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We're currently updating the site and a few things may run slow or not as expected at the moment. Give us a day or two to get everything sorted out and changed up if you would.

One of the new things you'll see about are the 'sticky notes' which you will occasionally see from the site Admins if something important shows up or is newsworthy, or if you happen to be in one of our many beta testing groups giving you an additional heads up when something new needs to be looked at or sorted.

You can send these amongst yourselves as well if you wish, just don't abuse it. 

Thanks for your patience!

Nathan Caroland Nathan Caroland

Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight 10T Mei Feng

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Very interesting cast, it was great to here someone come in with an 'odd' list - it shows how different things can mix well.


Could you supply the Fuhatsu list - I don't think it was spelt out fully (with Upgrades etc...) 

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I'm a fan of "why'd you do that... ohhhhh" play. You guys left off the "Heal 1" as part of Price of Progress, which I've found useful after using the Mechanized Porkchop's aura on the charge.


Also: the Walking Rage Machine aura is not optional, so positioning is crucial; make sure your risks in charging are not greater than your returns.

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