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25th March 2017- "Under the Hanging Tree- Hot of the Press"

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Ibuywargames first tournament of 2017 will be held at the Woking conservative club. We have plenty of space to run a large event. 

4 Rounds of 120mins using 50 Soulstones.

We will have our usual prize support of trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Painted, Best in Faction and a Wooden spoon.

We will also be having a raffle of mystery boxes and cards from Wyrd.

Ticket price is £15 or £50 if you buy our special bundle including a ticket to all 4 of our events.

Event Tickets


Ticket Bundle


The venue is Woking Conservative Club, it has a bar and plenty of parking. It's a five minute walk from Woking staion and just as close to Woking high street.


Woking Conservative Club

Mount Herman Road



GU22 7TA


Paid & Attending
1) Adam Worsdale 
2) George hollingdale
3) Rich Bream 
4) Tom Thorpe 
5) Tim Porter
6) Tobias Dracup 
7) Albert James Barr
8) Troy Ashdown 
9) Ben Leslie
10)Dave Brown
11) Conor McNama
12) Russell Shea
13) Keith Robinson 
14) Sean Wheeliker 
15) Matt Lewin
16) Mark Stevens
17) Nicolas Gaillat 
18) Jamie Mathews
29) Jamie Varney
20) Matthew Mconnel
21) Adam Perry 
22) Lee Walstow
23) Chris Fernandez-Packham 
24) Stefan McGlen
25) Tom Trigg
26) Marcus Rose
27) Ross Baker
28) Ben Sime 
29) Lukasz Rozanski 
30) Anthony Lown 
31) ashley boyle 
32) Westley Barr
33) Simon Burt
34) Chris (Oz) Goff
35) Ryan Lodge
36) Tom Payne

37) Tim Briton

38) David Williams

Tournament pack to follow

Hot off the press.docx

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Attendance List updated and tournament pack added!!

Having a slightly different painting competition this year. Best Painted Crew will be Judges choice and best painted Enforcer model will be players choice.

Really hoping this gets to a 40 man event grab your tickets here



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On 2/15/2017 at 11:53 AM, SurreyLee said:

Ordered Mine. Lee Walstow - order no: 25445

Hi @Red?, please can you change Katherine Walstow to Lee Walstow. While i'm sure she'd like a day out, i'm not looking after those kids all day again......8)

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Hey Red,

Ordered my ticket a while ago through ibuy, but not on the attendance list. 

Order number: 25508

Looks like may have ordered the wrong ticket, can it be reallocated to attend the march event rather than august?


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