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Malifaux in Riga?

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Hi, I'm in Riga in Latvia for the week for the Floorball World Cup, and I thought I'd check out any Malifaux-friendly store that might be here. So far I haven't found anything, and Google hasn't been very helpful. Anyone from Riga with local knowledge on here?

A good board game store would be great as well... 

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Oh, sorry for being late, but since this is first line in google I decided to answer anyway.

Main place for player to player communication in Riga is Facebook group Wargames Riga. We have couple locations, that are meant for games, one is club premises in secondary school - it is available by request, usually arranged via Facebook. Another one is friendly game shop - Dreamforge - but  it is better to agree first to be sure that someone is playing. Dreamforge has some Malifaux boxes, but not much - local community is still in development stage.

If you are looking for game - feel free to drop me a PM here, I can assist you with connection to shop or club people.


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