefoam is coming out with larger magnarack solutions in the next few months but if anyone has had any experience with the smaller one, I'd love to hear about the experience. Thanks for the help. 

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There aren't  any problems. The given room for each tray on their website is calculated very cautious. With some intelligent placement you get way more into them.

Using the accompanying magnets you could even store miniatures under each tray  (but I rarely need to do so). I've used my case for our last Tournament, transporting:

Dreamer with full crew and summons (5stiches, 5 madness, full rare limit of every other possible summon including 3 Teddys); Pandora and the Kids + Hooded Rider; Lilith Crew and every Nephilim (but young as I don't field them and I forgot my mature), Titania and Court, Collodi and every Puppet available until the rare limit) and Lynchs full ensemble of everything brilliant.  About 50 small and 10 large bases I guess. I've left Zoraida including mc tavish,  mother and gups at home as they aren't painted at the moment but could have got them into their as well (through in this case I would have to stick the gups under one of the trays)

I've taken some photos and a small video for our local community, bear in mind I don't have one of the kickstarter a-cases (but i've pledged 4 for myself and friends) but an older variant with only 3 trays in locked positions:





I've thrown this case into the air and let it make some loops various times to scare people. Never got any minis flying but the one time I didn't payed attention and missed the trails for the trays ... :(

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I would really advice you towards using the kickstarter, they are dirty cheap there. 66 bucks for one including 100+ magnets and 5 trays.

I've bought mine a few weeks before the KS went live for 110 buck as an corvus belly special offer. The old variant goes for 140+ at the a-case store. I've bitten my tongue so hard as I saw their K'S and the prices -,-*

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I picked up one through the Kickstarter. $61 is too good of a deal to pass up. Thank you for your advice and pictures. That really helped give me an idea of scale. I might have an issue with the emissaries but I can figure a way around that. 

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