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The Wyrd Bunch, 19th March, The Outpost, Sheffield

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Hi Malifolk, back again for The Outposts March Event

19th March 

The Wyrd Bunch

There is a scrip and a raffle ticket for every competitor for a chance to win mystery boxes or stat cards and as usual £££££ voucher prizes to spend in The Outpost.


Rules Pack


Round 1

Close Deployment


Claim Jump

Last Stand

Show of Force


Eliminate the Leadership



Round 2

Corner Deployment

Guard the Stash

Claim Jump

Recover Evidence

Hunting Party

Frame for Murder




Round 3

Standard Deployment


Claim Jump

Hidden Trap

Eliminate the Leadership




Hope to see you there :)

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Can't make this unfortunately, there's a tournament in Leeds the day before that got me first.

Do you have a date in mind for April's tournament Dan?

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# Player TP Diff VP Faction
1 Oliver Hedges 9 17 27 Arcanists
2 Ross Mason 6 11 22 Neverborn
3 David Wigley 6 5 19 Outcasts
4 Ben Cross 4 -2 16 Neverborn
5 Nicolas Carpenter 4 -9 13 Arcanists
6 Rob Hallam 3 0 20 Outcasts
7 Joe Jackson 3 -12 10 Ten Thunders
8 Haydn Smith 0 -10 13 Arcanists


Favourite Painted Oliver Hedges


Thanks everyone for coming, see you in April :)


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