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Focusing my Gremlins for competitive?

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I've mostly played the game casually, but my store will be starting to host tournaments more regularly in the near future and I'd like to participate (GG2017).

My problem is that I own almost the entire Gremlin range so I've got some analysis paralysis on which models I should be focusing on for competitive play.  I've run pretty much all my models at one point or another, and I've found used for all of them at some point, but when building lists, I tend to get stuck overthinking and crawling through my huge range of choices.

So I'd like some advice on which models I should probably sideline for competitive play and which should probably be part of my "consideration pool" so I can focus more on building quality lists as opposed to overthinking all my options.

The Masters I enjoy the most are Ulix, Ophelia, Wong and Zipp, but I have access to them all.


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I play a fair amount of competitive Gremlins, but this is a tough one to answer because lists change drastically depending on the master/ schemes.  Keeping it short and sweet though:

Merris- Makes it in into almost every list I build.  She is a great scheme runner who can pretty much get you three or more points by herself thanks to her zero action.  She also is a really hard counter to anyone who relies on blasting and pulses.

Old Cranky- Pretty much the best totem we have.  He is an auto include for me when a master doesn't need a specific totem (an example would be Brew and Wesley).  Card cycling, + to defense, increased WP, soul stone replenishment...all for 4 stones.

Slop Haulers- Here is another model that can make it's way into literally almost every list.  At 5 stones its one of the most efficient healers in the game.  I take two with Ulix because it allows Ulix to summon and heal his pigs indiscriminately.

Trixibelle-  Another really competitive model that could find her way into most competitive lists.  She can run schemes, manipulate the board, and has the ability to cheat priority (one of only two models who can), which can be huge for some strats and schemes.

Beaters-  When I need to put out some serious damage I will usually turn to the likes of Francois or McTavish.  McTavish with OOO Glowy (Wong's upgrade) is regularly offing at least one model a turn while sitting back in relative safety.  Francois on there other hand must get into the thick of it to do his damage.  He isn't the toughest model in the world so he will tend to get killed after his strike, but he puts out some insane damage.  You just have to make sure the trade off is worth losing him, and since he comes in at only 7 stones its no big loss if you cant get him out of there.

Stuffed piglets-  I think these guys are worth a mention simply based off of how efficient they are.  Yeah they are insignificant, but they are invaluable as early activations to protect your more important activations.  I just run them up without a care in the world to engage my enemy.  I find that my opponent will actually consider them in his/her game plan, which is a win win when you have a 2 stone model you don't care about effecting the outcome of the game.  I take three with Wong for some extra blasting fun.

Those are really the only models I can think off that would find their way into any of my lists with the exception of Bayou Gremlins.  I read that you had some interest in running Ulix and Wong.  I will give you a rundown of the models I typically run with them and hopefully that may give you some ideas.



Old Major


Old Cranky


2x slophaulers



Old Cranky

Sammi Lacroix


Lightning Bug

3x Stuffed Piglets

Bayou Gator



Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have questions.

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Here are a few of the models that I use on a regular basis in competitive games. It obviously all depends on the master. 


Burt has to be the one model in the entire faction that I find hard to leave out playing competitively. He can just get so many things done for the price and with dirty cheater he is a pain in the butt for enemies to remove. Being immune to pulse damage is good when around stuffed piglets, black blood or other random things. 

Fingers (generally with stilts) can be game changing in the right strategy or scheme pool. I would argue that he is even better in GG17 because he is immune to tail em and can deny interacts and flip scheme markers very easily. Stilts are great on him since he has the Loudest Squeal trigger. If a huge beater catches up with him he can burn a stone to push away and if he does get hit by a lot of damage from an MI attack you can reduce it away.

Lightning bugs are great models for their price. They have a lot of tricks and ignore armor and incorporeal.


Here is a straight list of 'good models' (always open to debate) that I think have a good place in Gremlin Competitive lists when you just throw them in. Most models in faction can be useful but some need more of a plan than others. These ones I consider to be very generalist. 




Lightning Bugs 

Slop Haulers 

Francis (Effective trader)

Merris (Scheme marker queen)


Stuffed Piglets (Alexander Schmid on youtube has a good episode on how to use these guys really effectively) 


Gracie (saddle can be game changing sometimes)

Lucky Effigy (try combning with Wong and randomizing into combat with Gremlin Luck upgrade) 

Swine Cursed 


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I did the same recently, ended up at Ophelia,Somer, Wong then they released Zipp so i had to d him in

echo the sentiments above really , i removed all the ulix models includling war pigs, and removed mah and brewey stuff that was about it

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If you are bringing stuffed piglets to start with... I'd make a case for the pigapult. 

24" range ignoring LoS and cover with min dmg 3 and blasts, + the fact it's a real pain to deal with cause it will be far back and have armour +5 and tied the highest WP in the game. 

Run it with som'er or ulix on interference and you can pretty much outnumber your opponent in any zone with launch. 

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On my personal expiriences, if i were to make a top tier forma Gremlins faction it would ne something like this:







It's based on personal preferences, but if you're able to main at least 2 between Somer, Zipp and Wong you have 3 of our most competitive masters, which are capable of fitting any scenario.

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On 2017-02-17 at 2:52 PM, EpicWaffle said:

It's based on personal preferences, but if you're able to main at least 2 between Somer, Zipp and Wong you have 3 of our most competitive masters, which are capable of fitting any scenario.


Personally I'd say focus on zipp, but know how to play wong vs stuff that will try to be unkillable on a extraction marker(such as hoffman) and get a feeling for how to optimize som'er (balance summoning, tricks and his boomstick usage) on certain schemes/strats where you need alot of models(interference comes to mind).

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Som'er is the one Master I don't own, but I'm going to be picking him up very soon.  That box is literally the only thing in Gremlins I don't own.  I'm probably going to focus on Zipp, Ophelia and Wong since I have experience with all of them, and work on getting familiar with Som'er.

Thanks for all the useful advice.

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17 minutes ago, Peppi said:


is it possible to have a generalist Som'er crew in this optic? A core crew if there is one, thank you

Depend on what style you're aiming to play with Somer (full summoning, mid-way, elite) but a core for a Somer list is generally the same:

Somer (with family tree and than ups on choice, recommending do over/can o' beans and dirty cheater) 

2\1 skeeter (prefer 2, they're awesome)

3 bayou (some likes 2, but form 3 you get full advantage)

a source of healing, so either Lighting bug (awesome if you don' plan to summon the whole game) or a Slop hauler (pretty common choice, heal more reliably, but a lighting bug heal all your pieces at one if well positioned).

And that's pretty much it, form there you go as you feel (i generally pick at least 2 beater and a support piece); things are different for elite Somer in the regard that you'll want to maximize on damages, leaving sumoning behind.

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