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Ergonomic Cat

Lecture Notes from the Breach

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Greetings all!  Our first episode was mentioned a while back, somewhere on the forums, but I wanted to take a moment to (re?)introduce our podcast.

It's called Lecture Notes from the Breach (hence the post title).  In the podcast, Alex Vian (aka thegreatserpent) and Joseph Menear (aka Eldmor) suffer through the questions and issues of Derek Kupper (aka ErgonomicCat aka me) and Flynt (aka Flynt) as we work our way up through the echelons of skill in Malifaux.  

Mostly we talk about games we've played, choices we made, mistakes we regret, etc.  Then there's a strategy or advice section, I say something that I get made fun of, and everyone has a good time.  I play Neverborn and Flynt plays Arcanist, so that's mostly what we talk about, but Alex and Joseph are multifactional, so advice comes in all forms and fashions!  

We've released 7 episodes so far, with #8 to come soon, and #9 being recorded.  We'd love it if you'd come by and give it a listen, and then tell us what you think!  We have an Audible referral code now, so we're pretty much Welcome to Night Vale level, except with more bad jokes and less people getting randomly murdered in the streets.

The episodes are on iTunes, on our parent site at http://www.midwestwargaming.com, on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-691784316 and pretty much anywhere else you can find podcasts.

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