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The Free Backer Goodies

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Hey all, I wanted to list what all the backers get so I can see what exactly we're getting after what's in the base pledge.  Hopefully if you're considering backing you find this interesting!  @Aaron if I have any of it wrong let me know and I'll fix it :)

At all pledges

Foil cards for all models received via Kickstarter

At $99 Champion pledge and higher

Beta access

Early Vassal access

At $160 Commander pledge and higher

Special edition Fate Deck

Free app access (unknown MSRP)

Free tokens, 5 for each 5 types ($20 MSRP)

Free 2nd Commander ($18-45 MSRP)

Free 4th Squad ($50-60 MSRP)

Free Adjunct ($15 MSRP)

Free 2nd Adjunct ($15 MSRP)

Free single Fireteam unit ($18-30 MSRP)

Free 3rd Adjunct ($15 MSRP)

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6 hours ago, Aaron said:

Twas a big day!

And glorious! Hope we can get a few more stretch goals in the pledge manager. 

For anyone wanting to become a new backer, how can they do so?

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I had already added a Rail Gunner to my pledge, but now I get a second one and a Breachling! Tight :)(not to mention the Hordes and KE ones, but those are a touch further down the wishlist).

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