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Snowdown II 26th Feb 2017 - Wayland Games

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As per my other posts Snowdown is a 3 round 50ss GG2017 based event with the usual sort of things that I do.  Plenty of prizes and swag plus a few good games with a nice bunch of folks.  Held at Wayland tickets are only £10.  Venue opens at 10, first game 10.30 and we are normally on our way home by 6.  Strats and schemes will be given out on the day.

Pick up a ticket from http://www.daffcon.info/store/p62/Snowdown_II_Ticket_-_26th_February_2017.html or go the whole hog and get a season ticket for the bargain price of £30 for 4 events http://www.daffcon.info/store/p67/Showdown_Season_Ticket.html


  1. Ben Harris
  2. Nick Featherstone
  3. Peter Shepard
  4. Joel Henry
  5. Tim Britton
  6. Grant Dickenson
  7. William Malcom
  8. Stuart Snares
  9. Tobias Dracup
  10. Ritch Keeling
  11. David Williamson
  12. Joe Wood
  13. Tom Payne
  14. John Burgess
  15. Andy Bradshaw
  16. Jeroen Van Riel
  17. Lee Battrick
  18. Rory Carter
  19. Troy Ashdown
  20. Jamie Varney
  21. George Hollingdale
  22. Ben Leslie
  23. Jamie Matthews
  24. Andrew Fabian
  25. Definitely not Bunty Hearn, nope definitely not
  26. Tony Fenton
  27. Matt Spooner
  28. Graham Bursnell
  29. Thomas Nickerson
  30. Jonny Von Woozle
  31. Alessandro Zaramella
  32. Chris Donaldson
  33. Lukasz Rozanski
  34. Ross Baker
  35. Marcus Rose
  36. Luke Cocksedge
  37. Ben Halford
  38. Arran Jones
  39. Francois Langton
  40. Paul Flory


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Just bought 3 series passes. I couldn't see a notes section to say who they were for so just to confirm the 3 series passes are for:

John Burgess

Andy Bradshaw

Jeroen Van Riel

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3 minutes ago, Starrius said:

to burn? it's a gremlin after all!

I'm running gremlins (well, gremlin) at the event 

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Just now, OldManMyke said:

As per normal, winning or losing games will have no bearing on how to get the poster, or indeed any of the various mystery boxes. 

I figured as much :)

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Up to 33 35 players now, not bad at all, better sort some strats and schemes out.  If you know someone who wants to come along get them to buy ASAP as will be taking the tickets off sale in the next few days

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