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Inquisitor Wall

Second Annual Western MA March Madness Master Bracket

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I wanted to get this posted up earlier but haven't had the chance. I am looking for people interested in doing a bracketed malifaux tournament. Players sign up by master at $5.00 per master. It is then a single elimination series of games until only one master remains.  In addition, if we can get 16 masters again I will be doing a non-winners bracket for any masters that lose round 1.  This will create a second 8 player bracket and the winner will receive a large mystery box.  Each master in this case will play at least two games.  For each round all games will be played using the same strategy and schemes, which will be posted at the start of the round. Players will then have 2 weeks to report their game. The winner will receive all of the entry fees. I also have a small mystery box that will be randomly awarded to those who participate. To sign up simply post with your name and which master/masters you would like to play. Masters are selected on a first come first serve basis. As a bracket we need 8 or 16 masters. 

Payment can be sent to wallk583@gmail.com
I'd like round 1 to start March 8th if we can fill the bracket in time. 

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