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I do not think it is appropriate to refer to how upset many of us are as being "butt hurt." That phrase implies fault on our end. For instance, if I get tabled turn 2 and then complain about it, you might say I'm "butt hurt" implying that I played the game, had my chance, and lost. In this case, as a consumer, each of us has every right to be frustrated that our purchase has not been completed in a satisfactory manner. Maybe this is because I'm from a nation that "claims" (and this I personally doubt) that competition is important. The bottom line is this: I have every right as a paying customer to be frustrated that I paid for a product I have not received. I am patient. This has happened more than just this instance to me. And one way to decide the ebb and flow of economy as a consumer is to stop purchasing from a company that has let you down in the past. I do not have that option. I love this game, and as others have pointed out: we have no real other option in this manner to get errata cards for our game. The only other act we can do as paying customers is voice our opinion. Please do not try to belittle or deny us of that right. How else can we express to Wyrd that we are unhappy with WGV and their repeated performances? I acknowledge that they have apologized. But the fact of the matter remains: we have paid money for a product many of us are yet to receive (some of us have been through this more than once). We are not doing anything outside of the norm by voicing or frustration. 

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I would never  have thought I would be in need to check the definition of "butthut" :-k

As Oxford online dictionary says:




Overly or unjustifiably offended or resentful.

‘they're all butthurt that she released the album online first’

‘that fight the other night was started by a butthurt player from the losing team’"


Pretty fitting if you ask me. "Overly offended" would be the phrase I found most fitting. Voicing an opinion is fine - it's the way how it's done I criticise (and I am well aware I am not being gentle here either). Here this has become more of a witch hunt then "Voicing frustration".

I've had to wait a month just for the initial shipping (cards and decks for >150$!) communication with wgv was good and easy and we played regulary even while waiting for cards as we knew about all the changes and just printed the errata. 

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